-[ Instructor] So today “were talking” all about baked oatmeal. Baked oatmeal is so easy to construct, it’s hearty, it’s healthful, it will remind you of a baked good and it’s just an formidable recipe to meal prep during the early stages of your week. And today, I’m sharing with you guys six different flavorsthat are all luscious. My favorite is definitely thebrownie batter broiled oatmeal, so stay chanted to find out that recipe.All of the recipes willbe linked down below, as well as a free PDFthat you guys can download and engrave if you guys wanna do that. But we are gonna start out with some zucchini dough broiled oatmeal, and to spawn broiled oatmeal, the process is pretty muchthe same for every recipe, you’re gonna start by whisking together all of the wet parts. In this case, it’s some non-dairy milk, coconut petroleum, spices.And then you supplement in theoats and you’re mix-ins. So for zucchini eat roasted oatmeal, I love to use, obviously, shredded zucchini and then walnuts and raisins make amazing mix-ins for this oatmeal. And then you’re just gonnapour it into your baking bowl, and as you can see, it kinda is separated, so you wanna stir it all together well so that the oats and theliquid are evenly distributed.And then you time broil it until it is nice andset and dry and cakey, and just, it’s the perfectway to start the day. So usually, we get about four provides out of all the recipes that I’m sharing, so feel free to doubled, triple, quadruple these recipes, depending on the size of your family, how hungry you are, whether you demand themfor breakfast or snacks, it’s very versatile. So yeah, this is zucchinibread roasted oatmeal. We “ve been wanting to” surpass ours with coconut butter, coconut butter makes an amazinghealthy frosting replacement, or a coat, so try it outif you’ve never tried it. And yeah, that’s zucchinibread roasted oatmeal. Now, for brownie smash baked oatmeal, surely my favorite, you’re gonna start with a mashed banana, add in a flax egg, some nut butter, I like to use tahini. And then for somesweetener I use maple syrup and then, of course, itneeds some coco pulverization and some spices and salt.And you’re just gonna wipe this until smooth and rich and chocolatey, and then you’re gonna stirin some non-dairy milk. Then supplemented in your oats and time stir all the wetand dry parts together until smooth. Just pour this intoyour greased broiling dish and spread everythingout until it’s smooth. Is that not the most beautiful sight ever? I emphatically licked my spoonful so many times while filming this time. And then you’re justgonna bake your oat meal until it’s set.And this recipe specificallymakes about six functions, but we’re hungry parties, so I cut it into one-quarters, and it is hearty and rich and delicious and experiences astounding, of course, transcended with peanut butter. Is there a better combining? I don’t think so. Well, peanut butter andbanana is pretty amazing, very, and that is the next recipe. So again, we’re gonna startwith the wet ingredients and you’re gonna need onesuper ripe spotty banana, the blacker the better because that intends itwill be really sweet, and you’re just gonnamash that until smooth and then add in a flax egg, as well as some peanut butter. I love to use natural peanut butter with precisely peanuts and salt. And then for sweetener, a touch of maple syrup, as well as some non-dairy milk.And you’re gonna whiskthis together until smooth. Then you’re just gonna stir in your oats, as well as some oat flour for this recipe, and a tinge of saltand some baking powder. Stir this all togetheruntil it’s smooth and thick-skulled, before pour it into your baking saucer and using your spoon to time smooth it out until it’s nice and leveland evenly shared. Then, of course, we’re just gonna top it with some more banana sothat it only was pretty and computes some more banana flavoring. And you’re gonna bake it again until set, before top it withyour favorite toppings, which in our case is, again, some more banana and peanut butter. I’m pretty sure we don’t go a morning without bananas or peanut butter. It’s just so good.Moving right along, “were gonna” form some carrot caked baked oatmeal, and this recipe I first designed to be a make-ahead baked oatmeal, so the night before, you would prep all theingredients in the batter, pour it into your baking food, and then the next morning, all you have to do is preheat your oven and bake the oatmeal, and so you have a nicehearty, warm breakfast without much effort. You are also welcome to merely roast this right away, both methods work, but this cooked oatmeal is fairly similar to all the other ones, really a cornerstone of oats and spices, and then we’re gonna addin some shredded carrot. And then I like to add inraisins and chopped nuts if I have them.Again, exactly pour it into your baking bowl and make sure that the liquid and the oats are evenly shared, and you might have to kindastir it a little bit in the wash, smooth out the top and broil it. As you guys can see, bakedoatmeal is super hearty and it protrudes togetherreally well once it’s cooled. So it acquires for a greatmeal prep for breakfast, or even freezer snacks, you are eligible to simply roast a huge batch, cut it into squares and storeit in the fridge or freezer, and then when you need somethingeasy and simple to eat, you precisely reheat it in themicrowave and add your exceeds. Next, we are gonna makea berry baked oatmeal, which, of course, I lent peanut butter to my toppings in this clip. But yet again, we arejust gonna whisk together all of the soaking parts, a flax egg, some non-dairy milk, a little bit of maple syrup for sweetener, and spices and salt and bakingpowder and material like that. Just whisk it until it’s really smooth before adding in your rolled oats.And then we’re gonna application berries, I just like to use frozen’cause they’re less expensive and I typically ever using them on hand. And then some kind of nut toasted fixes it peculiarly delicious, so if you have time to toast your nuts, I highly recommend doing that, but if not, time use whatever you have, and again, exactly pour thisbatter into your bacon bowl, elevation out all the ingredients so that it’s nice and smoothbefore roasting it in the oven. And how beautiful is this cooked oatmeal? It really searches so stunning with all the berries popping through. We “ve been wanting to” top ours withpeanut butter and more jelly, enormous room to start the day.And last-place, but not least, I’m showing you guys somemaple pecan cooked oatmeal, which I actually justshowed you guys how to move in a recent snack prep video, so I’ll tie-in that mealprep video in the card up at the top of the screen. It’s for a fall-based meal prep, and this recipe reallyis so great for drop-off, it’s just all those warmingflavors and hearty oats, I most recommend trying this one out.Again, it’s just mapleflavored with rolled oats and I like to use pecans, I didn’t have on hand whenI was filming this excerpt, so that’s why I have almonds in there. And in the base of the pan, I like to layer some super ripe bananas, it merely adds a sweetness and they get caramelizedwhen they cook in the oven. And I haven’t demonstrated it in every time, but often I are happy to topwhatever cooked oatmeal I’m making with more of theingredient that I’m employing, just so it’s really clear whatflavor the baked oatmeal is and it realizes it look additional pretty.As you can see, I didn’t let this roasted oatmeal cool before I tried to show it on screen, that’s why it was breaking apart, but it really deems together well once you give it cool. And these are all the spices I wanted to share with you guys today, so I hope you guys can try them out. Please leave a comment down below, let me know which flavor was your favorite or which one you’re lookingforward to trying most. Be sure to like thisvideo if you experienced it and subscribe so you don’tmiss any future videos, and I will see you guysin the next one, bye ..

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