hey guys dr. Berg here in this shortvideo we’re going to talk about the secret to fixing low testosterone okaynow you ready for the secret are you ready for thisare you sitting now so it’s not about consequently trying to boost yourtestosterone that’s not it out of all the things that you can doit’s really the avoidance of something that will improve testosterone and sofirst thing we’re talking about is the symptoms and then I’m going to get intothe things that you can do to boost it but then I’m going to talk about thatthree things you need to pay attention to to avoid so you can really get yourtestosterone back okay so first of all let’s talk about the symptoms decreasedlibido reduction erectings abridged life you’re starting to gain someweight around the midsection and you cannot build muscle mass so you go workout the muscle is not coming back or not getting bigger okay that’s all mansions ofdeficiency and testosterone and what’s interesting is you get older in your 40 sand 50 s and 60 s testosterone starts going down down down down down okay in afemale form it goes up so everything is altered right so now let’s talk aboutthe triggers so it is true yeah you can take zinc from seafood and beef and lamband sesame grains and pumpkin seeds you can do that okay and you can takevitamin D and vitamin D actually is from the Sun or you can do take it from codliver petroleum and the only vegetarian vegetation a vegetarian root would bemushrooms and then vitamin A from cod liver oil and then repelled exert allthose are really good to trigger testosterone but it doesn’t make a hugeimpact as compared to avoiding these three things I’m going to talk aboutnext okay so there are three hormones that in the fact that there are these hormonestestosterone is going to plummet okay number one is insulinokay this modulates blood sugars number two estrogen when estrogen goes uptestosterone goes down and three is cortisol when cortisol goes uptestosterone goes down alright so out of these threeyes insulin will do it cortisol will do it but the most important thing that youneed to focus on is your estrogen heights because if that estrogen is too high andit’s very very common because as you get older especially in a male torso theestrogen goes up and your testosterone goes down so you notice your voicestarts coming higher the surface starts getting thinner and softerthat’s estrogen okay so real quick I leant some connections down below of how to fix likeif you have problems with insulin resistance and what to avoid with thatyou know surely in a minute fasting and cutting out sugars and things sothat’s I don’t want to applied a strain on that because I want to focus more on theestrogens but you want to handle the insulin and then cortisol cortisol isall about getting rid of stress and hand in hint enhancing your sleep and gettingto you’re getting a good adrenal gland capacity okay so now let’s just employ someattention on this estrogen now the single biggest source of concealed estrogenin in your food is basically from eating animal commodities not becausethe swine are injected with estrogen it’s because this animal feedso they give them soy unless it’s grass-fed they’re giving a speck and nowit’s kind of giggles when you encounter on the label it’s like oh yeah this uh theseeggs or our vegetarian fed all that necessitates is we’re giving them soy and cornokay both of them are GMO so is not simply does that increase estrogen because youhave it’s fitted with pesticides like you know herbicides and Roundup Readybut the biggest thing is the soy feed that’s fed to the chickens and thecattle that’s the thing that’s messing parties up so there’s even anorganization now that’s trying to monitor that but if they haven’t reallygot too far because it’s very political but if you’re going to consume animalproducts is better be grass-fed and emphatically organic because this isestrogen effect and so also if you have some extra flab in your mas right nowthere’s an enzyme called aroma taste that mostly isin your fat and that’s converting the last bit of testosterone you have toestrogen so your own body is establishing more estrogen not to mention the animalproducts and everything else so I want to give you some things to do toactually cleaning process the estrogen this whole estrogen problem is really in theliver so we want to make sure the liver is really really good so there’s the topfoods that you should be gobbling right now to lower your estrogen and theiranti-estrogenic and they will also inhibit this enzyme our cruciferousvegetables and you probably heard that beforekale broccoli Brussels buds and do a shake of kale beet leaves and parsleybecause parsley is a really good anti estrogenic vegetable as well so you dothat olive oil is very anti extra genic celery is very anti estrogenic mushroomshave a very high anta estrogenic merely regular those little button mushroomsyou can just start exhausting those women in a study with women that depleted Ithink was like eight ounces of sprouts they decline their breast cancer by 50% so it’s pretty substantial so we want to start converting the diet and start toimprove in the liver the other thing that will increase the estrogen inaddition to the animal feeds and is any type of soy in the dietsoy protein isolates I represent grunges in so many menus it’s just highly veryestrogenic and 95 percent of it is GMO the last thing i want to talk about isanother secreted source of estrogen is alcoholokay alcohol it’s very estrogenic too and and the problem with men is theystart going humanity tits “theyre starting” get prostate troubles because of theestrogen effect okay so I just wanted to put your attention on the most importantthing to put your attention on “if youre having” low tea it’s this little guy righthere start cleaning up the liver start contributing more veggies to start gettingthis estrogen out deepen your diet go to grass-fed and thank you so much forwatching

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