Namaskar to all the spectators, how are you all? Again I have come with a brand-new video and the topic for today’s video is how to boost testosteronewith four natural complements. What are those four herbs that help inincreasing your testosterone production. As you all know testosterone is a male hormone which is quite importantfor their sex health. Apart from that, there are a lot offunctions of testosterone in our organization. Like it increases our bone mass, Those who are into bodybuilding, intofitness and want to put on muscle mass for them, it is necessary tohave a good tier of testosterone. It is quite helpful in theproduction of your red blood corpuscle. Too, it plays an important rolein the production of your sperm cells. You can say that testosterone is animportant hormone which plays a key role in keepinga male’s entire life healthy. Further in the video, we will getto know what are those four herbs that will help inboosting your testosterone level.Let’s start the video. In adulthood yourtestosterone level stands at peak. But in most of the casesafter persons below the age of 30 testosterone rank tends to drop. For that, you can also test it. But even if you don’t want to test then you can watch out forsome symptoms in your organization that are demonstrating that your testosterone statu is low. Like low sex drive, hurdle with errection, low-grade semen publication, hair loss, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, increased body paunch, increase bone mass, climate converts, altered recall, small testicle immensity and low-toned blood count. You can get different types of testosteronebooster in the market that contend that by consuming themtestosterone is highly boosted.But I never tried that, I don’t know if it drives or not but these four herbs utilized in our Ayurvedaeven I have tried all of them and which are really beneficial. First herb that I’ll discuss is Ashwagandha, which is also known as Indian ginseng. Ashwagandha is usedfor a long time in Ayurveda and it is also calledKing of Ayurvedic herbs. People of any age group can use it. Along with boosting testosterone rank it has come many other health benefits. It increases your bloodsugar and cholesterol height. It is too helpful in increasingyour muscle mass and persuasivenes. By consuming Ashwagandha yourstress and suspicion stage remain low. Ashwagandha treatsany kind of inflammation. And now let’s talk about its consumption pulverized use ofAshwagandha is best for use you can use 1 gm to 5 gm. You can get the best causes if you consume itwith milk, ghee or sugar after breakfast. One thing that you need to rememberis that it doesn’t give you an immediate effect that means you will get the best resultafter consumption of 6-12 weeks. Second herb is Shilajit. Shilajit is majorly used in sex health. But it has gone other health benefits. Shilajit is a sticky substance thatare found in Himalayan cliffs. One thing that you need to remember isnot to use its unprocessed and raw kind as it can contains numerous pollutions. So make sure whatever shilajitthat “youre using” is sanctified. And for sometimes I laughable Kapiva’s Himalayan Shilajit. It comes in resinthat is semiliquid word, which is one of the purestforms of shilajit to follow up. There is no colour and flavouradded to the Kapiva’s Himalayan Shilajit. That wants it is 100% organic. And the most part is Kapiva’sShilajit is purified and filtered without any chemical management due to that, we get a quality productwhich is lab researched and certified.As I have told you that thereare a lot of health benefits of shilajit. shilajit contains more than 84 minerals that improves your testosterone tier andalso improves your power level. Along with that it contains antiviraland anti-inflammatory belongings. It restores injury cadres in your organization that hinders ageingmeans you remain young. It increases the cast-iron degree in yourbody and likewise improves your libido and it also improves the quantityand character of your sperm cells. Now let us talk about the doses as I have said that it is in resin form, which is the purest shape of shilajit you need to take out a pea-sized quantitywith the rear end of a scorching spoonful. And expend it after mixingwith tepid liquid or milk. For best solutions, you can take itbetween meals or before going to sleep. And if you want to useKapiva’s authentic Shilajit you will get the linkin the description box.Click it and check the product. The third herb that we willtalk about is Tribulus. It is a very good herb, both of its spring and outcome areused in Ayurvedic medicines. This is very popular among bodybuilders becauseit boosts your testosterone grade very much. That’s why forall the testosterone boosters this is one of the main ingredients. Tribulus increases your exemption, it is also very usefulfor kidney functioning, it plows urinary tract infections, and it is a very good natural diuretic.Also it increases your sex drive and libido. Also, it helps in controlling yourblood sugar and cholesterol grade. For Tribulus, powdered formis the best form to follow up you can consume up to 1.5 gm daily which you are able to divideequally in three dosages. That is 0.5 gm at morning, 0.5 gm at night, and 0.5 gm at night. The fourth herb that we willdiscuss about is Safed Musli.Which is period as lily-white gold in ayurveda. It is a rare Indian herb whose demand is increasingin the international market because of its benefitspecially for men’s sex health. Safed Musli is effectivein boosting your testosterone along with that it increasesyour forte and stamina, lowers your tirednes, quitehelpful in win heavines also it elevates your immunity. People who have arthritis and seam ache if they spend Safed Muslithey will get great benefit and for people who are diabetic for them “its also” helpful. Consume Safed Musli in pulverization figure. You can take two dosages daily in one dose you needto consume 3-4 doses. Remember not to consumemore than 12 g a daylight. For best resultsyou can take it with warm milk. And if you add an equal amountof jaggery powder in the milk then you will get additional benefit. Before culminating the video, few important things first, if you have anyunderlying disease consult doctor before using any herb. Secondly, don’t use any herb for a long time. Take a gap after using it for 6-12 weeks. And I’m not a doctor It’s my job to reach informationalvideos and discuss the matter with you guys and this was the information abouthow we can boost our testosterone stage and too how can welead a healthful lifestyle.I will keep coming with thiskind of videos for you. Take care of yourself, till then goodbye, namaste ..

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