How to Determine Testosterone Levels by Lookingat Your Ring Finger. Use this method to measure your testosteronelevel. You will need Your digits and free time. Step 1. Know the facts: More testosterone exposureis linked to a longer ring finger. Researchers say ring finger length is determinedas early as the 14 th week of maternity. Step 2. Take a good look at your own digits by straighteningthem out and closing the space between them. Hold your hand in front of your face withyour palm open and facing away from you. Step 3. Look at the difference between the lengthof your index( or second) paw and your echo( or fourth) digit. Compare your finger length to a woman’s, ifyou are a man, and to a man’s, if you are a woman, to get a visual on the differencetestosterone realizes in ring finger length.Step 4. Calculate your testosterone grade: the longeryour ring finger is in relation to your index finger, the more testosterone you were exposedto in the womb. Conversely, person or persons with an index fingerlonger than the ring finger was to be subject to more estrogen as a fetus. Step 5. Accept the results — the relative lengthof your thumbs is set before birth and remains the same throughout lifetime. Did you know Men produce 20 to 40 eras theamount of testosterone that maids do ..

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