( slowed R& B music) – Hello, friends, therefore welcomed my path. If you’re brand-new here, my appointment is Alyssa. Today I have got a breathtaking video in store for you because we are realizing oatmeal, but we’re not just form your standard, traditional oatmeal, because I felt like that, was gonna be kind of a boring video. We “re gonna be all” constituting oatmeal in six different flavor alternatives. So, I’m aroused to be partnering with my friends at Bob’s Red Mill tobring you today’s video. They feel like the perfect partner for this video because they literally have almost every single variety of oat that you could ever imagine. They have everything from quick, instant oats. They have traditional rolled oats. They have extra thick rolled oats. They have steel-cut oats.

You reputation it, they have it. For today’s video I’mactually gonna be showing you how to impel steel-cutoats in the wink pot, but I do merely want to prefacethat you can use any approach for cook oatmeal and anytype of oats for this recipe.So, exactly make a traditionalbatch of oatmeal, any type of variety thatyou like, make it plain, and then you can use these flavor alternatives to spice it up and make ita little bit more exciting. So, make sure to stay tunedto the end of the video because I’ll share a little bit more about Bob’s Red Mill as well as whereyou can find their commodities. Without further adieu, let’s go ahead and dive in. All title, so I’m gonna firstly prove you how to cook the steel-cut oats.So, we’re gonna use Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free steel-cut oats. Make sure that you’reusing the regular ones , not the quick-cooking ones. We’re gonna supplement two fullcups into our instant jackpot.

We’re gonna follow thatup with some sea, and my maneuver is to actuallyalso add in some almond milk. It represents it super creamy. And then, we’re gonnaadd in a pinch of salt, which really facilitates bring out the spice, and stimulate it all together. Pop your eyelid on your occasion container. Make sure that your vent is closed. And then, you’re gonnaturn your pressing on high.Set it to four minutes. I like to turn the keep warm setting off, but that’s optional. Let your phase utensil turn on, and then, it will construct pres andthe timer will count down. Once it’s done counting, letit sit for about 10 hours, then actually liberate the pressure. Then you can release thepressure the rest of the nature. Once it’s liberated you can remove your eyelid and incite everything together. Your point utensil oatsshould be nice and milky. They have such an magnificent quality. And gravely, a cookingtime of four minutes, you can’t beat that. All privilege, so , now we’re gonna move on to our different flavors. The first spice that we’regonna stimulate is apple cinnamon. We’re gonna included about a beaker of cooked steel-cut oats into a container.

Add in approximately half of a chopped apple as well as some cinnamon, and then time cause it a immediate incite until everything is combined.Once it’s combined you canmove on to your exceeds, which is just the restof the chopped apple, as well as some chopped almondsand a nice pinch of cinnamon and a sprinkle of maplesyrup to finish it off. And then, you can just dig in. This is so awesome in the winter and descend. It’s really cozy and warming and you could also actually saute theapples if you craved. That would be delicious, as well.( gradual R& B music) Our second recipe is lemon blueberry. Again, we’re gonna computed about a cup of cooked steel-cut oats into our bowl. To that we’re gonna add some lemon liquid, some frozen blueberries, and some maple syrup, and exactly stir that togetheruntil everything all evenly blended. Your oats should kind ofturn like a purply shade, it’s really pretty. And then, for exceed on this one we’re gonna add on some more blueberries, we’re gonna add some lemon zest, which really aids brighten up that flavor and presents it a delightful extra zing. Some chopped almonds for alittle bit of crunch and texture. And then, I like to add some almond milk onto this one justbecause it determines it like super creamy and it’s really delicious.This one, of course, is really bright, flavorful, it’s full of berries, and I think it’s perfect inthe springtime and summertime.( slow-footed R& B music) Our third spice is a classic, it’s peanut butter and banana. You’re gonna supplemented about a cup of steel-cut oats into your container. From there you’re gonna contribute half of a mashed banana into the bowl, as well as a tablespoon of peanut butter. And then, you’ll stirthis all together until everything is smoothand creamy and combined.

Once it’s all blended, for our toppings we’regonna keep it super simple, it’s just the rest of the banana, so you’re gonna end up usinga whole banana in this recipe.I like to slice it up. You could also chop it, you could just do whatever. And then, we’ll too finish it off with a rain of peanut butter because the more peanut butter the better, in my opinion. And I like to finish it off with something a little crunchy, it’s really good with chopped peanuts, but I really like to use hempseeds and also chia seeds. So, I did a mixture of chopped peanuts and chia seeds for this one. And then, you can just dig right in. This one is so good. I will say that the bananas don’t last-place quite as long as someof the other recipes, so if you’re gonna mealprep all six members of these, I would recommend thatyou eat this one first.( gradual R& B music) Our fourth recipe is chocolate coconut. You guys know I had toadd something chocolate in here’ cause I lovechocolate for breakfast. Again, it’s gonna use about acup of cooked steel-cut oats, as well as some maple syrup, a little bit of coconut milk, some fresh cacao, and then, we’re gonna stir that together until your oatsget nice and chocolatey.The coconut milk is gonna helpto kinda loosen up the oats, specially if you’re making this with oats that have already been cookedand they’re kind of cold. And then, formerly that’s all blended, we’re just gonna top that withsome toasted coconut microchips, as well as some chocolate microchips. And then, again, I like to do another rain of coconut milk now. It really computes a reallynice creaminess to it, and it kind of helps to balanceout some of the sweetness.

This one kind of reminds me of Samoas, like, you know, the Girl Scout cookies. It’s got that really nice toasted coconut flavor combined with the chocolate, and it’s a little bit on thedecadent area, but I cherish it.( gradual R& B music) Our fifth recipe is throwin’ it back to childhood and it’s PB& J. Again, we’re gonna add one cup of cooked steel-cut oats into our container. We’re gonna surface that with about a tablespoon of peanut butter.I’m utilizing some homemadepeanut butter here. If you’re interestedin getting that recipe I’ll link it down for you below, but just stir it alltogether into the oats. You’re basically just gonnahave a peanut butter base. And then, the toppingfor this one is going to be a charitable dollop of chia seed jam. You could use whateverkind of jam you like, but I like to use chia seedjam because it’s lending a neat pattern of protein, some additional healthful fats, and it’s really easy to make at home. And then, to finish itoff, some maple syrup, a little bit of coconut flakes, and some chopped peanuts for a crunch. And again, this one is just like very, it’s got the peanutbutter, it’s got protein, it’s got healthful overweight, and the spice combo, you exactly, you can’t beatpeanut butter and jelly, it’s just one of those combosthat simply moves you happy .( gradual R& B music) And then, last-place but not least, we are making a maple sea salt variety. So, again, we’re gonna use onecup of cooked steel-cut oats. At this station you probably willhave utilized all of your oats, so the two goblets makesabout six full portions. We’re also gonna lend atablespoon of cashew butter, which helps to make it really milky, as well as some vanillabean gunpowder or you could use vanilla extract, anda touch of maple syrup. And you’re gonna stir that together until it is smooth and creamy. The cashew butter certainly helps give this some creaminess and kind of like a rich, caramely flavor alongwith the maple syrup. Mmm, it’s so good.

And then, for exceed this one we’re restraining it super simple, just some chopped up pecans, some added maple syrup, a splash of almond milk, and likewise, a pinch of flaked ocean salt.The sea salt combined with themaple is bangin ‘, you guys. It truly brings out the sweetness. It likewise brought about by the caramely spices and it various kinds of tasteslike a pecan pie/ dessert. This is definitely my favorite motley, and I think it’s just so good, you guys are gonna adoration it. Even if you aren’t asweet-salty combo person, it’s really good, you gotta try it. And that pretty much does itfor all six of our spices. And what’s great about steel-cut oats is that they are meal-prep friendly, so you can make all of these on a Sunday and they are able to last-place you all week long. I just recommend that you dined the ones that have fruit first because that will tend to get a little bitsoggy as the week goes on.But I hope you guys try’ em, and I know you’re gonnareally, really like them. And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed today’soatmeal invigorated video I can’t wait to hearwhat spices you attain. My personal favoriteis the maple sea salt. I likewise love the peanut butter and jelly and the chocolate coconut. You really can’t gowrong with any of them. They’re all yummy. So, make sure to come back to this video and let me know whichone you end up trying. You can just leave a comment down below. I too want to thank Bob’s Red Mill for connect us in today’s video.

Like I said, you can find their concoctions pretty much everywhere.So, they’re sold national in the US. They’re also sold globally. They’re likewise sold online on their website as well as on Amazon. And like I said before, they likewise have an entire range of certified gluten-free oats, so it’s great for peoplewith celiac ailment or a serious gluten prejudice because you can pretty much get any variety of oat that you like shown gluten-free. So, make sure to check the description box because I have connected concoctions, I’ve linked to their website, and I’ve also linked today’s blog affix, which has the fulltutorial for this video, including how to cooksteel-cut oats in the instant potty as well asthe six spice varieties. So, that is all down inthe description box below. Otherwise, thank you guysso much for being here. Make sure to give this videoa thumbs up before you go. Hit that red Subscribe button that is right below this video so youdon’t miss another one.I’m here twice a few weeks, every Tuesdays and Fridays, with brand new videos, so if you also thumped that bell notification, that will turn on yournotifications and you won’t miss any of our new material. Otherwise, have afabulous rest of your period, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.( sluggish R& B music ).


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