( smooth jazz music) – Hi everyone! It’s your girlfriend Jenn andtoday I am lastly filming the how I lost weight video. If I’m gonna be completely honest, I kinda settled this video offbecause I know diet and nutrition can be a very controversial topic online. First off, I’m not a dietician, I’m not a nutritionist, I simply literally worked these tips that I’m about to sharewith you and I lost weight.I can’t guarantee thatit’s gonna work for you because everyone’s body is unique and some mass time react differently. All I know is that these tipshave helped me lose weight and that’s all I can claim. So now that’s out of the direction, let me just give yousome stats about my bod. Last time in 2016, I wasthe heaviest I ever was, I was 120 pounds and for myframe, that are actually presented. And now today in 2017, Iam a 100 to a 105 pounds. This took a full time to lose the weight so delight do not expectthis to happen overnight.It is a gradual process. The only advice I can giveyou is to start today. Start on your next mealand don’t look back. So I’m gonna rundown the 10 gratuities that have contributed to my weight loss. A bunch of it is common sense but sometimes you justneed a little refresher. My first tip-off is to find healthy nutrients that you actually affection feeing. It’s not realistic to have a salad for every single meal forthe rest of your life. It’s just unattainable. Go out there and go on a menu expedition, find the health foods that you precisely freakin’ loveeating and create a list. So throughout the years, I’ve learned that I love broccoli, greenbeans, mushrooms, tofu, I can eat so much of thatand never get sick of it. Don’t thrust yourself toeat that dry kale salad if you don’t like dry kale.And I don’t go out of my channel to eat healthy foods that I don’t like. For sample, I don’t likecucumbers, I don’t like tomatoes, and I don’t pressure myself to eat it just because it’s healthy. I simply be discouraged andeat other healthful foods and it’s really worked out well for me so got to go, createa inventory, and stick to it. The second gratuity is very important, it is to have no distractionswhile you’re eating. I know it’s like secondnature at this point to get your hot collection of meat, turn on the Tv or laptop and exactly tune out and gobble. Your brain takes around 20 instants to realize that it’s full and when you’re not payingattention to your body, you don’t know when that time comes. And I’ve noticed thatwhenever I watch something and I’m eating, I tend toeat even more and even faster and a lot of the times, I’m finished with my food but the show’s still going so I’ll go back and get seconds just so I canlike, let the good times roll.But if you wanna loseweight, it’s easier to know what your body is saying toyou when everything is off. I ever try and stopeating right when I are going to the sweet recognize andthat is the spot where I’m not hungry anymore butI’m not like, completely full. It’s that really nice in between and I feel like theJapanese have a word for it but I don’t know, that’swhere I try and stop ingesting and that’s really helpedme maintain my representation and it’s tricky, believes me. It’s really hard to come that discern because it’s so alluring to just eat until your stomach’s like, “Oh god, No! ” like, that’s where I be applicable to cherish being.It’s been easier to maintain my value because I’m notoverindulging and overeating. This next tip is somethingthat I’ve apply since college and it’s to have smaller sheets and containers. So if you is currently considering our shelves you’ll notice that we have two sizings, we’ve got a normal big-hearted one for Ben, and we’ve got a smaller one for me. We’ve nicknamed it the child illustration because it’s just little. And yeah, when I have a bigger plate I tend to want to over-portion myself. I wanna cram and load the plate so with the smallerplate, I can still cram all the food in but it’s actually the excellent section for me. Tip number four is to get a water bottle. I feel like drinking water is one of the most common diettips but it’s so true-blue. When you are hydrated, you’re not really that hungry and for me, I affection having my sippy bowl because this realizes me suck so much water throughout the day. And it’s the CamelBak specifically, I love the like, the chew valve and I desire how you haveto like suck the ocean in.I go through maybe three orfour bottles of this a day and so I make sure that I’m extremely hydrated. Whenever you have a craving, fortunes are you’re just dehydrated or you’re bored and so whenever when I havelike, a yearn for some chippings or like any sort of snack or something, I will chug half a bottle of this and I’ll wait 15 minutesand if I’m still hungry then I’ll see have a snack but most of the time, after I booze it, I’m completely penalize and Ican wait’ til my next dinner. I too should mention thatI don’t imbibe any liquids, I don’t suck any soda or like milk. I only stick to water, unsweetened tea, pitch-black coffee and like, soda water, that’s pretty much it. My favorite is La Croix, it is so savory, it has zero calories and it time gives you that carbonated kickif you are missing it.My fifth tip is to never bounce any dinners peculiarly breakfast. I feel like I have kindof programmed my mas to time wake up hungry so Ialways, always have breakfast. There’s a reason why it’s called the most important snack of the day. It’s because it kickings off your metabolism. And I’ve noticed thatwhen I hop-skip my breakfast, by the next banquet, I am so hungry I be brought to an end starting reallystupid menu decisions so I’ll merely end up overeating or I’ll line-up somethinglike, really gnarly like nachos or something. It’s easier to start wary menu choices when your form is not starving. Personally, I only eat three meals a day. I know some people like to have four to five smaller meals a day but for me, it’s just too much effort to think of that numerous meals to eat so I like to keep it simple, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For my breakfast, that’swhen I have the majority of members of my carbs, I’ll have nuts on toastor like an egg wrap.For lunch, I can plow myself of a sandwich, a burger, whatever, But for dinner, that’s whenI’m kind of the most strict. When I was at like, my mostmotivated to lose weight, for dinner I would never haveany refined carbohydrates so I wouldn’t have any pasta, I wouldn’t have big-hearted deep-fried rice foods, I would probably stick with veggies, and a protein and that’s it for dinner. And then for breakfast, I’ll have my carbs.This next tip is somethingthat I certainly strove with when I first moved back to LA in 2015. I was dining out atrestaurants all the time and I was saying Postmates all the time. When you go to restaurants, even though they are you order the healthy bowl, you don’t actually know what the restaurants put into it. Sure, there’s a list of parts but you don’t know howmuch butter they threw, you don’t know how muchoil they put or msg, the restaurant’s objectiveis to see the nutrient taste as good as possibleand obstruct you coming back and it’s a business so it reaches impression so that’s why it’s just easierto merely cook your own meal.You know exactly what you put in it and I know it’s like easy to say like, “oh, I’m not agood cook, I can’t cook” but you time need to cook three recipes. Learn how to form three healthful recipes and then you can develop from there. It’s impossible to justcompletely avoid restaurants for the rest of your life, it’s not gonna happen so when I do eat out, Ilike to have a balance. So I have this rule announced The 2 Rule. So I either pick an appetizer, an entree or an entree and dessert. I’ll never get all three, or if I do get all three, it’s like a special moment but yeah, you don’t need all three, you don’t need an appetizer, entree, and dessert that’s just a full package.You exactly need two. Tip number seven is toreduce your booze uptake. When I was at my heaviest, I was probably drinking may two or three times a weekand it surely demo. There’s a great deal of drain calories in booze and their own problems with me was Iwould always have drunchies. When I would come home pissed, I would just open up my closet, make a snack, jettison it in the microwave and I would just eat all ofit to soak up the booze and then go to sleep. But I imply I don’t even knowif that’s scientifically proven but mostly, I would eat all that shit and I would wake up thenext morning, hungover and I would ever order a burrito.Yeah, “its like” a vicious circle. Obviously, I still booze. I like to go out and have a good time but I exclusively booze formerly a week now. If I’m gonna imbibe more than once a few weeks, then I’ll only have one drink, that’s it. And each time I go out, I simply have a vodka soda with fresh lime, that is myfavorite drink of pick. But then I call it the Skinny Minnie because it only has thecalories of the vodka and I picture a shot of vodka is what, like a hundred calories, and that’s it! This next tip is about snacking.I don’t keep any snacksthat tempt me in my house because I’m the type of person where if I have Red-hot Cheeto Fries or exactly different forms of HotCheetos, I have to eat the pocket. It’s kinda like, calling myname as I’m just in the chamber of representatives. So I just like to cut the temptation and not have any of it in my house. If I really, certainly crave them, then I’ll have to get offmy ass and go by them. But if they’re not in the house, then I’m not thinking about it. So I know I’ve been blabbinga lot about nutrient and nutrition so I’m gonna talk about the next self-evident thing which is exercise. I like to employ aroundthree to five times a week and when I was developing super hard, I was going five times a week and that in combination withall the tips that I said performed me truly shredded.For the first 2 month, a good deal of that force cameoff because of those. I know the ratio is somethinglike 80% food and 20% fitness but when you applied the effort in, that 20% proceeds a long way and when you are justcombining both those forces, a lot of it time defrosts off. So it’s really importantto find a form of employ that you hate the least. So whether it is kickboxing, palates, swimming, rolling, whatever, forme, it is to train alone. I love going to the gymby myself, it’s become my own little sanctuary.Each of my workouts arearound 50 instants long. I am haunted with thisapp announced Seconds. I have talked about itin a previous video. It’s basically like mylittle personal teach. So I like to start offwith 20 minutes of cardio. I’ll utilization my high-intensityinterval training workout so I’ll be on theStairMaster for five minutes exactly moving normally, and then I’ll run on the StairMaster for 30 seconds, and then I’ll walk againfor a minute and 30 seconds, and then I’ll run again for 30 seconds. And I’ll do this six timesand then I’ll cool off with five minutes ofwalking on the StairMaster. And by the end of this, I amliterally drenched in sweat and now I’m ready formy strong discipline. For my 30 hours of strength improve I won’t get too into it butI mostly have created a knot of playlists that work different parts of my person out.So I have three full mas workouts, I have one for the waist, one for the abs and limbs, everything there is depends. I feel like I’m justgonna do a separate video on that workout becauseif I incorporate that into this video, I feellike it’d be practice too long. So be prepared for myworkout video in the future. These epoches, I merely workoutthree times a week. It’s because I’m nottrying to lose any load, I’m only trying to maintainthe body I have right now. I’m really happy with my weight and I’m not trying to change anything. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been doing the backbone training courses and the values, it’s been easier to justkeep my torso the mode it is.My last-place gratuity is to find motivation that really reverberates with you. Back in the day, I feel like a lot of my weight loss inspirationwas quite superficial. It was just about like, “Iwanna be skinny for my birthday” or “I wanna be skinny for Coachella.” Once I’ve spot a deeper reasonof why I wanted to be fit, it only propelled me to stay in shape. The is why I exerciseand I tried my best to stay in shape is for my mental health issues. I’ve noticed that back in the working day, when I wasn’t working out regularly, I had a lot more outages, I got a lot of meltdowns and I was just very sensitive to stress. Now that I workout threeto five times a week, I don’t really have thatissue that much anymore.I’m not perfect but I am so many of them than how I was last year. Some periods, I precisely wakeup and I am just bummed but before, I would simply kind of be bummed and just let it be like a sad day. Now, if I’m feeling sador if I’m feeling expectant or stressed, I punched the gymbecause 95% of the time, I come back after aworkout and I feel right. Ben is the most importantperson in my life and he lives with me and Ihated being the Debbie Downer. Ben is generally a super positive person and having a bad attitudeis just so contagious and I detested producing him down and so I knew that this is something that I actually needed to work on and rehearsal has helped me so much better. So find a reason thatreally deposits with you whether it’s becauseyou wanna be stronger, you want to be able to lift something, whether you wanna run a marathon, or you wanna have inner with yourself, formerly you find a deeper point, it’s easier to stick with it. Alright guys, those are my top1 0 tips on how I lost weight.Honestly, the first monthis the hardest, I affirm, but once you transfers that obstruction, it’s all downhill from there. And then once you startseeing physical the changing nature of your body, and once likepants start to feel loose, then it becomes even easier. If you’d like to leave any diettips in comments down below or oaths of encouragement, I’d love to hear them. I merely require this to belike a positive place for beings to talk aboutfitness and nutrition. If there’s something thatyou don’t agree with me, it would be awesome if you just said it in a constructive way as opposed to a path of simply assaulting me. My point is not to shamepeople into losing weight. It’s just for the peoplethat need that extra kick to wanna live a healthier life. So I hope you guys enjoythe rest of your day. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye!( smooth jazz music)

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