Today I want to talk about the M text If you are over 40 and you’re watching this video then you know what I am talking about For times this was so misunderstood and it was such a taboo topic since we are as wives just didn’t get it. And I remember watching a t.v support several years ago when I was younger, it was an American t.v show called and it was announced All In The Family. And it was with Edith Bunker and Archie Bunker. Played by humming Jean Stapleton and Norman Lear. So, in this show, it actually highlighted how women through ages and different stages of their life their body start to shift and go through different events. And one of the things that I’ve come to realize is that everyone’s figure and everyone’s experience is completely different. However, there are somethings that really seem to be universal during menopause. And during those times, you may feel as if you don’t have any control over the results and how you feel.For sample your organization may start to you know, have these changes and as a result of it it changes how you look and how you feel about yourself. Bringing about a poverty-stricken self-image about yourself. Mood shiftings, is very common among women going through menopause. You may have some dates when you are in a good attitude. Some dates you’re in a bad climate. Your ardours are going up and down. Severe hot evens and unwarranted sweating acquiring you really feel unpleasant in your invests. And you don’t feel as assured as you are able to. Because you are worried about the excess sweating. Some gals suffer issues with their blood pressure. The partiality to be rather high and also low-pitched thyroid. Well, in this video we are going to be talking woman to gal about two things. How to look good and feel good in menopause. So pay attention! Hi welcome back to my direct. This is Milan Perry of Sonaturelle Wellness and I have to be truthful with you ladies.The less value you gain during menopause the better your the modifications and your evidences are likely to be. Now when I first began going through this alter and I started having red-hot evens. I didn’t really know( laughing) at the time that’s what it was. I started somewhere in my 40′ s, my late 40′ s maybe about mid forties, 45 perhaps. So. I went online and I came across several different forums of women who were sad, distraught, they felt lost. or even angry.And I decided that this was not going to be my eventuality. I wasn’t going to have that same know. Because I realized that our experiences in menopause and peri-menopause are different. In all honest it’s actually our preference. There are so many many social faiths about what happens during menopause. from what textbooks you read from or what doctors that tell you certain things and sometimes it’s merely info passed down from generation to generation. From woman to woman. But every woman is different and unique. Having experienced forgetfulness and fogginess as symptoms of menopause for every woman and even yourself the experience is different. But as you go go through these lifetime conversions at a certain point in life.It’s real. There is no doubting that and I am not going to minimize it either. Now when you consider your lifestyle which can meet our symptoms worse or easier to is dealing with. Thereby affecting how you appear and how you feel going through menopause. So, let me break this down for a moment. Within your DNA are traits that influence how your form exertions, your aging ability, the title type of menus for you to consume, exercise and the best lifestyle attires. These are the behaviors that instantly wallop how you feel. How you purpose and how you look all the way down to the cellular level. That’s amazing! Isn’t it? Now this is how you look at it. You hold the key to true convert and metamorphosi. And what I make by that is your very own personal roadmap that we originate together, will give you a concrete plan of action to optimize how you feel. Now, with knowledge comes influence! Am I right? Gives get going so you can take those beginning steps to represent you feel and look better for the healthier, fabulous-fit life you desire.Of course, I only want to let you know when you delivers a certain age, we have to work a little bit harder and longer to achieve the same solutions that we did in our adolescent. That’s a no brainer. Right? Which is why that formulation give it or completely lost( laughter) it attains so much sense. because everything is easier when we are younger. Your person is just ready to bounce back. And you move several different choices every day. How you want to look, how you want to age, how you want to do it in a way that defies the status quo of “midlife”.And it changes how “youre feeling”. So I want you to bring your body back. I miss you to come home to self. “Thats a lot” of herbs that you can buy in the market, or Whole Nutrient, in an herb supermarket but you have to be careful about that. Because if you are getting herbs to assist you during menopause and help you feel better during menopause.Your body’s chemistry is different. So time because you see something in the market, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right thing for you. But I am going to give you a few of my favorite herbs that I’ve came across that are actually assistants work in menopause. Four of my favorite herbs that has helped to bring your body back to offset and come home to self. And there are so many on the soul and you have to be careful because some of them become outdated.The herbs is likely to be aged. So make sure that you’re working with someone who is an herbalist and who knows about herbs. That can really help you in your selection. So Bishops hat, is one of my favorite herbs it helps a woman’s body to be balanced have a balanced estrogen and estradiol stages in your organization. Tackweed is the 2nd herb that I certainly desire it helps to increase a womens sex function including birthrate and libido … low-grade libido. Siberian ginseng is another beautiful herb. It’s the 3rd one can improve your glucose metabolism in form 2 diabetes. And Golden Root That’s the last one that I am going to share with you because it helps to improve short-term memory and sometimes we have those periods when we are feeling forgetful and time off. Well it helps with short term memory as well as long term memory. So, how do you want to feel in your scalp? Your improved life-style had an impact on your menopausal manifestations. Imagine … More confidence Having a hope with intent when you go out into the world. Higher libido uhm , no red-hot reddens Weight loss sustainably The better your lifestyle is which will include get suitable sums of sleep, moving your figure,, encounter pleasure in being. Your mental state will be more positive. Including wellbeing as part of your daily routine. Staying hydrated. Fewer manifestations that your mas will suffer during menopause. So, if you experienced this video, I want to share with you a FREE TRAINING that I’m going to be hosting. And the reputation of training programs is Chic Women Don’t Diet, “How to Regain Your Strut without Counting Calories” So, click on the link that is below this video to get this FREE training. I look forward to seeing you on the other side and until then, bide beautiful and healthy. But don’t forget SUBSCRIBE to my direct for upcoming videos that are made for you. 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