hey guys i’m Nisa Homey and welcome backto my channel today i’m sharing a protein-rich high fiber instantbreakfast recipe for weight loss this gluten free quick and easy weight lossmeal is a perfect breakfast for those with state issues like thyroid PCOS anddiabetes the high fiber and protein will help to keep you feel fuller for alonger time and thus helps in weight loss so let’s get started with therecipe. I have already approximately chopped 1 tomato, a small handful of( small-time) shallots , now if you’re using big-hearted shallots you can use about 5shallots or you can use 1/4 of an onion 1/2 of a medium-sized carrot which I haveroughly chopped I’m adding all the approximately chopped vegetables into mychutney grinder and I’m going to grind this coarsely now if you don’t haveaccess to a chutney grinder you can of course grate all the ingredients and addinto the chilla batter so I’m going to coarsely grind this so I palce this acouple of durations and it is coarsely ground now if you demand you can add greenchillies into this but I prefer to add finely chopped green chillies into thebesan battar.Into a large bowl I’m computing in 1/2 bowl of Basen flour intothis I’m supplementing in 1/4 TSP Kashmiri chilli powder Kashmir chili powder hasless heat compared to ordinary chili powder so adjust Kashmiri chili powder tosuit your appetite, 1/2 TSP turmeric powder, 1/3 tsp ajwain now when you’re addingajwain merely delicately crush and add the ajwain so that the spices are liberated, 1/2 TSP freshly ground black pepper powder adding black pepper helps to absorbturmeric faster into your body, 1/2 TSP jeera also known as cumin grains, 1/4 TSPhing also known as kayam in Malayalam for those who have digestive publishes whenconsuming basen try not to omit ajwain, jeera and hing these three spices will help to balance your digestive editions so try notto omit it now add in the grated or coarsely floor vegetables.I have finelychopped 1 green chilli and I’m also finely chopping a handful of corianderleaves include the finely chopped coriander leaves and the lettuce chilli. include in pinkHimalayan salt as needed I’m asses 1/2 cup of sea and I’m adding half ofthe liquid first and mingling the smash this is a very quick and easy breakfastwhich I offset often extremely when I don’t have any dosa or idli smash soI’ve added 1/4 beaker of water and I’m adding in another tablespoon of irrigate I’m computing an another tablespoon waterso altogether 1/4 bowl+ 2 tbsp water.Water capacity will also depend on thetype of Basen you’re using so and liquid accordingly so this is the consistencythe batter is neither extremely thick-skulled not more thinit’s a pourable uniformity. I am gonna rested batter for about another minute or two andthen I’ll start manufacturing the chilla’s. Heat a cast iron pan and the grease it withgingelly petroleum pourr one to two small-scale ladder full ofthe basen chilla smash and spread it out as thinly as possible drizzle in 1 teaspoon lumber pressed ground nut petroleum covering and give it cook on low-pitched kindle after about a time open thelid and carefully flip the cheela over now make sure your cast irontawa is well-seasoned otherwise the besan chilla may stick to the tawa somake sure that you have seasoned it really well before making this also notethat, cooking in a cast-iron pan helps in better ion absorption so if you haveiron deficiency anemia try to cook at least one of your snack in a cast ironcookware.After about a time flip-flop it over and is to be used to a plateful. repeat thesame thing with a rest or tea batter and then spread it out shower in 1 tsp grove pressed sand nut lubricant flood and let it cook on a low flame and my quick and easyhigh-protein healthy and instantaneous besan chilla is ready to serve. so guys do trythis instant besan chilla and let me know how it turned out don’tforget to Like, note, and share this video with family and friends thank youfor watching and until next time take care bye bye

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