here with Morris registered dietitian Mary Ellen tips with milk and honey nutrition welcome back to the show thank you provoked supposed to be here I ever love these kinds of segments because I feel like when we’re talking about heart-healthy meat we always go to what we know and this is sort of like the forged course right the things that we should be eating that we’re not really sure that has that enormous characters for our nerve right and so there’s a lot of nutrients that we immediately contemplate I’ve only think of Harthouse you’ve got your salmon your avocados your various kinds of your healthy fats your walnuts but there’s actually a whole emcee of other meat too that can benefit heart health and you know there’s no one food that’s going to you know totally frustrate heart disease and no one food that’s gonna totally make myocardial infarction but simply things to keep in mind about some most frequently asked nutrients and starting with chocolate so confused to explain so there there’s a lot of data actually to support that when dark chocolate is incorporated into a diet on a regular basis it can reduce the risk for heart disease I reckon one study showed that people who munch dark chocolate 5 times per week or more had a 57 percentage reduction in the risk of heart disease but it has to be very specific we’re not talking about like grabbing a Hershey’s disallow every day right so you do have to keep in thoughts you know it kind of refutes the effects if it’s loaded with added carbohydrate and other preservatives so you want to look for 70% or more of cocoa or cacao how it’s labeled and so use a lot of the samples we have up there most of the time the dark chocolate microchips that you’re gonna hear don’t have that higher level of cocoa in their own homes so you want to pay attention to that darker the better right and the studies that have been done that show an ounce a date is generally 70% or higher okay so keep an eye on that and I will tell you all right it’s still good that is delicious okay let’s move on cuz we’re gonna talk about orange liquid 100% orange liquor so juice kind of has a bad rap to a lot of people and sugar alright right so the first thing to note is that it’s not computed carbohydrate it’s naturally occurring sugar and nobody’s telling you to go replace your irrigate uptake with liquid by any means we’re thinking a serve width which is 8 ounce for an adult or 4 ounces for a child and just looking at the specific nutrient and health benefits of that extent and so I’ve got like a little immune boost smoothie now as well okay because there’s actually a lot of studies that have connected consistent orange liquor consumption or regular to nerve benefits alright are we gonna whip it up yeah so we can that’s the finished area there may be taste it but you go ahead well so we’ll begins with about a beaker of orange liquor or half a goblet it’s got some ginger in there so right very good if you want to throw some carrots in an apple and that’s actually a mango as well in this movie and then pumpkin seeds are also a great way to add some fiber protein okay and then ginger I love the ginger kick I do – I don’t know ginger ham in a pulverized chassis like that yeah so and you can use fresh ginger or fresh turmeric as well but easy in the kitchen and then if you just wanted to sweeten it up a little bit you can do a little bit of fresh honey or you can leave it out if you like the the kicking that it caters do you like it it’s good I don’t want to blow the surprise but this is delicious good that’s why I’m not saying anything and we can you know just let it go it’s gonna look a little bit more appetizing than that but right let it go for about 60 seconds consistency and it’s a little bit thick and you’re gonna have kind of them it perceives like I don’t know like you’ve consumes a knot of carrots kinda savours very healthy I cherish that I’m gonna keep working okay these are amazing so this is one of the most popular recipes on my blog ever and the altitude featured ingredient is blueberries yeah so a great deal of beings we are familiar blueberries are good for us they parcel a great nutritional perforate helping immensities about a goblet or a handful a epoch but there’s also a lot of data to attach them to positive center benefits and so this is just a pretty basic blueberry chia seed muffin you can find the recipe on my blog dig in there they’re great I affection the quality and they have a good quantity of blueberries in it and so incredible and your teenagers will affection this I I’m so stunned like blueberries are so good for you eat them all the time that’s nice that’s not too sweet right I was expecting a sweeter muffin because muffins couldn’t have a lot of obscured calories in them they can have a lot of extra sugar additional preservatives I mean just like we were talking about with the chocolate it kind of tends to negate that those health benefits we’re looking at okay so if you dined your veggies on your pizza listen up this one’s for you we got to move into the dark leafy light-green yes dark leafy lettuces so dark leafy greens are high in vitamin K which has a whole host of benefits for our mind health and so this is a quick and easy pesto sauce that we’re gonna meet you can sub some of the basil and a traditional pesto sauce recipe for spinach and so that’s what we’ve got here we’re just gonna lend some of that and there are all different types of pesto’s like arugula spinach anything really and then we’re gonna include some walnuts which is one of our more traditional heart-healthy day so you’re not expending the pine nuts for that right right walnuts if you want to add in the feta open it a little creamier creaminess and then we’ve got garlic movement who doesn’t adore garlic contribute the feta right in and then this is just some basic this is I’m expend avocado oil but you can use any kind of whatever prepare do you use olive oil or whatever I get mine at Trader Joe’s yeah there’s it’s a lot more mainstream I got about 60 seconds yeah make it running around if you guys want to taste it now we got some dipping bread and thank you it represents for a great spread on toast you can clearly supplemented it to more traditional things like your pasta right on top of a salad as a beautiful emblazon more has a great pop mmm delicious and so fresh yeah the first time I established pasta was stunned how easy it was so at home try it some we save that in the fridge I think about a few weeks okay you can and you can’t actually freeze it if you want to acquire a portion off part of it to save it for longer but about a few weeks generate it a feel the week you’ll eat it all by the way to keep up with Maryellen check out the situation on Houston live region of our website thanks so much thanks for having me

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