Hi.I’m Jamie Eason. Welcome to thebodybuilding.com kitchen. Today I’m gonna acquire myPumpkin Protein Bars. I know I’ve been making awhole lot of different types of protein rails, but I don’twant you to get burned out so I’ve got this brand new one. This one actually makes a largerportion than the 8×8 we’ve been using so we’re gonna get abigger Pyrex dish this time.I’ve prepped this byspraying non-stick spray. It’s a 9×13, and I’vealso preheated the oven to 350 degrees. So this one’s easy becauseit’s all in one huge container. See, first we’ve got2 beakers of oat flour. Again, oat flour is just groundup oatmeal, and you can buy it at the collect inthe healthful section. You can acquire your own bygrinding it in a coffee grinder or in a blender. So I’m just gonna frame that in. Two beakers. And then I’ve got 2 scoopsof a vanilla whey protein. You can use anyflavor that you like. For me, I simply look for thefewer ingredients the very best’ cause then it’s healthierand usually it savor a little better very. So 2 scoops of that. And then I’m gonna startputting in all of the flavoring ingredients. I’ve got 2 teaspoonsof cinnamon, 1 1/2 teaspoons ofground ginger, 1/2 teaspoon of cleaves. Cleaves are pretty strong, but Ithink that’s really what gives this its flavor. So then we’ve got a teaspoon ofbaking soda and a teaspoon of roasting pulverization and then1/ 2 teaspoon of salt.For my sweetener, I’m actuallyadding 1/2 cup of Xylitol. You can use thebrown sugar blend. You can use the regular. I actually like the brown sugarblend for this recipe a lot, but you can’t ever find it. This one is just the regularhalf cup of Xylitol so gave that in. I’m gonna mix up these dryingredients really well. Okay. And then to this I’m gonna startadding the sodden ingredients. You can desegregate these in separatebowls if you like, but it’s really not necessary so I’m justgonna articulate it all right in the same bowl.First thing, I’m gonnastart with four egg whites. You can use the liquidegg whites if you like. I use regular, real eggs. I kinda such as those better forbaking, but it’s up to you. Then I’m gonna add1/ 2 bowl of almond milk. You can usewhatever kind you crave. You can do regular milk.You can do rice milk. Whatever you’d like, butI like the almond milk so 1/2 bowl of that. And then to that I’m gonna addone 4 ounce of the baby nutrient applesauce. You can be utilized regular unsweetenedapplesauce at home if you have that. Put that in there. It comes out to probably about1/ 4 cup if you’re gonna us the jar at home.To that I’m gonnaadd my pumpkin. I’ve worked a whole 15 ounce canof pumpkin for this so you can use as little or asmuch as you require. I really like mine reallypumpkiny so I use the whole entire can. Spawn sure, very, that you pickthe raw pumpkin and not the pumpkin tart mixthat’s loaded with sugar. So settled that in. Then my final rain part isjust 2 teaspoons of vanilla. So I’ve got all of those working in. You can use the whisk if youlike, but I don’t wanna make a mess so I’m just gonna foldit all in with my spatula.Okay.Starting to come together. And for this recipe, you can usenuts or you can do it without nuts. I’m gonna putsome walnuts in it. I really like pumpkinand walnut together. So I’ve got it all mixed up. I’ve already give 1/2 cupof walnuts in a little baggie. So the reason I’ve done this isbecause I didn’t buy the humbled up kind. I’m gonna actuallycrush these myself. So I like to buy theones from the bin. Often they’re a little bitmore fresh than the ones that have been sitting onthe rack for a while. So I really employed them in a purse. You can grab anything you like. I like my little rolling pin. Exactly sort of crushthem a little bit. If you’re worried about addingtoo much fatty to your dessert, you actually don’thave to mix them in. You can give it all together andjust perhap spray half on one side or simply lightlysprinkle them on top.I like to mix mine in because Ilike there to be nuts in every bite, but it’stotally up to you. That’s pretty good.Getting there. Maybe a little smaller. Alright.Now I’ll time drop these in. Now the difference though–ifyou make it with or without nuts–with nuts, you’relooking at probably about 67, 68 calories. Without nuts, you’relooking at under 50. It’s about 47 calories. So it’s totally up to you, butthe fatty isn’t that different and the amount of proteinreally isn’t that different. It’s like about 4 gramsof protein a table. This utters 24 forbids, by the way. So I’ve got that all desegregated in. And I’m gonna come my saucer readyand time pour it in the go. Okay.I’ll get it all spread out. Now this one you wanna bake itfor about 30 minutes I would say, but it’s totally up to you. Some beings like the bars alittle bit more soft, and some people like them alittle more cooked through. I suggest that if you’retraveling with these, surely keep them in the ovena little bit longer’ cause you want them to hold up.Put these in the oven. Bake it for about 30 minutes. Think that’s right. And then we’ll checkit in about 30 minutes. Ever make sure when you’rebaking that your oven rack is like often in the middle. If it’s too close to the heatingelement on the bottom, it’ll burn. And if it’s too high up, it’lltake forever to cook so we will check on it in about 30 instants. Alright.The timer set off. Let’s check our rails. Alright.They glance good. I’m pretty sure these are done, but if you wanna make sure you can stick a toothpick in it.If it comes out baked with nowetness or anything, it’s pretty much ready. So I’m gonna let these cool andthen we’ll come back, trimmed them, and I’ll show youhow to wrap them up. Okay. Our Pumpkin Protein Bars arefully cooled so I’m gonna cut them up. Let’s see. We’ve got–it’s gonna construction 24 squares so I’m gonna determine 3 trimmeds lengthwise and 5 this channel. Alright. Scoop a few of these out. They gaze really good. You can be found in some ofthe nuts in there. And then I’m gonnawrap up the remain. Show you how I wrapthem when I proceed. Be sure to accumulate these in acool sit like the frigerator because if you leave them justout on the counter or not in your cooler, they’ll actually spoil.There’s no preservativesor anything in these. I do them by twos. I simply residence two on the saranwrap, fold over the one expiration, and rotation it over, and then foldin the leading edge and–it’s pretty simple. Okay. I’m gonna finish upwrapping up the rest of these. For this recipe, you cancheck out the link below. And if you wanna check out otherrecipes and essays, really inspect bodybuilding.com ..

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