[ Music] assalamualaikum everyone welcome to nasa’s kitchen welcome back to the second part of my breakfast sequences these are three health oat recipes for you guys perfect for people who are in the rush in the morning and you can’t brace breakfast so procreate these the nighttime before sound it in your fridge and leave it overnight to set and then the next morning take it out and you can eat it on the go so if you want to know how i start these keep on watching the video we’re going to start off with my personal favorite the peanut butter and fruit overnight oats this is um sort of like the remaking of the american peanut butter and jelly sandwich um but patently i’ve performed it in my own lane so these are all the ingredients everything will be listed in the description box below and i will mention them as i go along the video so let’s go ahead and see how i make this lovely luscious peanut butter and fruit overnight so in a container i’ve added some strawberries and raspberries and i’m just gonna smush it up somewhat only to secrete some of the liquids to these smushed results i’m going to add half a cup of oats and one tablespoon of chia grains cinnamon powder one fourth teaspoon and sugar or maple syrup whatever you have use a tablespoon or as you prefer um i’ve throw in two tablespoons of smooth peanut butter so try and use the organic form for the health beings out there and i’m using two tablespoons of greek yogurt and i’m going to add in a hyphen of milk just to help it all sort of mix together nicely use plant-based yogurts and milks for those that are vegans or vegetarians or if you’re on a state patty and you want lower calories then supplant the milk and yogurt with plant-based low-calorie milk and yogurts[ Music] i spoon the potpourrus into these little cups um those of you that want to know i got these little bowls from um residence negotiates it’s very delicacy and somewhat gaping with the golden border around in the golden lettering so yep and that’s it i articulated it in the refrigerator for two hours to overnight i prefer overnight because it helps all the spices sort of blend into each other and once it’s overnight take out you can if you have the time if you don’t you can eat it as is if you have some time in your hands then obviously top it up with some extra yogurt and fruits and i use some almond slice as well just for the additional crunch and that is it your peanut butter and result overnight oats is ready to go[ Music] this one’s my son’s personal favorite ryan’s favorite because he adores blueberries this is your blueberry overnight oats again same process as the peanut butter and um outcome one really with instead of the strawberries and raspberries i’ve supplanted it with blueberries and that’s pretty much it so all the ingredients i will mention as we go along and everything will be in the description box below[ Music] so in a container half a beaker of blueberries smashed slightly exactly to liberate some of the flavors and liquids to that i’m gonna supplement half a bowl of oats and then one tablespoon of chia seeds a tinge of salt optional again if you want to you can add it if not fine honey or maple syrup about a tablespoon or as you prefer greek yogurt or two tablespoons and milk as needed and you’re going to give it a good mix and then you’re going to pour it into your desired goblets or ramekins or your little mason jars whatever you want to place you know put your overnight oats in[ Music] and the third one is mango twist this is my husband’s favorite he enjoys mangoes so this one is also pretty much same quantity of ingredients same thing just replace the results you know with whatever you prefer so ingredients will be in description box as always and i will mention them as i come along[ Music] too[ Music] so for this one i’m going to add half a banana and half a cup of the chopped mangoes to this i’m gonna squish it up a little bit as usual and then i’m gonna include half a goblet of oats and one tablespoon of chia seeds sugar or maple syrup desiccated coconut um and milk as needed and you mix it up and you put in a flowerpot and then you put in the freezer and you leave overnight so make sure you guys use some sort of like you can either use chia or flax grains flax seeds or chia seeds are actually healthful so many health benefits i can’t even you know point them off with so many but clearly add some kind of like chia or flax grains to your oats because it slowly it exhausts vigour throughout the day slowly so it’s it’s so good for you so good so yep this is the mango twist ready to go again i’m going to top it up with some yogurt and some mangoes and give it a bit of a scatter of dessicated coconut optional you can eat it as is but if you want to be a bit more you know if you have that time in the morning then add these toppings and it is refreshing and delicious and yummy to eat[ Music] and the second part of my breakfast serials is complete your you have your three health recipes “i m hoping you” experienced this video if you do did like it being given it a thumbs up make sure you knock that thumbs up button make sure you subscribe to my canal and help me originate leave a comment down below in the comment section and you know connect with me through my social media locates there’s everything’s listed in the description box and yep that’s it i will see you in the next video remain safe stand glad say consecrated i love is[ Music] everyone[ Music] you

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