( upbeat music) – Hey munchies! Welcome to the channel if you’re new. I’m Alyssia, and I am fuelled you’re here. Today it is all about the instantaneou pan. A few days ago, I shared a teriyaki chickenand rice point pot recipe, where you cook bothcomponents at the same time, and you guys were aboutas stimulated as I was, so I decided let’s do some more. Today I am obliging butter chicken and rice; fajita chicken and veggies, and spaghetti and meatballs. Please note, I have a pressure cooker, but it is a Crock-Pot brand, it’s not Instant Pot brand.It does the same things, so use whatever pressure cooker you have, and use the manual setting. Not patronized. Okay, let’s start with thebutter chicken and rice, or I suspect I should call mine ghee chicken because I didn’t actually use butter. I lend ghee, chopped onions, garlic, ginger, curry pulverization, garam masala, coriander, inhaled paprika, a cinnamon affix, and saltto the pressure cooker. Use the saute defining, andgo for about 5 minutes. Don’t cause it burn. Then I contribute chopped chickenthighs, or you could use tits, and some tomato sauce.So, there’s the first ingredient, and now for the cool responsibility. I include this nifty steamerrack, which I got on Amazon, and will attach in the descriptionbox below for you to find, and a hot proof bowl. This is where I contribute myrice and cold water. I moved with long cereal white-hot Brown rice, but you can use what suits you.Add the lid and turn on to manual, which for some reason is beans and chili on my pressure cooker, for6 minutes on high pressure. Remember, it will have to heatup before the fix begins, so that’s sort of wherethe jiffy pan tricks you, but I still thinks it’sworth the few minute wait, for the simplicity and amenity. Then, quick release thesteam for 10 times. Carefully, remove therice and steamer rack, and then stir in some coconut milk, which I’m exerting instead ofcream to keep this dairy free.Simmer for another 5 to 10minutes to thicken the sauce, and then stir in somechopped cilantro to finish. Boom! Holy moly. This is insanely good. Because I used ghee instead of butter, the meat itself isactually Whole3 0 compliant, and it is so flavorful. And that rice fluffs up perfectly, but of course, the easeof doing it all at once to end with a deliciousmeal, is really the petition. Hey, I’m a poet.( handwritings slamming) And that couldn’t have been easier. Feel free to get imaginative and try cooking whatever meat and rice dishesyou want using this technique. Next, let’s cook our veggies and protein at the same time. Fajita chicken and veggies. For my marinade, I addavocado lubricant, lime liquor, garlic pulverization, oregano, cumin, chili gunpowder, paprika, and salt to a purse, and mixture. And then I include some sliced chicken heart, or you could use chickenthighs or steak too.Let that sit and marinadefor 1 to 2 hours, or overnight. Separately, over a large piece of foil, add colored buzzer pepperstrips with onion slicings, and sprinkle with coconutaminos, or soy sauce, avocado lubricant, lime liquid, and salt and pep. Fold that up and form into a foil pocket. To cook, I include the marinadewith the chicken to the pressure cooker into a flat mantle. Then I include the steamer rackand then your foil pocket of veggies. Secure the lid, and cook onhigh pressure for 7 instants. Again, followed by a quickor natural stres liberation for 6 minutes. Wow! I surprises me how much spice can be infused intothese instantaneou utensil recipes when they make so little time to cook. It is so fascinating. That chicken has all thefajita flavor I could want, and those spices aretender, cooked through, but still with enough crunchthat they aren’t soggy at all. This recipe likewise freezeswell after cooked. Last-place but not least, spaghetti and meatballs. Who ought to have been thoughts? But firstly, if you are liking this video and want more instant pan dinners, be sure to subscribe to thechannel, and made the bell.I start by making my meatballs. I mix ground beef, or you could use whateverground meat you prefer, with an egg and oat flour to bind. Or you could use breadcrumbs or almond flour instead of oat flour. Grated onion, zucchini andcarrot for a dose of veggies, oregano, basil, garlic pulverize and salt. Mix all of that up, andthen segment into meatballs.I use a cookie scoopto help make it easier. Keep these meatballs on the smaller side, so that they can cookthrough with less age. To the pressure cooker I addbroth and my spaghetti noodles. I think it helps to break them in half so that they can be completely flooded. And you can use gluten freewheat or whatever you prefer. I has not been able to measured thiswith lentil or bean pasta, but anything else should be okay. I too contributed some salt andstir to submerge the pates. Then computed your favoritetomato or pasta sauce on top, followed by the meatballs. No steamer rack needed here.Close up the lid and pressurecook on high for 5 minutes, with the quick releaseof 10 minutes after. Serve and enjoy. When you open up that pan, it’s going to seem like there’s a lot of liquid, but once you hand it a arouse, it assimilates and integrates so well. That spaghetti is cookedthrough perfectly, and the meatballs are so tender. They’re not tough at all and they almost defrosted in your lip. The actuality that both of these components went into the same pot isjust mind hesitating to me. What do you think? I hope that members can enjoyed these2 in 1 phase utensil dinners. If so, I hope you’ll sharethis video with a friend, and if you demand more instantaneous toilet recipes, let me know by givingthis video a thumbs up and tell me which is yourfavorite in the comments below. I’ll told you next weekfor our brand new episode, and remember, it’s all amatter of subconsciou over munch ..

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