( soothing music) – Hi, friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new now, my call is Alyssa. Today I have got a recipe video for you that includes two of myabsolute favorite recipes. We are meeting healthygranola two different ways. One is my mom’s granola recipe, which is tried and true. She’s been take it for years. It’s so good. And then the second isa chocolate granola, which is more on the decadent side, but still really healthy. Kind of like Cocoa Krispies, but better. So if you guys are interested in trying any of these recipes, they are up on the blog for you. Attaches are right down below this video. And before we dive in, don’t forget to subscribe by tap that red buttonthat is right below this video. Without further ado, let’sgo ahead and dive in. First up is my mom’s granola. This is such a good recipe.So we’re gonna start by addingour oats into a large bowl. And then she also does a combination of pecans, sunflower seeds, slicedalmonds, and coconut chips, holds it a speedy stimulate, and we lend in ourseasonings, which is salt, cardamom, which is the secretingredient and is so good, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon. And again, open that astir until it’s compounded, designated it aside, and we’lluse our dry ingredients.( amiable music) So for the soak ingredients, we’re adding coconut oil into a pan, together with some peanut butter, maple syrup, and honey.If you are vegan, you can just sub the honeyfor unadulterated maple syrup.( soothing music) Then just let this all defrosted together. And once it’s smooth, you canpour it over your oat motley and incite it all together until everything is coated and compounded.( amiable music) From there, we are goingto transfer our granola onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and exactly spread it out in an even layer. And then you’ll merely broil it up until it is golden brown and crispy and fragrant and delicious. So once you draw it out of theoven, we are actually going to sprinkle on some chopped Medjool appointments. This is my favorite one of the purposes of her recipe, aside from the cardamom. So good. I feel like I’ve said thatalready a hundred times, but literally chewylittle bites of sweetness and, ugh, it’s absolutely savory. So you can stir your Medjooldates into the mixture and then exactly serve your granolaup any which way you like.I affection it on top of smoothie bowls. I affection it with almond milk. And you just can’t go wrong.( amiable music) Recipe number two is myoil-free chocolate granola. We’re gonna start by meltingtogether some almond butter, together with our maple syrupand a splashing of irrigate into a, again, tiny saucepan.( amiable music) Melt it together untileverything is smooth. Set that digression. We’re going to add our oats, as well as chopped up almondsor whatever nut you want, and some raw cacao powder, scatter of ocean salt.Stir that together. And formerly it’s combined, you are eligible to pour your almondbutter combination on top.( soothing music) And just like the last one, us to be able to fold this all together until the oats are coveredin the almond butter combine. Once you’ve got that, we are going to transferit to our baking sheet. Again, simply spread itout into an even blanket. Bake it up until it isgolden brown and crispy.( gentle music) The add-ins for this oneare optional, but luscious. I are happy to do coconut flakesand dark chocolate chips. Gotta have a little decadencewith your granola sometimes. So again, you can mix thatall together if you demand, or you can leave that out ifyou don’t wanna add it in. And only store this in a sealed receptacle, and this will preserve for acouple weeks in your closet. For dishing, again, any which way you like, but I did it with almond milk, raspberry, sliced banana, and cacaonibs, and it was perfect. This is similar to mybanana bread granola, oil-free, gluten-free, vegan.So if you like that one, you should definitelygive this one a try too .( amiable music) And there you have it, my friends. I hope that members can enjoyed our healthygluten-free granola recipes. As “youre seeing”, thesegranolas are so easy to obligate. They have tons of spice. And if you do wanna establish mymom’s vegan, it’s really easy. So I hope you guys experienced it. If you did, being given it a thumbs up. And if you do be brought to an end wantingto make any of these recipes, then there connected down in thedescription carton for you. The recipes are on the blog, so you can really findthem right down below.If you have any questions, mentions, anything like that, let me know in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe before you go. And thank you guys so much for being here. I certainly appreciate you aria in today. Thank you for takingthe time out of your daylight to watch my videos. It is everything to me. I hope that members can experienced it, andI’ll see you in the next one. Bye!( soothing music ).

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