if you are looking for some healthydessert recipes that are quick single dish and easy then watch this videobecause I’m sharing with you three recipes you are eligible to spawn super speedily theytaste delicious and they stir the excellent dessert or plow if you are newand would like to subscribe but we stir tons of savory health recipes onthis direct so punch that red button and the Bell notification to know when Ipost a brand-new video so the first one we’re making is this raw cookie dough I’musing some almond flour you can use blanched or unblemished almond flour alittle bit of vanilla for flavor a little bit of arrowroot flour which justhelps the quality actually make it nice and cook you do but it is optional so ifyou don’t have a root you can leave it out a touch of maple syrup just for alittle bit of sweetness and then a little bit of almond butter you can alsouse any kind of nut or seed butter that you want now and this is great becauseit’s loaded with health fatties it’s super meet it’s gonna balance your bloodsugar it’s loaded with vitamin E and all of those nuts have so many greatminerals in it for you magnesium zinc phosphorus all those things that yourbody needs so we’re gonna go ahead and combine it until the dough is nice andsoft and then to that I’m just gonna be adding in a little bit of chocolatechips so I use a inadequate a tablespoon and I’m just folding that in untileverything is nice and blended and depending on how runny your nut butteris it will depend on how quickly it comes together you have this wonderfuldecadent cookie dough it comes together in less than a time and tastes so goodnext up we’re making occasion chocolate strawberries so I’m starting off bymaking some paleo chocolate with some coconut petroleum and some cashew butter againyou can use any kind of nut or seed butter that you like here and then tothat I’m going to be adding in some fresh cacao and the great thing about this isthat raw cacao is loaded with antioxidantsand especially because we’re not heating this up or cooking it or anything westill get all those wonderful minerals especially magnesium and theantioxidants that’s in the cacao so I arouse that together until everything isnice and compounded make sure you do abuse warm coconut petroleum it’ll precisely be a loteasier to mingle than trying to mix coconut oil that’s a little bit more solid sojust stir that together until it is nice and smooth and then the secret to makinginstant chocolate strawberries is to use frozen strawberries so when you pourthis nice warm defrosted chocolate over the strawberries it hardens like almostinstantly and they like are covered and they’re perfect you can wait for theshop race to thaw for about 5-10 minutes and then pour the chocolate on or pourthe chocolate on and then wait about five minutes either wayit’s so delicious and it’s kind of cool but it’s got this wonderful chocolateshell it’s so debased and you can definitely do it with almost any fruitand then as “youre seeing” formerly they thaw a little bit honestly they thaw in merely afew minutes you have these wonderfully chocolate-covered strawberries that areinstant to stimulate delicious and easy too and then we are making a mug cake a lotof you guys were requesting something that you can do in the microwave becauseI know a lot of you live in dormitories or something like that or merely don’t wantto wait for an oven to heat up so I’ve made this mug cake recipe with somealmond flour coconut flour cacao and coconut oil and all of this is just areally quick decadent thing that you can make it super chocolaty too computing in alittle bit of almond milk and then some maple syrup just for a touch ofsweetness it’s not on the overly dessert place I would say I supplement about it lessthan its teaspoons a insufficient teaspoon stimulate that together until it is nice andsmooth and then we are going to be putting this in the microwave so Icooked mine at 70% for 45 seconds but depending on the strength of yourmicrowave it will depend on how what more you need to cook it I would say doless more than more because you don’t want to cool it out so simply applied it into amicrowave safe mug or ramekin whatever you have scooped that outand then you can microwave it if you miss oven instructions I haven’t triedthis I do have other recipes that use an oven this is one exclusively stirred forthe microwave for those of you who don’t have access to an oven to finish it offI do leant a little bit of chocolate chips on before I pop it into the microwavejust includes a little bit of extra chocolaty goodness but candidly thisrecipe is so easy to make and people inspect when you take it out it’s super moistchocolate debased savory frankly ready in like less than twominutes it’s so delicious and clearly something you can add when you want likea health dessert that’s really really quick so now you have three healthydesserts that are quick to realize easy and single suffice I am going to leave myhealthy dessert ebook that is completely free down and then description box belowis you can pick that up it has all of my top desserts and I’m likewise going to leavemy healthy dessert playlist right here that has tons more healthy deliciousrecipes so check that out after this video I hope you guys are all having agreat day and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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