Assalam-o-alaikum friends and welcome to mychannel. Today, I am fixing coconut almond cookies which are gluten-free and low-grade carb, they have only 2 grams net carbs per cookie. You can also see itsnutrition chart at the end. If you are on diet and you desire for something sweetbut healthier, then these cookies are excellent tosatisfy your sweet tooth at any time of the day.So let’s get started. First ofall, weigh your parts. For baking, I ever recommend to measure ingredientsthrough proportion to get precise makes. So now I am taking natural sweetener erythritol4 0 grams. Almond Powder hundred grams, its blanched and finally footed. Then I have taken organic coconut flour5 0 grams. Then I have made finely anchored psyllium husk powder 10 grams. If you can’t find pulverized one , no problem. You can grind at home with spice grinder. So we are done with dry parts. Other ingredients are butter, egg, baking powder and some desiccated coconut for membrane. Here youhave all the list or you can see the description box. Now let’s begin ourmethod … First take room-temperature butter, 150 grams and start creaming it.Here you have to keep in mind that butter should be at room temperature nottoo cold from the refrigerator or not softened, otherwise it will not creamproperly. Here you can see it’s changing its colorso now I’m gonna supplement sweetener and pulsate again. Beat until neatly mixed. Scrape the bowl We’ll beat one last-place day for precisely oneminute. Yeah, its almost done so now I’m going to add an egg. It’s a large sizedegg. Here again, egg should also be at the chamber temperature. Otherwise, it will notemulsify with the potpourrus and motley will separate. After adding egg we don’thave to beat motley too much. Mix until really combined and then scrapedown sides and that’s it.Now split and seed the vanilla bean pod and supplemented into themixture. Now computed remain of the ingredients one by one. They are all pre sifted that’swhy I’m not sieve them again. Because, unlike cakes, we don’t want too much airin the cookies. Now mix until all ingredients arecombined. Do not overmix now, when you see that dough is coming together, stop. Scrape down sides and it’s done. With asmall dollop framed the dough into the desiccated coconut. Roll evenly and thenplace on the baking expanse. Do the same procedure with all cookies This smash is enough for compiling 22 cookies. They will not spread in the oven but stillwe are spacing them apart, so that the hot regulates between the cookiesnicely and evenly. Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees Celsiusfor 10 to 12 times until the leading edge are delicately golden dark-brown. So now they are…nicely gilded dark-brown and the government has few cracks on the top .. perfect! Put them onthe cooling rack and then you can articulated them in the airtight container for the later use.They can stay fine upto one month or so.But if you want to eat fresh, then you cansimply freeze the dough and then bake it when you are want. You can see itsnutritional value here .. “its only” 2 grams net carbs. They are soft, fudgy, cake-like and havea little crunch from the broiled coconut outside. Perfect for tea chocolate or as anafter-dinner treat to fix your dessert desires! Hope you liked today’s recipeand next time I’m gonna see you again with another wonderful recipe, so takecare … bye-bye bye-bye !.

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