whether you’re running your first half marathon or aiming for a PB this guide would ensure you feel strong freedom to the finish line we’ve worked with hundreds of athletes to develop a scoot territory nutrition policy that lets you run faster and more importantly enjoy the control but how much change is impossible to realise independent experiment shows that runners were able to run 11 hours faster and had a much better race experience utilizing our marathon nutrition strategy so what done significant differences it boils down to maintaining hydration and obstructing your carbohydrate levels exceeded up as you run your main source of energy during a marathon is carbohydrate as your carb status full vigour elevations stop and you will find it progressively harder to maintain your control rapidity eventually when you fully deplete your carbohydrate stockpiles you are able to affected the wall our study shows that the best way to get more carbohydrate on board is to take gelatins as you run this will improve your vigor tiers and help you run strong to the finish hydration is also important how much you need to drink depends on how much you sweat for breakfast cereals and toast two good alternatives these are light-colored and high-pitched in vehicles booze 500 milliliters of energy source for added carbs and bide well hydrated grab an intensity disallow to eat on the way to the start Jonze give you instant carbohydrate energy boost you simply open the top and take it straight from the sachet we fix two types of gel energy gel and sparkler a gel they are very similar and they both provide you with equal sums of carbohydrate vigour frost a gel is a drink but it’s simply down to personal penchants which one you use most people find both gelatins actually appetizing so give them a try “its also” available with Cuffy look out for the lettuce plus sign on the sachet fifteen minutes before the start take to jail with caffeine and drinking 200 to 300 milliliters of zero during a drain make your first gelatin after 40 instants from then on take a Joe every twenty to thirty minutes all your gels can be with caffeine practice working gelatins and longer moves to make it easier on race day if you’re running below 80 instants take one gel with caffeine around a 45 -minute mark to help with the final pushing try to drink the on track watering regular interludes little and often in sizzling plights you may need added electrolytes wrap individual 0 tablets to carry it with you on the run simply put the tablets into Oncourse water to make a refreshing zero calorie electrolyte drink drink 400 milliliters of protein recuperation when you finish eat a balanced meal one to two hours later try our heavily discounted high five marathon pack to replenish the full benefits of a scientific nutrition policy

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