it’s 5:35, late afternoon and I am still wielding 5:43 right now and something starts to bother me I am sitting in the same place since morning I haven’t moved much simply 560 steps that’s bad, that’s really really bad My heart rate 79 Let’s mutate that And finally Time for some workout, I grabbed my bike I am off cruising through these roads believe me I’ve got a lot of plans for today’s workout I feel excited, this is my time to think about myself, this is my moment and sure i’m gonna live it that way on your line place a quick sprint and now i’m on the court trying to stay happy yes remaining fit is staying happy bide true to your form I don’t do it because I “re going to have to” make love I do it because I just wanted to make love for me fitness doesn’t mean getting oversized or gaining muscles neither think of it as a enterprise that have to complete every day I think of it as a lifestyle that’s why I propagandize my own limits every day sure I be tired but I make some respite cool off a little bit track my goals then I get back on the grind again trying to achieve aims do you know what is the secret up abiding caused do it for the right reasons get it on for yourself the best of what you can be try to find fitness in your anger and then motivation will come from within don’t do it because of someone else getting better than someone is a one-time affair but persistently to do better than your current self is a never ceasing commitment precisely focus on what matters do what the hell are you want to do not what you were told to do and believe me at the end of the day you will feel so confident like a new person fresh as f #ck

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