– All right, Killer Bs, let’s go ahead and get moving and grooving. And that means that we are getting started with some limbs curves with high-pitched knees. You guys, are you ready for it today? Welcome to the workout. I’m Pahla B, your bestmiddle-aged fitness friend. And around here, we areall about manufacturing treaty with your menopausal torso, by find a healthful value and moving in ways thatfeel like self love! You can tell previously that I feel like today is gonna be self cherish. You guys, we’ve got a walkingcardio party, which entails? Which means we’re gonna time some accompanying, which means we’re gonna do some cardio, which means we are goingto have some fun, you guys. We are making sure thatwe are nice and warmed up because today, today is non-stop.( Pahla snickers) It ever is around here. But I require you to know thatyou could, should and going to be able to hopefully take today at whatever speed feels best for you. I’m feeling very high vigour. Today is my moderate and I miss you to always, ever take today. Now “theres going”. Arm crossers and booty kickers.Take today and every day at a tempo that feelsmoderate for, you guys. Moderate work is the wayto lose weight at our senility. And in fact, it’s the wayto stay healthful, do fit, keep fit and feel the very best. Likewise, also, today is gonna be so much fun. I’m looking forward to it so much. Today is different for me. Exactly so you are familiar with, it’s been a long time sinceI’ve had music in my videos. And yes, today we’re listeningto some fun outdo music.You, your best friend, is possible and should take today either with the beat or off the lick. I want you to know that thisis again moderate for me and you should always go topace that feels best for you. When in doubt, amble it out. No matter what kind of exercise I’m doing, you can always come back towalking to find your moderate. Let’s go ahead and dosome welcome to my homes because welcome to my home.Welcome to my sleeping bird-dog. She’s not … Well, she’s invited tothe party obviously, but she won’t necessarilybe joining in with the amusing. She will very likelysleep through all of it. And you guys, “while were” warmed up, here’s what it was like. We’re going back and forth, like I said, between walk-to and other low impact cardio moves. There’s absolutely no jumping. Utterly , no changes to the ground. And new reproductions today. Oh my gosh! That’s what really stirs it a party. Am I right? If “youre ever” feelingwarmed up, tell you what, I am feeling good and Iam feeling ready to go. So let’s do this party started.( happy music) Here we go with walking.( upbeat music) Low swinging tappers.( upbeat music) Back to walking.( upbeat music) Dancing Xs.( upbeat music) Back to walking.( upbeat music) Y open cronies.( upbeat music) And accompanying.( upbeat music) Daybreaks .( upbeat music) And marching.( upbeat music) Punch down, sound outs.( upbeat music) Hold that core in.( upbeat music) And sauntering.( upbeat music) How “are you doin “? How’s your heart rate? We having fun hitherto? I know I am.( Pahla snickers)( upbeat music) Half jacks.( upbeat music) And marching.( upbeat music) And sounds a diddly-squat.( upbeat music) Walking.( upbeat music) Backstep elbow wavers.( upbeat music) Walking.( upbeat music) Swimming frogs.( upbeat music) Pull in that core. Moving at a moderate gait for you. Having fun.( upbeat music) And here we go with walking.( upbeat music) Twisting kicks.( upbeat music) Cool, and back to walking .( upbeat music) Standing up straight and towering. Keeping that core in. Having so much fun.( upbeat music) Skiers.( upbeat music) Walking.( upbeat music) Double knees.( upbeat music) Back to walking.( upbeat music) Presser jacks.( upbeat music) Pull in that core. Great job.( upbeat music) And back to walking.( upbeat music) Forward hinge arm flappers.( upbeat music) And we’re walking.( upbeat music) Check if you’re movingat your moderate pace. Feeling good? Having fun?( upbeat music) Letter Ks.( upbeat music) And back to walking.( upbeat music) Doing such a good job.( upbeat music) Here we go with cancans.( upbeat music) Knee and knock.( upbeat music) And accompanying. Exactly a duo more exercises. You are doing such a good job.( upbeat music) And shooting stars.( upbeat music) Holding that core.( upbeat music) Standing up straight and tall.( upbeat music) And back to walking.( upbeat music) And now we go with ding dongs. Wiiiiii!( upbeat music) And we’re walking.( upbeat music) And here we go with cross back jacks.( upbeat music) Oh golly!( Pahla laughters) Wholly exactly ran into my thing. Oh my gosh. Thank goodnesswe’re walking again .( Pahla giggles) I got a little mad with thosecrowds back jacks, you guys. We’re bringing this down a little bit. This is our last little bit of moving and I’ve got one final thing for us. But it’s a little bittougher than everything else because of course, evenat the end of a party, I’ve gotta finish here injust a couple of seconds. We’re gonna do super retard chum jacks.I’m gonna ricochet forwardso I don’t kick anything. We’re gonna do hands-leg jumping jacks and super slow sidekicks. Here “theres going”. Mitt up. Oh, this is balance work. What! After all that fast paced, high-pitched heart rate, low impact but oh my goodness, perfectamount of vigour, yes, indeed, we’re slowing it down. We’re practise our offset. We’re pulling in our core.( Pahla breaths) We’re thinking about excellent structure. Not too many of these. Oh, you’re doing such a great job. And when we are done with this, we will be better than done, your best friend. We’ve got one more on each side, and then we, oh, golly, we’ll will come to an end. What a great, enormous, great undertaking you did. Let’s go ahead and cool thisdown with some forearm circles.Oh my gosh! My friends. That was a really good party. Am I right? I’m gonna jettison a good gathering.( Pahla titters) I hope you had as much funwith this one as I did. There is just nothingthat get your epoch moving and grooving like a greatcardio walking party. My friends, here on screen, I am gonna have a longercool-down for you. I know that this one gotnice and sweaty today. So on one side of the screen, I’ve got a nice, cool down for you.And on the other side of the screen, I’ve got everything you need to know about losing load at 50 and beyond. Let’s go ahead and do some forearm openers.( Pahla breaths) And then some weapon closers. Give yourself a grip and apat on your, oh my gosh, unusually sweaty back. Am I right?( Pahla laughters) I know that I am gonna exit sit under a supporter and cool up some more. And I hope that you have awonderful, wonderful daylight. What a great way to startoff the month of July. And I will see you( timerbeeps) again tomorrow. Make sure you subscribe before you go and I’ll see you tomorrow ..

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