Hey guys you’re probably now because you want toknow all about the fodmap nutrition what is the fodmap diet and are there any benefits associated withthe fodmap diet well i’m going to answer that question along with many other different questionsin this week’s responding to your notes where we look at fun questions we look atscience-based questions but most importantly we always look at the evidence update 20 beloved abrahamplease can you do a video on the fodmap nutrition i’ve been recommended it by my gp modernize 20. thankyou for your observe this is from the how to get rid of bloating video which i did a while back andthis is a great comment i’m going to do my best to give you all the information i possibly can solet’s begin so the fodmap food is a three-stage diet for cases with ibs it restriction certaintypes of carbohydrates from your food now you’re probably wondering what does fodmap stand forwell fermentable oligosaccharides disaccharides monosaccharides and polyols that’s what it standsfor now let’s move on to the science behind the fodmap diet so fodmap carbohydrates pass throughyour small intestine where they’re not absorbed into your colon once they’re in the colon bacteriain there break this down now when they’re breaking this down it leads to all kinds of ibs typesymptoms such as bloating such as reflux such as excessive air such as a rippling paunch so it’scausing all these different symptoms now that was a very basic explanation of how the fodmapdiet works but i hope it gives you that basic understanding of how the fodmap nutrition can actuallypotentially cure patients with ibs and their manifestations but don’t worry i’m not going to tell youto stop every single carbohydrate i wouldn’t dream of doing that we’re going to talk about what foodsyou can and can’t eat a little later on in the video now it’s super important to remember beforeyou start any food including the fodmap diet please first speak to your healthcare professionaleither a dietitian or any healthcare professional if you’ve already spoken to them and you’ve givenyou the thumbs up or to move ahead then this video is the video for you we’re going to go and breakdown the fodmap diet as much as i can and make it relatively easy for you to digest read what i didthere let’s cracking on so there’s lots of different fodmap foods that you need to limit from your dietnow the best way for me to go through this is to separate them into four different categories foryou this will make it a good deal easier to understand now please remember i am going to leave a fulllist in the specific characteristics below for each different list as well i’m not going to keep sayingit because that gets a bit annoying but satisfy remember if you miss more information look inthe description below at any point in the video so list number 1 oligosaccharides such asfructans we need to limit these menus for example wheat located pasta green nuts there’s loadings moretoo hopefully my editor’s going to be shooting these texts everywhere as well for differenttypes of menus that are in category 1. Let’s move on to category 2. so category crowd 2 wehave disaccharides such as lactose so again we need to limit these now this doesn’t mean stophaving your dairy produces absolutely this necessitates go for lactose free versions of whatever dairyproducts you like that highway you’re still going your calcium intake which is really reallyimportant however delight do avoid processed cheese and low-fat cheese okay so the nextcategory list multitude three monosaccharides like fructose now this doesn’t mean stop havingfruit absolutely but you do need to stop having things like sugar mangoes sugar snaps andfructose sweeteners you need to avoid these i am aware mangoes are delicious i would reallystruggle with that one but you do need to avoid that moving on to category number four polyols youneed to avoid them or limit them as much as you can these include things like mannitol sorbitolxylitol you may have seen them in sugar-free gum sugar-free candy and too sugar-free medicinebut please don’t stop the medicine without speaking to your healthcare professional firstif you do see it speak to them there might be editions that don’t have these in their own homes too stonefruit you need to avoid these as well such as apricot and plums any stone outcome genuinely so ihope that was quite simple and easy to understand those are the four categories of carbohydratesthat you need to avoid or restraint as much as you can but the next question is what kind of carbscan you eat well i’m gonna tell you that now okay so let’s see what’s included in the fodmapdiet now before we begin please remember like i said earlier i’m going to leave more informationin the description below on all the menus that you are eligible to have these are very brief examples otherwisethis video is going to be super duper long so for breakfast you can have things like puffed ricecorn flakes and if you desire porridge you can still have oats you can still have rice and potatoesit’s completely penalize to have cook them nonetheless you like it it’s fine if you crave other type ofcarbohydrates you can also have buckwheat you can have polenta and you can have quinoa quinoadelicious in a salad and it’s also spelt really funny isn’t it now speaking of salads that remindsme fresh fruit and vegetables are also a good informant of carbohydrates and also a great source of fiber nowin addition to these please remember you need to try and avoided things like booze caffeine spicyfood fatty nutrients all of these are notoriously bad for ibs indications now in addition to these also setaside some self-care time for yourself so you can relax and stress fewer and do some things thatare going to help reduce your stress i did have a video well i do have a video on how to reducestress grades so i will leave a link to it up here and in the description below and i’ll too leavea really useful nhs section on beneficial things that you can do to help relieve your stress stages soi’ll too leave that down there too so you’re now gradually becoming a bit of a fodmap pro you knowwhat food you can eat you know what nutrients you can’t eat you know all about the different typesof carbohydrates but next let’s look at how you’re gonna start to introduce the fodmap diet we’regonna do it in three stagecoaches and hopefully soft my editor is gonna write them somewhere here or thereor somewhere let’s look into them places so place number one restriction this is going to take aboutfour to eight weeks for you to see results and by decisions i make the limits of those ibs symptomsso it’s super important when you start the diet prevent a index restrain a diary what you’re eatingwhat kind of evidences you’re experiencing and then you can kind of look at that diary lateron as we go through the stages so when you’re doing place one the restriction you are able to cutout all four categories of the fodmap diet or cut out one category at a time and be seen to what extent you get onremember keep that listing make a diary because this is a bit of an experimental stage okay so let’ssay you’ve done your eight weeks and you’ve seen no increase you’ve seen no inconsistency atthis spot you need to go back and speak to your dietitian and get some further suggestion likewise pleaseremember looking after for the following indications if you get any of these kinds of evidences you needto stop the diet and go back to your healthcare professional as soon as possible these includethings like blood in your stools likewise low-pitched iron status you might experience tiredness extremetiredness this could be a sign of low cast-iron tiers too any weight loss unexpected weight loss ora loss of appetite and lastly any altered in your symptoms so if you’ve got diarrhea or constipationit suddenly becomes a lot worse any of these kinds of indications you need to go straight back to yourhealthcare professional i am going to leave a full list of them in the description below aswell for you so if at any point you forget them go back there and devote it a speak okay so let’ssay you’ve got to eight weeks and your symptoms improved the quality of nonetheless and you’ve got noneof them red flag that we just spoke about now it’s kind of an experimental stage because wecan’t stay in stage one forever confine all those meat since we are do need certain groups of foodsso this is when we start to look at reintroduction looking at that index that we concluded that diary thatwe made and gradually bringing in certain foods so as explained this is now stage two which is thereintroduction stage so what we need to do is look at that diary and bring in food slowly whatwe entitle challenge nutrients absolutely convinced menus that you think you know what this might be stimulating my ibsworse you can try challenging it so you can try it for about two weeks if it does flare up youribs if it utters your manifestations worse you then know 100 you’re sure that that nutrient you need to try andavoid because it builds your ibs evidences worse but there might be certain nutrients that you find withand you can add them to the good list but satisfy recollect you can only establish one challengefood at a time because it’s not going to be a fair test if you abruptly try three four differentfoods you’re not gonna know which one’s actually starting the evidences which one’s exasperating orflaring up your ibs so one at a time please now the reintroduction place is quite time consumingso what i mean by that is like i said earlier one food at a time but retain before you go to thenext challenge food you need to go back to your baseline so you need to go back to stage one whereyou’re avoiding almost everything for three days before trying another meat because it’s reallyimportant that you go back to your baseline when your symptoms were good and non-existent hopefullybefore you start another challenge food and i hope that realise smell moving on to stage number threepersonalization now retain if you’re going to be avoiding all the meat that you love this dietis going to get particularly boring soon and i imagine you’re just going to revert back to your oldways this is where personalization comes in this doesn’t mean that you can’t ever feed the foodthat you love because there are ways around it so in this stage you’re going to make a decisionon which menu you’re happy to have and how much of it you are eligible to have that you can tolerate beforeit draws your ibs indications worse you’re going to make that decision gradually it’s not something youcan do rapidly too you don’t want to do it all the time so it’s kind of like a analyse thing butremember to really enjoy that meal when you have it so don’t be playing on your phone or watchingtv certainly get to enjoy that food and have as much as you can that you know you can tolerate so iguess you’re now a little bit of a fodmap diet pro you now know all about the differences between nutrients you can andcan’t have you know all about how to introduce the diet in and how to slowly personalize it more soi guess you are a fodmap pro so tell your friends tell your family tell your loved ones telleveryone update 20 thank you for your mention “i m hoping you” find the information collected supportive andi hope anyone who’s perceived this video who has encountered it because they wanted to learn more aboutthe fodmap diet “i m hoping you” ascertained it helpful too so what i will do as well is i’ll leave loadings moreinformation in the description below all about the fodmap food and many different resources thatyou can check out which i’m sure you will find very helpful so it looks like we’ve run outof time again in this week’s responding to your observations if i didn’t get back to yourquestion i’m really sorry we are getting so many comments and so many questions these daysit’s really difficult to fit them all into one escapade of the response to your statements so what isay every single week leave another comment if i miss your observation delight keep on leaving thosecomments and eventually i will get back to you that’s the end of this week’s video alwaysremember that you’re awesome and i will see you next week hey people thanks for watchingthis week’s video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe button nowto stay up to date with new weekly videos you

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