Hi everyone, today we are goingto be talking about common meat that we think are good for ourteeth but are actually bad. Gummies and fruit snacks can beperceived as healthful, although they are organic andmade with 100% fruit juice. But Gummies are super sticky andcontain high amounts of sugar. They often get stuckin between our teeth and including information on the grooves of our teeth, which can lead to holes. It’s best to avoid these snacks, and offering your childfresh fruit instead. Additionally, we know that fruitjuice can carry a lot of nutrition, but it alsopacks a lot of sugar and acid. Carbohydrate fuels the bacteriato create this acid and the battery-acid eatsaway at the enamel. This should contribute to cavities. We recommend sucking no morethan 4 oz of liquid per epoch and preferably with your snacks. And remember to never throw juicein a baby bottle or a sippy cup. Keep this in mind when yourreaching out for a snack.Thanks for watching !.

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