hey y’all! welcome back to my path ifyou are new here my honour is Kayla and welcome so in today’s video I’m gonna besharing four 10 -minute dinner recipes that you can whip up super quicklyduring the week you can even move these in advance and that action you’ll haveleftovers throughout the week but yes this video is a part of my brand-new healthymeal prep series that I started on my channel and if you’ve already seen thevideos in that series then you’ll know that I’ve already utilize you guys somemake ahead breakfast recipes and lunch recipes and even some snack options butI haven’t really shared many dinner feelings with you so I’m really excitedabout today’s video because nail you’re gonna be equipped with everything youneed to start healthful no prepping you’ve got your breakfast impressions lunch ideassnack and dinner opinions so today I’m gonna be sharing my chicken fajitalettuce folds my dessert potato tacos skillets my prawn fried cauliflowerrice and one of my super easy expanse go dinners with lemon rosemary salmon and aroasted sweet potatoes and broccolini and let me just tell you all four ofthese recipes are so so good in fact after I finished filming we feed likehalf of it for dinner that night yeah we stuffed herself a little bit too muchbut even my lover said that these four recipes are some of the bestrecipes that I’ve ever give him sort of taste test for me and so that’s sayingsomething right there you know when a lover says that healthy recipes aredelicious so yes you’ve got to try all four ofthese recipes and keep in mind that all the recipes on my snack prep sequences aregluten free and paleo friendly and a good deal of them are also keto friendly and twoof the recipes that I’m sharing today are going to be low-carb keto friendlyand all four of them are paleo friendly alright let’s jump right in and getstarted first I’m gonna become my chicken fajita lettuce wrappers now these are ketoand paleo friendly so this would be an example of what I would eat on a lowcarb daylight I’m gonna start by slicing the chickenbreasts into thin rows now the key to making this recipe in 10 minutes or lessis to keep those deprives pretty thin so that space they’ll cook a lot faster andin a mixing bowl I’m gonna add the chicken together with some avocado oil ofcourse you can also use coconut oil fresh lime juice paprika Italianseasoning cumin black pepper and ocean salt go ahead and mingle that all togetheruntil the chicken slivers are amply coated with all of the seasoning now setthis container digression and while that’s marinating for a few minutes I’m gonnaadd some avocado petroleum to a skillet and I’m gonna saute some bell pepper andpurple onion again the key now to going this recipe done in ten minutesor less is to turn that heat all the way to hide and once the skillet is heatedup you can turn it back down to about you know in between medium to high-pitched heatanother thing that you can do to speed up the cooking process is to cover theskillet with a lid this is gonna help to create some steam which is gonna have tocook it a little faster once the buzzer seasoning and onion are done sauteing I’mgonna remove them from the go and I’m gonna supplement the chicken again go ahead andcover the skillet with a lid to build that chicken concoct even faster and oncethe chicken is done I’m gonna add the sauteed buzzer spice mixture back to thepan along with some diced tomatoes go ahead and combination that up and just that fastit is ready now to serve I’m just gonna do some loot now you can usewhatever lettuce you like I’m gonna employ butter lettuce today add the chickenfajita mixture to the lettuce top it with your favorite transcends I’m gonnaadd some avocado fresh cilantro and a pressure of lime and I actually discontinued upwith about six loot wrappers which is the perfect amount for two functions ifyou have more beings to feed go ahead and doubled or even triple this recipeand don’t forget all of these recipes will be on my blog I’ll go ahead andlink that for y’all in the description carton below in the next recipe is my go-tosheet pan dinner with lemon rosemary Salman cooked sugared potato and rocknow this one is paleo friendly but it can easily be made keto friendly time bysubstituting the sweetened potatoes with something like cauliflower rice or evena slope of fresh guacamole this one is super easy to make andrequires very little effort okay so on a lined baking sheet I’m gonna include thewild religion salmon I’m gonna brushing the salmon with a little bit of avocado oilof course you can use grass-fed ghee or coconut oil and by the way it’s veryimportant to get wild cult instead of farm elevated because farm elevated salmonis full of toxins and deplorable for your state then I’m gonna season it withsome black pepper sea salt and dried rosemary now I’m just going to placesome fresh lemon slivers and fresh rosemary over top next up I’m going toquickly peel and chop a sweetened potato into big cubes by the way the smalleryou compile to sweet potato cubes the faster they’ll cook and going back to the baking sheet I’mjust gonna add a whole bale of broccolini alone with my cubed sweetpotatoes and now I’m gonna drizzle some avocado petroleum over top together with some seasalt and pepper make sure you really toss that and wipe that seasoning intothe veggies you want to make sure they’re all amply coated and by the wayI chose broccolini for this recipe instead of regular broccoli because itdoes cook a little bit faster so simply continue that in imagination you know if you onlyhave 10 or 15 minutes to whip something updefinitely go for broccolini instead of regular broccoli and now I’m just gonnabake this at 425 units Fahrenheit for about 10 to 12 times and that’s itthis is one of the easiest membrane pan dinners that I like to manufacture I use it allthe time and it’s so filling and so delicious and next up we have my shrimpfried cauliflower rice this one is keto and paleo friendly and let me tell youif you desire fried rice you have got to try this recipe I’m telling you you willnever go back to regular fried rice again so I’m gonna start by adding someavocado oil to a skillet over medium-high heat now the key to gettingthis recipe done in 10 hours or less is using precooked shrimp and pre frozenvegetables you precisely just wanted to make sure that they’re thawed so you knoweither soak them in some heated sea or framed them in the refrigerator the nightbefore also another thing is to keep the temperature of your stovetop tomedium-high heat I’m gonna go ahead and season the prawn with a bit ofsea salt and pepper and you don’t want to overcook the shrimp so simply a fewminutes on each side is really all it takes and once they’re done I’m gonnaremove the shrimp from the pan now I’m just gonna rapidly saute some purpleonion and chopped carrots in some avocado oil make sure you really mixthose vegetables into the OEL that’s gonna bring out all those great flavorsand again considering the skillet with a lid will help to soften those vegetableseven faster formerly they’re slightly soft let’s include in some minced garlic I’mgonna saute that for a few cases more minutes until it’s fragrantand now it’s time to add in the cauliflower rice hand that a good mixagain to speed up the process make sure you get the frozen cauliflower rice andyou can just defrost it overnight in most grocery stores actually carry thecauliflower rice now but if your local store doesn’t have any all you have todo is make some cauliflower run for your lives through your food processor employing thegrading implement and I’m just gonna continue to cook this until the cauliflower ricereaches my hoped quality you know personally I like it reasonably soft so justwhatever is your preference and then I’m gonna compute in some frozen peas that I’vealready defrosted go ahead and drive them into the mixture and let that heatthrough for a few cases more instants now let’s computed in some black pepper sea salt groundginger and onion pulverization desegregate everything there is up again and today I’m gonna be using thesecoconut aminos for the soy sauce because it’s gluten free and it’s just muchbetter for you most soy sauces today are geneticallymodified and not good for your health but this is what’s going to give it thatfried rice preference and of course you can’t have fried rice without some scrambledegg so let’s add in the scrambled eggs and simply continue to stir that until themixture starts to thicken and the eggs are scrambled into the mixture but becareful not to overcook because you still want it to be moist now at thispoint you can stir the shrimp into the mixture or only add them on top like Ido either way I’m telling you you are gonnabe amazed with how good this quick and easy dinner is and it’s a definite mustright and the last ten-minute dinner is my personal favorite and it’s my sweetpotato taco skillet now this one is paleo friendly and of course this wouldbe an example of what I would eat on one of my more moderate carb days so I’mgonna start by promptly peeling and dicing a sweet potato into small-scale cubesjust like we did with the expanse pan dinner now retain the smallest you dicethe potato the faster it’ll cook and in a skillet over medium-high heatI’m gonna concoct the sugary potato in some avocado lubricant and make sure you stir thepotatoes around to fully coat them with the lubricant and for this one you’lldefinitely want to cover it with a lid to let it cook faster and you can evensplash in a little bit of water to create more steam and that’s just gonnamake it concoct even faster and while the sweetened potato is cooking I’m gonna goahead and prepare my taco beef mixture in a separate skillet adding in someavocado oil be accompanied by diced jalapeno pepper bell pepper and purple onion andof course be sure to remove all the seeds from the jalapeno first so youdon’t strangle to demise with all the spiciness unless of course you’re braveunlike me but regardless go ahead and saute those until they’re slightly soft nowI’m gonna include some minced garlic and saute that for a few more times thenlet’s compute in the grass-fed beef and you’re just gonna cook that until thebeef is brown and by the way if you feed beef on a weekly basis I highlyrecommend get grass-fed or organic otherwise you’re most likely consumingbeef from factory farmed cows that’s been gushed with steroids and hormonesand fed a nutrition of GMO cereals and I know it’s ridiculous that we have todistinguish between organic and grass-fed nowadays you know all beefused to be naturally from grass-fed cattle but unfortunately we live in aworld of greed so at the end of the day it’s important to get the highestquality if you can if you want to reach optimal levels of health okay moving onI’m gonna add in some taco seasoning and give that a good mingle now don’t forget tocheck on your potatoes while the beef is cooking and it’s okay if the potatoesget a little bit mushy because they’re gonna be mixed in with the beef anywayonce the beef and potatoes are done I’m just gonna add the potatoes to the beefmixture and go ahead and mixture that until it’s compounded and it’s ready to serve ofcourse add whatever tops you like to keep this full paleo I’m not gonna addcheese or anything like that but I am gonna crush on a little bit more limejuice I’m gonna add some fresh avocado jalapeno and I’m gonna shower on somecoconut milk sour ointment and yes y’all this is as good as itlooks it’s one of my favorites and it’s so easy to make well that is it fortoday’s video for ten minute dinner recipes that youcan whip up super abruptly during the week I hope you guys enjoyed this videoand I hope you’re experiencing this entire healthy meal prep serial on my channelif you are be sure to give this video a thumbs up to let me know and don’tforget to comment below this video and let me know which recipe you’re gonnagive a try of course if you make any of my recipes I would love to see your foodphotos on Instagram so be sure to tag me there you can also tag me on Facebookbut anyway if you haven’t affiliated the family be sure to punch that subscribebutton below we would love for you to join and of course if you are a loyalsubscriber as I’m sure a lot of you are be sure to reach the little bell iconbelow to be notified each time I upright a new video and that’s it for today I’llsee y’all in the next video bye-bye

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