Many times on the appearance we’ve talked about studies that say sometimes the happiest marries on average are having sex one time per week. We do not is divided into the ages of couples. A mint of days people hear have more sex, have more gender, and it can be intimidating. I’m curious if in this population , not that everyone has to be the same, but is that a good digit to shoot for regardless of where you are at in live or your relationship? Say okay, if you can ideally get one time a week we’re doing good. It really is what works well with the couple but I do believe that all the studies would point to once a few weeks, maybe once every two weeks.That would be a great place to shoot for even as you age. I think that it doesn’t ever have to be pressure that somebody has to finish either. I think that’s important that you can really experience one another and have physical friendship but not feel like somebody has to finish for us to have to count it as one time of sexual activity. Yeah. An incomplete play still counts as a game. Hey, the process is just as important as the goal, Doctor O. I get it. Doctor Ordon you just can’t wait to get home.( gathering chuckling) You’re getting fairly fired up over there. I ponder I can make it. I’ll finish the substantiate and then we’ll find what happens. Dr. Aliabadi, we really appreciate your input as always ..

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