now glance honey perimenopause and menopause is challenging fairly what we don’t want to do is is really have to stress over what’s going on with our body influence which is really distressing for a lot of women when unexpectedly they can’t fit into anything don’t feel right and you’ve got the belly thing maybe for the first time in your life easy solutions the first mixture is you have absolutely got to remember my little 3 m’s they’re my template and they’re in all my records knowledge lip and muscle I like alliteration because it utters it memorable the first portion is mind the stress thing if you’re not reflecting you’re not getting what you need you need to be able to mentally focus every day get centered there are lots of forms of reflection out there but we’ve now found that with really great science we’re looking precisely at metaphysical reflection and mindfulness meditation that you could really facilitate augment and that wants help support and proliferate and strengthen the part of the brain you really want to be right on focus with and that’s your prefrontal cortex where executive gathering makes plaza want to be able to rein in impulsivity irritability impatience the three noses want to be able to stay focused vigilant you want to be able to stay organized tactical these are all good things so by being able to meditate right off the at-bat you can help yourself do this we now have strong science shows you do this it also induces something we call neurogenesis which is contributing to build up some more intelligence cells we like that bigger brains who doesn’t like that now the good news is all of these things i’m telling you mind mouth and muscle all help you optimize your figure composition generating down your figure fatty percentage patronage excellent muscle and bone and at the same time giving you the freedom to be able to get out there and do what you need to do to have fun to perform professionally whatever you do in your work to be able to optimize all of the dreams that you have professionally and personally because you’re mentally and physically fit enough to do it and at the end of the day you can zip up those jeans very eventually because everything I’ve just told you gives you a figure composition that works

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