Hi! I’m Dr. Brian Yeung, a naturopathic doctorhere in Toronto. We’ll to bring forward a series of weight loss tips-off now on this direct sosubscribe if you’re interested in learning more! Here’s a few questions I get asked a lot: “I’m eatingso healthful so why am i still not losing weight? ” or “Why can’t i eat this on my food? It’s sohealthy for you! ” These questions stem froma basic creed that ingesting healthful shouldhelp you to lose weight But is that true-blue? Unfortunately the answer is a littlemore complicated than a simple yes or no. The first problem arises when we take into thefact that everyone’s definition of healthy food or healthful eating, differs.Does healthy eatingjust entail no microchips pop or sugar? Is it followingthe Mediterranean diet? or is it a strict vegandiet? Without any sort of standardization it wouldbe impossible to accurately answer the issues to Precisely so we don’t get bogged down in semantics and for the purposes of the this video let’s say healthyeating is feeing for the sake of “good health” like to improve your overall cardiovascular healthor whatever. This description is super general andnot that great but it helps me to begin to makemy first station. The main goal of healthy eating isto eat for health the main goal of a weight lossdiet should be to lose weight. Although there’ssome overlap between the two and numerous peoplewould say that losing heavines is munching for health the final goal for both remains different: one is tobe healthful and the other is to lose weight they are not the same thing. You can have one withoutthe other, that is an effective weight loss dietthat is not good for your health or a healthy dietthat is not effective for weight loss that beingsaid healthy diets are often effective at helpingpeople lose weight because it trimmeds out a lot ofunnecessary snacking and high calorie meat thatlack good nutrition As a arise, beings deposit moreto menus we are really need to function properlythroughout the day and remove more nutrients that are just useless extra calories The Mediterranean diet, a nutrition research for its beneficial effects wandering from mettle benefits to diabetes to cancer alsofind good squander as an effective weight loss diet.So how do we apply this all into perspective? Do I needto eat health to lose weight? It all depends whereyou’re coming from, if your food is completely outof ensure and you’re always having chips, papa, and candy general healthy dietary selections willmake a difference. Things like choosing healthier snacks like fresh fruits and nuts will probably beginto help you lose weight I’ve had people cut outonly pop and soda from their diet lose tensof pounds right off the at-bat but this was onlybecause their nutrition was so good to begin with butif you’re already eating healthier say following a Mediterranean style diet and you’re not losingweight, then clearly your healthier food is notworking for you to lose weight you will need tofocus more on the weight loss aspect of your food and cut out potentially healthful menus that may benegatively impacting your weight loss. For example, if you’ve decided to go low-pitched carbohydrate tolose weight you’ll have to cut out a lot ofbeans, lentils, and entire particle bread despite thefact they’re considered a healthful food and full ofgood nutrients. Understand that a “healthy diet” anda “weight loss diet” have different overall goals if you’ve prioritized weight loss as the goals and targets, make sure your diet reflects that! As before I’mDr. Brian Yeung, accompanying you weight loss gratuities onthis path subscribe and smacked the notification bell if you’re interested in learn more andshare it with someone you are familiar with could use the help ..

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