So the first myth we could start with is, speaks something like this: “A vegan diet is not healthy in the long run, the key is balance.” People often recognise that a plant-based diet has a positive effect on human health, but with one condition: that it is so eaten sporadically. Namely, parties still find that eating merely plant-based diets is quite extreme and that some products of animal inception shall continue to. And how is it – can veganism be healthy in the long run? Speaking of symmetry, I would be happy to give Mrte the first text. I’m status if? Okay. As for the word “balance”, I would like this word as the word itself In my view, balance – these are generally imaginary borders for something because one’s balance perhap is to eat only a plant-based diet, maybe that’s his balance. Another poise is perhaps to eat the presence of eggs, and someone else’ s counterbalance is to eat as a newcomer, for example, if. His balance will be to eat some boiled potatoes on a fresh food. That is why they are such hypothetical things, I do not think there is anything to go into at all. I is confident that even now I can be stated that … The The world health organisation has stated that a plant-based diet is suitable for any age, a balanced diet, acceptable, can be healthy for any age. Therefore, it can also be suitable and healthy in the long run. And too because what I have studied myself, books I have spoken, or know-how storeys, what have i heard Do the people I “ve met” while traveling in America and other countries “whos doing” vegans in 60 or 30 and still do not know how many years, and it is very healthy and wholly suitable for everyone. Since this myth is, in my opinion, incorrect, I would like to completely quash it. Yes What would be the things you would like to know before you start a full plant nutrition? Speaking of the long term, what might be your gratuities that helped you rehearsal in the beginning this lifestyle and stay, so to speak, on this area of the barrier, who is to cultivate a plant-based diet? I didn’t have it, seeming instantly from the point that because it’s like a nutrition, that’s like food. I recollect actually starting to eat vegan, I didnt know what veganism was, and I was dining vegan and because i just felt good. I came to it somehow by accident. I stopped eating animal produces because I laboured in the role, I always fell asleep after lunch. I didnt eat that meat in the end, and then I didnt fall asleep and everything was really cool, and so I started researching something and stopped. And then I watched Cowspiracy, and then I realise no, I’m vegan, everything. And I realized that realistically , no matter how , no matter what, seems only irrational, there is no longer any logical explain for eating swine. I will not say that I am an animal lover, as one who pictures animals and immediately desires them. Of direction I cherish my “cat-o-nine-tail” and hound, but I feel like you can just see that those animals have affections that they feel that they understand and that they do not want to die. It seems to me that they are not for our food, for beings to eat, then we can eat people just as well, in my opinion, if we dine animals. So that’s what helps me stay on this back of the fence, because I don’t see swine as meat at all. I often dissolve my discussions now because it’s for me too ar League, I have a question for you. As much as you are a fitness trainer, you probably work a lot with jocks. Yes. In your rule, what are the most common corrects in creating a balanced plant-based diet in the long run? Well, in fact, the biggest mistake I would say is that in the beginning, when we go from, say, an omnivorous food to plant-based diet would be too few calories. Well, it’s quite common, because, okay, we remove the meat, cheese – a lot of calories fall out. Then, okay, we move on to something fresher – legumes, cereals. Well, in the end time those calories don’t accumulate, there is hunger. At first it’s like okay, okay, I feel easier, I feel better, everything is cool, but exiting weeks, months, and merely, yes, truly started the problems. No strong, hair precipitates out. Yes, let’s say if you require some more gains, you want to gain some muscle mass, it won’t work, because there is simply a calorie deficiency, so that is not possible. In short, different sorts of difficulties begin, so that is at least in the beginning, it seems to me, to think about having enough calories and all, say, all nutrient radicals are assimilated. Yes, then clearly carbohydrates, fats and protein. Well, it would be like exactly be tracked. I is definitely not, say, a person who would most recommend counting everything and always putting everything in counters, and so very radically follow. But at first, I think it’s worth learning. It’s, say, where you can put everything I snack, and see if, say, whether there are enough calories or fairly nutrients. Well, at least in the beginning. Then – no. Then you munched more by feeling when you have already attained it in your match. Well, since yes, it would be that too few calories and that there are not all the nutrients. These are its biggest misconceptions. And the same get for grooming – the biggest mistakes are overload. If we go to that boast, the biggest mistake people start set is overwork. Well, the fact that we want everything at once, and then we get there – 5 exercisings a few weeks. Start with two, three. Well, yes, yes. By the road, I also threw in a chitchat Yes, I just wanted to write Cronometer, yes? Yes, a very useful application, she is free. Charge everyone inside! Helped me personally a lot. Yes, and she truly, as Lga says, merely needs a week or two at the beginning. And then you automatically know how many calories are in your poridium, how many are in your lunch and how many are in your dinner. That’s right, yes. It seems, in general, if you forget how many calories the report contains, you simply gobble to feel good. You previously know what you need at some place. You develop, say, hunch more on menu. The healthier you ate, the more your feeling be developed further. Well, you only feed to live, well, and all in all, it’s like breathing. Because it. But in the beginning it is worth reading. Then the conclusion would be that it is indeed a story that a vegan nutrition is not healthful in the long run. Indeed, it is a myth. That’s right, yes. Both animation illustrations and research, and I have 6 years of veganism experience roughly. But I’ve been a vegetarian for over 30 years, so I can exist without flesh, and everything is fine. Yes. I have two children, so it is not the case that infertility also occurs if you do not eat meat. Everything happens ..

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