Good morning This week I will cook saucers related to oats This opening video is an apple cinnamon oatmeal porridge I will roast the apples, then pour the water and simmer in low-spirited heat scattered a little cinnamon powder, it is called really apple cinnamon oat porridge The apple is soft and then take it out, next compute 40 g quick-witted oats Boil for a while until the oats swell, then pour the apple, which i picked out earlier, in the pan lend 60 ml of milk to compile the oatmeal porridge appetite savory I sprinkle with cinnamon gunpowder, and cashew dabs to embellish Today’s snack is peanut butter banana oat cookies firstly I mash a banana include 1 teaspoon of peanut butter, assortment well add 65 g quick oats desegregate well I roll into dances, then pulped it flat with my hands I embellished the patty with raisins and cashews, make it cutiess bake at 150* C, in 15 -2 0 minutes or until softly browned hotttt I’ll brew a cup of milk tea, experience with cookies

I have the Earl Grey’s filter bag tea accessible Although women did not taste like the shop’s milk tea, but it’s very healthyy Those who like to drink sweet, lent diet sugar adding milk is done The outside cookie is crispy, the inside is soft milk tea taste light, faintly smells I made a mistake when I gave raisins on the surface of the cookies The grapes are already bone-dry, and I’ve baked it again Eat it was bitter I’m so full, so deplete 1 cookie for another snack Tonight I cook oatmeal rice with bean germinates and fried eggs While waiting for bean sprigs to cook, I will conclude the sauce Chopped dark-green onions, 1.5 tbsp soy sauce, 0.5 tbsp corn syrup, some chili sauce conjure well add an egg to add-on protein The road to induce oat rice is also very simple 40 g rolled oats, contribute about 70 ml of ocean, concoction well wrap the food film, shove the ventilation depressions with a fork Microwave for about 1 and a half minutes, then take out, desegregate well again Microwave once again for about 1 minute, is done Expending rolled oats moves it glance more like rice, it will be more spongy Instant oats are more suitable for porridge fix, porridge will pair and thicker Soft-boiled eggs is delicious This morning I feed oatmeal porridge again The main ingredient is quick oats

There is also turkey mince, zucchini and spinach Now there’s a new pastime: chopped vegetables arouse fried onions and turkey mince season with a little salt( or lend soy sauce) Cook mushrooms, pour spray and oats to simmer Add the zucchini and spinach at the end These two vegetables cook very quickly My cat is asking for food even though he is eaten before me I employed egg in the microwave for too long, it blew out a face waiting to eat Truly yummy, I haven’t eaten mushrooms for a long time This dish with eggs is also desirable I recollect add only zucchini, it’s delicious , no need to add spinach I just finished activity , now I impel oatmeal cup patty to help me get hungry 4 tbsp quick-witted oats~ 30 gram 1 tsp cacao powder add 1 egg into combination add 30 ml of low fat vanilla milk mix well spewing some sugar or diet carbohydrate Microwave for about 1 and a half minutes, in medium the boundary of the patty will come off by itself , now it is only facing the plate two slices of strawberries and a few cases cashews cake is soft, moist with chocolate aroma Breakfast or snack is okayy If it’s for breakfast, simply increase the ingredients After feeing this patty is also full tonight I’m going to make seaweed rolled oats with cabbage and tuna canned tuna, kind of soaking in irrigate add mayonnaise non obesity , non sugar include sesame oil, smell and savory and don’t forget to sprinkle pepper how to determine oat rice like yesterday 40 g rolled oats, add about 70 ml of liquid Microwave 2 ages, first time in 1′ 30 “, then pick it out, mix well If the oats are baked, add more water, microwave for 1 more minute The last-place segment of seaweed I created from Vietnam my clam is pre-boiled , now make them in layers I forgot to let the lettuce exhaust, moisten all the seaweed adorn a little chili sauce Tuna fish odors of sesame petroleum, with it being soaked in salt water So I don’t need any more spices, contributing chili sauce is truly awakening your taste buds leckerr – yummyyy Now I’m going to make overnight oats to generate for work tomorrow I will keep it in the fridge overnight I forgot that chia grains likewise absorb ocean, the concoction extremely thick-skulled Add bananas and baked cranberries for sweetness Today’s breakfast is complete, pocket it and go to work Now I have a shatter, so hungry I supplemented milk, and the oats are still thick Fortunately, the crack apartment has only 2 beings I’m not sure I’ll record the video, I’m so embarrassed Today, I bought strawberries at the supermarket, conclude yogurt to eat right away I use geek yogurt 2 %, this check box is 1 kg This yogurt is so loose, it cover all my strawberries In the fridge, I still have a few tangerines, I originated leftovers the day before, and gave them in add oats on top for the pairing video theme In addition to quick oats, inside there were choco corn flakes, and chocolate dabs more 2 “cat-o-nine-tail” ears Strawberries are not the privilege season, but they are quite sweet baked choco cereal flavour so good Combined with sugar-free yogurt is incredibly easy to eat I eventually experienced minced chicken in Germany Or I became past that stop, but didn’t know This dish is extremely easy to prepare, quick to cook concoction all the ingredients together add 1 egg increased adhesiveness of the desegregate mix swiftly with my hand roll chubby balls sightly faltten dine meatballs oats with ketchup This dish is full of 3 main groups of substances Fiber from zucchini, carb from oats, protein from chicken eggs


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