hi it’s menopause Barbie here now I’m also known as Barbara Taylor MD I’m a gynecologist this is my lab coat I know I don’t look like a doctor but we’ll come to that in a minute welcome to tutorial number two in the thorough succession of menopause you’re conduct your highway now and for the rest of your life you know wouldn’t think of menopause as a age that they dread they dread the physical mutates the feeling varies they worry about not feeling sex they feel like they won’t be attractive anymore I could go on and on and on I know countless women who just say I precisely don’t want to think about it I’m just going to act like it’s not going to happen I’m going to forget about it and then maybe it won’t happen well you know what we’re dealing with mom sort here it’s going to happen what I’m here to tell you that it can be the best time in your life there is no reason to dread it think about it you’re supported you’re confident you have stability you you have some record there’s your you’re ready for this and I just think there’s no need to conform 50 -ish is about the age at which we start rethinking how we want to present ourselves to the world we start remember oh is it time to wear my whisker short-lived instead of long is it time to stop wearing super high heels or should I not wear penetrating plunge neck neck directions that register a lot of fissure it’s a duration when you kind of reassess the message that you’re sending by how you dress and when I turn 50 I decided you know what I desire being feminine I’m a girl I make I’ve always loved being feminine when I practice medicine I dressed to the nines every day it was just my thing I’ve never been one of those physicians who kind of becomes one of the guys and we’re cleans every day I’ve always liked to dress I wear a big hat every day I chose to wear this vintage lacy feminine review and I wear this kind of thing every day everywhere I move I was like I is within the 1800 it’s just me it’s Who I am but I’m pleasant and you will be comfortable with whatever you feel best in it’s what you will carry off very well and my sense is do what the hell are you want to do if you want to have a sporty look do that if you miss an sporting looking do that whatever it is you like do it you don’t need anyone’s permission so this idea of conforming to a mini question appear pitch it out the window you know be true to yourself you can move your menopause seem any mode you want it to look I’m 56 year olds I’m 2 month balk of my 57 th birthday and I’ve been menopausal since 1994 I’ll tell you more about it when we get to all those different things about how menopause happens but I don’t feel like a wrinkled old woman I don’t live a life feeling like you know my my attractive days are over I feel like I can still look pretty and that’s what you can do too you know most women about persons below the age of 50 have to learn that they should focus more on themselves it’s a occasion of selfishness at the time when you need to focus on yourself and do what’s right for you and don’t worry about what anyone else reputes or what anyone else is doing my whole message in this entire comprehensive menopause sequences with you is to explain to you all the details you need to know and then teach you how to adapt them to yourself so that you get to do whatever you want to do I “ve told you” in the first video that I generate seminars on this material and that training seminars are 12 hours long they’re two six hour dates and in those forums I have this button that I give to every woman here it is it says it’s all about me and if you’re wearing this I want you to know it’s all about you and that’s the point of all these letters I demand you to be able to use information and do as you please because you know yourself better than anyone else does so whether it comes to dressing a certain way or whether it comes to choosing various options for your menopause in any of category of the categories I want you to feel empowered to do that so in my lessons I’m going to be belief you how to use all the options for menopause in five categories diet and life-style vitamin and mineral herbal botanical hormonal remedy non hormonal medication and to feel good about what you choose and you can change your thought so you have to learn to be true to yourself and for countless maidens that conveys learning to say no because the majority of women at the age of menopause have expended their last-place 20 or 30 times altering everybody else husband kids everyone except themselves so my send is for you to start thinking about yourself and being selfish and telling everybody else to just go jump in a lake if you’re already there I congratulate you but it’s a sense of self-worth that I think is very very important for all of us you get to do what you want to do you know I pose these lessons as middle paws but the truth is the information I’m going to give you is for all women no one is too young if you’re 30 years old and you learn this information you are going to be better off for the rest of your life if you’re in your 70 s you’re still going to use this information every day for the rest of your life this is information that is good for anybody in training seminars when I have a woman who’s in her 60 s or 70 s she always compiles her daughters come to it when they’re in their 30 s 20 s even the youngest woman who’s ever come to a summit was too 87 that’s a smart-alecky wife I make she’s just primed for the rest of her life and I want you to be set for the rest of your life so on this outing with me I’m going to prepare you with air all of all the tools you need to use as you wish to use to build everything as perfect for yourself as you can make it the order of the videos is important because we’re building on information and I’m going to assume you know nothing at the beginning and I’m going to teach you so that you don’t miss a thing so do watch them in order in the first video I explained to you that you can buy my diary menopause your management your space now and for the rest of your life on Amazon and if you buy the book and want to follow along with the seminars by predict the book ahead of time or reading along as we as we discuss things that’s great and the book is a resource that you will use for the rest of your life so it’s a it’s a good thing to have on hand if you like a more abbreviated account of notes and info I have an 88 page handout it’s an outline species it’s almost everything I’m going to say word-for-word and if you’re a visual person who needs to see what I’m saying here it is you can print it out the second thing that I’ll have for you is a worksheet the worksheet is all about you as we go through the seminars I’m going to tell you when it’s time to fill in a question on the worksheet and the worksheet will be all your own information so that you can use it anytime anywhere forever it’s all about you it’s a compressed version of all the material in one small locate so agree follow along and you’re going to learn a ton of information now I have to close with something I think is really fun do you know who Andy Rooney is Andy Rooney was on 60 instants and he was always the closing act on 60 times he was an old-fashioned guy with big bushy eyebrows and he always had an opinion about everything I really adored him so I have I’m going to read you what Andy roommate Rooney has to say about girls over 40 as I flourish an senility I quality girls over 40 most of all here are just a few reasons why a woman over 40 will never wake you up in the midst of the night and ask what are you thinking she doesn’t care what you’re thinking if a woman over 40 doesn’t want to watch the game she doesn’t sit around creaking about it she does something she wants to do and it’s usually more interesting women over 40 are dignified they seldom have a screaming match with you at the Opera or in the middle of an expensive diner of course if you deserve it they won’t hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it older females are generous with accolade often undeserved they know what it’s like to be unappreciated females get psychic as they age you never have to confess your sins to the status of women over 40 once you get past a pucker or two a one where over 40 is far sexier than her younger copy older women are forthright and honest they’ll tell you right off if you’re a jerk or if you’re acting like one you don’t ever have to wonder where you stand with her yes we admire gals over 40 for concourse of reasons unfortunately it’s not reciprocal for every stunning smart will quaffed hot dame over 40 there’s a naked paunchy relic in yellowish heaves making a fool of himself with some 22 -year old waitress dames I apologize for all those men who say why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free here’s an update for you nowadays eighty percentage of women are against marriage why because women recognise it’s not worth buying the entire pig simply to get a little sausage anyway I thought it’d be fun to in that way I look forward to seeing you for the next time we’re going to be talking about delusions next and we haven’t yet even started following the material in the outline or the book this is the preparatory stuff and we’ll start that stuff after the next seminar so I hope to see you then please subscribe come back I’ll see you next time bye

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