Hey munchies! Welcome to the channel if youare new here, Im Alyssia, and I know a great deal of you have found my channelthrough really easy recipes and I get requests for them all the time, so today Ive got 6 recipes for you 3 savory and 3 sugared. And they are all 3 INGREDIENTS , not includingthe spices because, come on, we dont need to buy spices every day! First up is a savory Avocado Tuna Salad. The parts you will need are a can oftuna, a ripe avocado and a lemon. Mash your avocado to your affection, and addyour can of drained tuna. Squeeze some lemon juice on top and seasonto smack with salt and pep. Savory as is, as a plunge with crackers, ona sandwich or wrap, or even with lettuce goblets! So versatile, and so much flavor with justa few simple parts. Next is my savory Barbecue Veggie burger! The ingredients you are required to are beans, oatsand a low-spirited sugar barbeque sauce! I have a clean, homemade barbecue in my UnJunkYour Foods eBook, if you want to check it out, but anything will work for this recipe.Blend all of the ingredients together. Let that dough refrigerate to firm up. Then divide the motley into patties and transferto a parchment ordered broiling expanse. Bake in the oven, flip-flop to cook evenlythroughout. Serve with your favorite exceeds! You can dish it on a bun, or start bun-lesswith a loot wrapper. These patties will too freeze for later. Nows another easy dinner: A ONE PAN roastchicken backstages with veggies! The ingredients you will need are chickenwings, separated into offstages& drumsticks, bell spices, and potatoes, but you can reallyuse any veggies you like.Spray down your foil lined pan and contributed thechicken backstages and potatoes. Drizzle on some olive oil and season liberallywith salt and pep. Toss to coat. Roast for about 25 minutes. At that time, pitches your bell spice stripswith olive oil, salt and pep, and add those to the pan, very. Return the entire wash to the oven for about1 0 more minutes, and its ready to go! That ease is my kind of weeknight dinner. A nice balance of macronutrients, with a veggie, starch and protein! If youre experiencing these recipes so far, dont forget to subscribe and made the bellso you dont miss any future recipes! Makes get to those sweet recipes. First up: Hotcake! The ingredients you are required to are oats, almondmilk or milk of hand-picked, and browned bananas.Remember, sporadic bananaswill be much sweeter! Blend the oats into a flour, and then contributed your milk and bananas. I too like to add cinnamon here. Thatsyour batter! Heat a go over medium heat and pour in about beaker of your smash. Cook until bubbles start to appear, and thenwe can flip to cook evenly. Fun tip: I like to scatter my hotcake beforeflipping to keep it from putting to the pan! I love these! Theyre clean, delicious and naturally sweetso you dont NEED to add anything else, but I of course I top mine off with some berriesand a little of maple syrup. Not a mistake Next Im sharing my cashew butter squares! The ingredients there is a requirement to are cashew butter, or any nut butter is currently working, maple syrup, and oats.Also, can I get a thumbs up if youre enjoyingthose recipe placards !? In a saucepan, heat the cashew butter andmaple syrup until softened together. Mix in the oats and budge entirely. Pour and press into a baking pan, and thenbake for about 15 minutes. Cool completely before trimming into squares! Satisfying and sweetgreat for breakfast, a snack or even dessert! I adoration 3 part recipes! My last easy recipe for today is a coconutchocolate mousse. The ingredients you need are coconut paste, chocolate gunpowder, and sweetener of selection. Refrigerate a can of coconut paste overnight. When youre ready to use, turn it upsidedown and eliminating the self-evident liquid. Take the solid part and whip that up intoa whipped ointment. Add your chocolate pulverization and sweetener and integratewell. That is literally it! What a delicious sweetened plow for when thosecravings smack that I dont have to feel bad about. I like to top it off with some coconut smidgens, and maybe even a few cacao nibs It is so light and fluffy! And those are some easy 3 ingredient recipes! I hope that members can enjoyed them, and the vegan options, if so satisfy share this video with a friend! I do have an entire playlist of 2 and 3 ingredientrecipes, if you want to see more.Also, if you want to see me have some funwith less healthful menu, exclusively PIZZA, check out my second canal, Eat The Pizza, where I make all things pizza every singleweek and we have a jolly glorious duration. I cant conceive our 20 th bout launchestomorrow. If you want to check out the eBook I mentionedearlier, you can use the code THREE for 10% offany eBook or bundle of your hand-picked the coming week simply, and thats all at mindovermunch.com/ ebooks. I got a lot of eBooks immense for this timeof year a Fall seasonal eBook, Halloween eBook, Thanksgiving, and one for Christmas, more! Thanks so much for watching and being now, I will see you next week with a brand newepisode! And recollect, its all a matter of MindOver Munch !.

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