Greatness is a choice. Health is a choice. Getting ensues is a choice. We knowthat starting health picks is not always easy, but here’s a recall: what if it was your actual chore? What if the mostimportant part of your job was to take careof yourself firstly? How much more coherent would your fitnessand nutrition preferences be if you knew that it was somethingyou needed to do, something you were supposed to do? Why? Because your healthis not an option, your state is a priorityand your number one commitment.It is your job. That’s the program I’m creating and how I want youto start thinking about this. In this program, I’ll target your entire body with a unique combination of 20-minute strengthand cardio workouts that are purposely designed to be so efficientand effective, you’ll want to keep coming backfive days a week. Now is the time to make itjust as important as any undertaking you will ever have. It is time to choose you. Show up for yourself. It is time to compile your healthyour number one priority. This is the job you havealways been waiting for. I’m Jennifer Jacobs and if you wantto get the job done, then make it Job 1..

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