– What’s up, it’s Chris Heria, therefore welcomed another vlog. Today, I’m is about to be gettinginto my personal diet, what I devour and why I’m eating it. But before we get into what I’m doing, it’s important to know, everyone has their ownpersonal combination of a different good starting point, different goals anddifferent genetic makeup. So what I’m doing may notnecessarily work the same for you, and the same goes with following anyone’s personal diet scheme. You could be following whatI’m currently snacking today, when in fact you shouldbe curve calories or even increasing calories. All depending on yourcurrent physical regime and future purposes. So knowing how to assesswhere you are currently and where you want to go, will determine what you should eat and what you shouldn’t chew. Someone may have different destinations such as wanting to put on a lot of value fast and may not care aboutgaining additional fatty, irrigate retention, and loseathleticism in the process, as it’s a more important goal for them to build size and power.If you’re constantlybulking and in a surplus, you’re gonna put on size and more size is always gonna give you more strong and dominance, but that’s always gonna be at the cost of losing athleticism. Now, if you’re building lean muscle, it will make longer to put on size, but you’re gonna be buildingquality, dense muscle, developing your fortitude andsimultaneously get shredded by burning solid, as well asimproving your athleticism, as you won’t have plethora fat, irrigate retention, and weight hindering you down anddecreasing your duplications. Now, with that said, it’simportant to keep in mind that regardless of the best case scenario for a apprentice manager or novice contestant is gonna be gaining up to twopounds of muscle per month or up to 20 pounds ofmuscle for that first year.After that, an intermediateathlete is likely to be luck to put one across one pound of muscle per month or up to 12 pounds of muscle per year. And lastly, for an experienced lifter, the best case scenariowould be able to put on up to half a pound of muscle per month, or up to six pounds of muscle per year. You may gain more weight than that, but that’s gonna bewater retention and fat, as opposed to actual muscle mass.Now, points can changedepending on your genetics, but the longer you’ve been training and the more muscle you’ve already built, the less you’ll be ableto build as you get closer to your max genetic possible, for your total muscle mass. Now, if you follow someone’sdiet because they’re huge and you wanna be huge, but they’re currently cutting, you’re not gonna get the results you require, as their current propose isnot what got them there. Likewise, whether you’reinto bodyweight practise, bodybuilding, powerlifting, or any other sport, what you eat will vary asyou need to fuel precisely to what your goals are. Which will allow you tobuild the best body possible for what you’re trying to do, or for a specific skill. So now that we know thateveryone has their own personal compounding oftheir own starting point, their own objectives and theirown genetic makeups, we can now get into whatI’m exclusively devouring for my goals and youcan be able to determine if these goals are in compliance with yours as well.So my goals are to stay lean and strong, so I can improve muscle andstrength simultaneously while improving athleticism. And by increasing my weightand muscle mass more gradually, I’m allowing my ligamentsand tendons more time to grow stronger to supportthe computed force and muscle. Tendon strength abets when doing a great deal of my body weightskills like the full sink, but it also facilitates in heavylifts, like the dead filch, allowing you to lift greater force and be more powerful. Currently I’m at 176 pounds, but there’s been many times where I’ve quickly pranced to 180, and I wonder if that’s even worth it, as my hardest talents drastically decreased like my one forearm pull-upsand my full jump, as comparison with when I’mat a more athletic weight. That’s why I prefer togradually increase my load, then come near in my value too fast.Now what I munch and when Ieat will vary from day to day due to numerous factors, like, whenI’m working out for the working day or whether I’m trying tobuild muscle or burn fatty. On days where I know I’llbe doing a heavier raises like hunkers or dead raisings, I do like to increase my carb intake. Whereas other daytimes when I may just do abs, I like to decrease my carb uptake. On average, I do eat oneto two main meals per day, with protein being thecenter stage for each meal.Now whether I’m trying tobuild muscle or burn fat, my protein intake never actually mutates. It’s always gonna be staying here 170 grams. And for carbs, will vary depending on my pleasure, it can range anywhere from7 0 to 170 grams a day. Now for fatty, I stick to health fatties and I have about 40 to 70 grams a day. But I never should be removed absolutely, as hormones are produced from solids, and without overweights, your hormoneproduction will suffer, which could alter yourtestosterone ranks. The testosterone hormoneplays many a major role in your body, one being, building strong and muscle. And for the above reasons, I nevereliminate obesities completely and prefer to increase ordecrease my carbs instead.So now that you know whatI’m doing, why I’m doing it, and how it all works for me, I’m gonna do you into my kitchen, reveal you every singlemeal I’m eating today, how to cook it step-by-step, and I’m gonna give you the disintegration of all the nutritional actualities, how many carbs, fattens, proteins, all the macros for each dinner and for the entire day. Now the the last thingI’ll say about my food is that I’m always drinking water and I’m always remaining hydrated. Water is necessary for metabolizing accumulated fatty and carbohydrates. Water is also gonna helpyou in your workouts, retaining your organization hydrated. It also acts as a naturalappetite suppressant if that’s something that you need help in. So if you’re trying tocut and you feel hungry, you can always drink a glass of cold water to help suppress your desire. All claim, first up on themenu is gonna be breakfast, and today we’re having scrambledeggs desegregated in with seasonings, onions, and kale.Am gonna appearance you guys howI oblige my clambered eggs. All right, so the first thingwe’re gonna turn our stove on. We’re gonna get our wash, positioned some olive oil in it, and try to get thatsimmering at a nice heat. I have three differentpeppers, laundry my veggies, then I’m gonna get intodicing my veggies. I commonly trimmed them fromthe top, take out the stanch, cut it in half, cut outthe amount I’m gonna use, and I’ll trimmed them into slicesand then I’ll chop them up. And then I’ll do the same thingwith all the other spices. So I have three different seasonings today, gonna be slicing theseand chopping them up.So, around half cupof peppers is gonna be about 30 calories,. 2 gramsof overweight, seven grams of carbs, and 1.5 grams of protein. So once I has already been my spices chopped up, I’m gonna move on to my onions. I ever start off bycutting off the branch locality, and then cutting it into slicings. So for the onions, we’ll be able to use 38 grams. And that normally comes with1 5 calories, zero grams of solid, 3.5 grams of carbs and. 4 grams of protein. So now I really desegregate thepeppers in with the onions and it’s time to open up the eggs. I’m gonna be using four eggs today, with the egg yolk as well. Now four eggs is about to be 312 calories with 20 grams of fatty, 2.4 grams of carbs and2 4 grams of protein. Next I’ll be putting insome pink Himalayan salt, which is a healthier alternative salt. I’ll be mixing that in withsome black pepper into the eggs and wiping that up. All liberty, when it comes to olive oil, if we’re using half a tablespoon, that’s gonna be 60 calories, seven grams of fatty, zero carbs, and zero protein.Now it’s time to throw in the veggies, and I wanna get them to a coat. So formerly they’re lookinga little bit chocolate-brown, the onions are looking a little bit brown, I could go ahead and throw in the towel my eggs. Now I’m just gonna start movingthem around a little, representing sure that it all startsto cook evenly on all sides. And once you’re almost done, I’ll start to throw in my kale. Mix the kale in there and haveit come some of the flavor. Now for kale, if we’re utilize one cup, that’s gonna be 36 calories,. 1 gram of solid, 7.3 grams of carbs and2. 5 grams of protein.So immediately the kale is soft, you know you’re ready to go. We can go ahead and plate this. And there we have breakfast, first meal of the working day. We have four eggs, kale, onions, peppers, and olive oil. And in total, that’sgonna be 453 calories, 27.3 grams of fat, 20.2 grams of carbs and 28.4 grams of protein. If you wanna add more flavor to this meal without adding more calories, you can always use hot sauce instead of any other highcalorie seasonings like ketchup, or mayonnaise or dressing. Sizzling sauce has zero caloriesand preferences enormous with eggs.All title, moving into thesecond meal of the day, lunch. That’s gonna be groundturkey, seasonings, onions, pasta, olive oil and Parmesan. We have spices and onionsleft over from the first meal, so we’re gonna be usingthat again for our lunch. All privilege, so let’s get started. For this snack, we’re gonnaneed a go and a pan. So let’s go ahead and turnon the stave all the way. We’re gonna put down our pan, we’re gonna put down our container and steam some sea in our cup. So while the utensil of sea is stewing, we’re gonna positioned someolive oil into our pan and get ready to startcooking our sand goose, spices, and onions. So right here, I havesome lean floor goose. I’m gonna take out half of it. This is gonna be about eight ounces, and eight ounces of groundturkey is 334 calories, 18 grams of fatty, zero carbs and 44 grams of protein. So firstly we’re gonna dropin some onions into our pan, give them glaze, and then we’re gonna drop in our soil goose. And formerly we drop in our sand turkey, we’re gonna bring the hot back down.At that detail, we can just go ahead and start cutting up our spices. Then formerly we chop them up, we can go ahead and shed them in the go, and then we can start position our pasta in the boil liquid formerly ourwater has started to boil. You can also drop some pinkHimalayan salt in there as well. Add some spice. All liberty , now it’stime to mix them all up. You sometimes have to break it up.So go ahead and keep moving around, make sure it’s all getting cooked evenly. You can always drop in a littlebit of Himalayan pink salt and some pepper into yourground goose as well. So formerly the pasta has been evaporating for about 11 to 12 hours, you can go ahead and drain out the spray and then made them into a container. That’s gonna be our pasta. And three ounces of pasta isgonna be around 300 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 61 grams of carbs and 10.5 grams of protein. Now I’m too stopping someParmesan on top for some flavor.One tablespoon of Parmesan isgonna be about 22 calories, 1.4 grams of fat,. 2carbs, and 1.9 of protein. All title , now “youre seeing” my onions, and my floor turkey is starting to glaze. This is exactly what you wanna interpret. And the seasonings are startingto get nice and soft. I’m gonna go ahead, mixthis up a little more. And when it looks reallyglazed, it’s time to plate. This is gonna be thesecond meal of the working day. So for lunch, we have groundturkey, spices, onions, pasta, olive oil, and Parmesan. In total, that’s gonna be 797 calories, 28.2 grams of overweight, 79 grams of carbs and6 0.8 grams of protein. And because we’re usingnatural parts, and because we cook the onions right, we can still cook very clean and still have yourfood tasting super good. All title, so we’re gonna move in to the last meal of the working day. That’s gonna be dinner. And for dinner, we’re gonna be having chicken and broccoli with quinoa. I’m gonna be throwing in some lemon and some olive oil as well.So let’s go ahead and is starting. All right, so like always, to start off, we wanna bring out the flavor. So I’m gonna start glazing some onions. And in the meantime, I’m gonnastart cutting up my chicken. Now, I feel I’m usingabout eight ounces of chicken, and in eight ounces of chicken, that’s gonna be 336 calories, eight grams of overweight, zero carbs and 72 grams of protein. All freedom, so formerly mychicken is all chopped up, my onions should be just about glazed. I’m gonna go ahead anddrop that into the wash. And it’s time to startbringing out the flavor, and start cooking itevenly, desegregating it around. But now that I’ve put the chicken back in, I’m gonna collect the heatagain to about eight, and it’s time to start fix this up.So now I’m gonna drop insome pink Himalayan salt, supplemented some pepper as well, bring out the spice. And the really the secretto making this taste good, is really about getting theflavor out of the onions, as well as the chicken andusing natural ingredients. So now I’m gonna add in some broccoli. This is about one cup of broccoli, and that’s gonna be 20 calories, zero grams of fat, three grams of carbs, and three grams of protein. And broccoli is super healthyfor you, rich in iron, a lot of staple and alot of enormous nutrients, helping you to reach your goals. And then it’s time to justmix this all together, get it nice and glazed.You wanna start looking at the broccoli, and until the broccoli startslooking a little bit softer, getting to a darker greener hue. Now, once we’re almost done, I’ll go ahead and chipped a lemon and cease some lemon juice inside. This is really gonna bringout the flavor as well. Lemon is also a naturalfat burner as well. And computing a wedge of lemonis only gonna be two calories, zero grams of fatty. 7 carbsand. 1 grams of protein. So now that we can see theonions are nice and glazed, the chicken is nice and glazed, the broccoli has a nice dark green color, we’re ready to plate. Now on cooking this chicken, I made quinoa in the rice cooker, that should take about as long as it takes to cook the chicken. So if you positioned it in at the beginning, the quinoa should be doneas soon as you’re done with the chicken and the broccoli.Now I’m eating about acup and a half of quinoa, that’s gonna be 333 calories, 5.4 grams of fatty, 59 grams of carbs and 12 grams of protein. And when cooking your quinoa, you can always put in a littlebit of salt or garlic gunpowder. And that’s gonna be dinner, the last meal of the day. Chicken and broccoli withquinoa, lemon and olive oil. And this was delicious. So the full amounts of the macros for dinneris gonna be 751 calories, 20.4 grams of fatty, 62.7 grams of carbs and 87.1 grams of protein. And that’s gonna be thelast snack of the day. Now in total for the entireday, eating just breakfast lunch, and dinner, that’sgonna be 2,001 calories, 75.9 grams of overweight, 161.9 grams of carbs and 176.3 grams of protein, making sure that I getting enough oil to promote muscle increment. Sometimes I may feel like having a snack. And for a snack, I’ll havesomething like Greek yogurt. Has casein in it, it’s high-pitched in protein, and it’s a great go-to and helps me stay on my goals instead of choosing somethingunhealthy to snack on. All freedom, so now you know whatI’m doing, why I’m doing it and how I’m doing it when itcomes to my personal nutrition.And hopefully you learntsomething and it can help you too. If you notice the new garment, these are segments to my veryfirst Heria collection, plunging for the first time in November. We’ll be foreman out very shortly, filming all the commercialsin preparation for the sag. Make sure you get it as soon as it puts atthe end of November. They surely will sell out fast. We’re gonna have everythingin the collecting from the way gasps that you’ve seen here on the YouTube channel, as well as workout abruptlies, windbreaker shells, whole outfits, and a whole lot more. Make sure you don’t miss thedrop at the end of November. And don’t forget for full accessto all my own personal exercisings and workout platforms that Icreated with specific goals in imagination, like burningfat while simultaneously improving solid, shredded muscle, make sure you sign up to Heriapro.com and become a member.Then download the HeriaPro app in the App Store. Take my workouts with you everywhere. It’s like having me as a personal trainer privilege in your pocket. If you wanna test out the appbefore you become a member, you can always download the Heria Pro app, and there’s a knot of free such programmes and workouts in there as well. So make sure you smash that like button( handguns firing) if you haven’t already. Leave a comment down below, let me know what you want to see next. Share this video with a friend that’s trying to gettheir nutrition on degree and subscribe right now, stumbled that agree button.I berth every single Thursday, 2:00 PM USA Eastern Time. 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