I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but Robb’s and I were “ve been meaning to” fly out to Burma last-place Monday but we’ve deliberately missed our flight because we got so sucked into the training culture here it’s so addictive parties sweat the endorphins draw your mentality explode[ Music][ Applause][ Music][ Music] do everybody it is the first of December 2018 it is almost Christmas can’t believe it I’m actually now at chopped chai Muay Thai now Phuket Thailand about to do a private muy Thai class with deadly a leader Valen with fallen he’s gonna kill me he’s gonna kill me regardles so here for a 1-hour private period 700 disallows Rob views got the cameras it’s gonna indicate the highlights of this session exactly too going to drag the camera around so you can see just how light-green this situate is anyway so it’s a one-hour session it’s 10 o’clock 10:30 in the morning and let’s start let’s don’t miss around follow me hit the top let’s go[ Music] this I want to break down named rust-brown can not examined guess did a game every state that rose I’ve never seen that I think we finished our warmup it’s a nice day today it’s not 38 severities like real quick so here’s Chuck Choi right next to it over there you can hear the music that’s close-fisted in fits and fitness with tightened Fitness have like a forte and conditioning region they’ve got an outside sphere they’ve got the cargo net climb an outdoor obstacle course and it’s literally right next door now and we are really do boot camps and you can stay there and they give you meal proposes anybody talk about that later[ Music] slam rigor slam “theres going” challenge[ Music] shucks[ Music] I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but Robb’s and I were meant to fly out to Burma last-place Monday but we’ve deliberately missed our flight because we got so sucked into the training culture here it’s so addictive the hot the sweat the endorphins reach your ability explode that that’s why we decided to skip our flight stay longer so we’re here for another one or 2 weeks and I’ll be doing some training with this man now he’s been to New Zealand teaches more Thai at a gym[ Music][ Music] he’s a merriment person I like this guy[ Music] francy how you feeling today amazing I thought that’s so funny I ever wake up I ever wake up sore and stiff and like in pain I never haven’t taken any anaesthetics today or yesterday actually but still I don’t like make your anguish why is that you’ve woken up and you don’t need to make painkillers astounding mane rubs that’s amazing yeah she’s actually a fully qualified – okay time just wanted to introduced that out there yeah I simply[ __] smack was knocked out totally just amazing yeah but again if you actually ate better actually wait yeah it was really good just like after a period of yesterday I did one class and and yeah like it wasn’t much but uh just so tired everyday so hot so if you don’t even if you don’t do any categorizes it’s don’t it’s still awfully spending with the heat in like sweating like I’ve done three rounds and look at me right I merely had a shower you know you’ve got a drink stockpiles of spray chaps I can’t emphasize that fairly like you come out here like you got a drink like seven litres of water per day like and if you’re rehearsal hard core like even more than that but uh yeah you better get back to it[ Applause] look at him is so good hey hey okay I’ve never stood a chance against anyone here like merely kill me and I[ __] hate abhor loathe kills you first cuz it only unhappy you’re right it’s the hey guys it’s the hey it’s so much amusing no I never is sick of this dude I like for so many years I was in the gym doing concentration training and my deadlifting and fart like everything kettlebells and I and just like and they’ve been doing amateur bodybuilding races like everything’s strict and no schedules and all that kind of stuff and it’s just so good to actually have it like learn something you know like and and get fit and and build up your cardiovascular as well and not just lift weights and do no cardio and get ready for the stage and and not even be able to walk as you get tired it’s really good to actually get out here in less I mean you Romania beings satisfy the Thai parties eat the Thai food me like like Roxy’s here for the first time I find Lancer I represent watched a flight as I said to stay here longer 700 baht a conference as I mentioned it’s about 20 -3 0 is trying to think 20 Australian dollars I know that but it’s worth you know just to be out here and in the environment after this we will I think what Rob’s you can do some Pilates here in the reflects of a respectable building there subsequentlies we’re gonna have a nice a delightful Thai lunch like we’re gonna have what we often have coconuts and protein shakes on the street 80 baht for a protein shake on the street and then subsequentlies a got a private discussion at the vampire at 5 o’clock this evening whether it’s the sun’s out it’s going to be cooler and it’s going to be nice to the training so regardless if you haven’t seen any of the other videos in the succession check them out a trying different more duration learn cores in the area even up north to Chiang Mai hi Bangkok South Copenhagen I’ve tried a lot of different gyms and had not rendered about videos around the majority of members of us knows to go check them out and I try and do my best to give you price breakdowns and accommodation or the proposals and things like that but you are eligible to obviously can’t do everything on my own or lucky now Roxy’s doing some filming for me but prior to that I was doing everything by myself so anyway rent over time to have a drink and move on thanks for watching guys have an awesome day be have any questions let me know I’m not a professional I’m just a bit you know or you know some people say intermediate but I feel like I’m just starting out you know yeah you know stumbled me up and I’ll told you soon[ Music]

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