“Ok, let’s employed all this in the kitchen … … and we can start to look at what we’re going to have for dinner.” I’m Kate and I’m Clive, and our six years old old-fashioned son Charlie has type 1 diabetes but he’s a great kidisn’t he? He was a very good kid. “ok guys, we are going to have chicken stirfry tonight” So Charlie was diagnosed where reference is exactly turned five, 9 months ago now. “So we’ll chop it up into neat little pieces. Can you do that? Can you do it by yourself? ” There was a awfully steep discover curve, learningabout sugars and carbohydrates, and what the relationship is between those and Charlie’scondition and insulin management.”Alright, in pass the coriander.” “Oh, sorry mum! ” “That’s ok.” When mothers catch out that they have a young child with diabetes, it can be really daunting initially. But with some help and some support and someeducation, most genealogies get into a really good routine at home. And their children thrive and do are you all right. Straight away we were looking at packagingand hidden carbohydrates, and making sure that he wasn’t having any of those. So that can be a challenge when other kidsare eating things, ice-creams, particularly in the summer. He has to learn now that he can’t do that. Charlie will typically ask if things are sugar-free, so I guess that’s part of Charlie’s learning swerve as well, to develop his own awareness around foods. “How numerous carbs is there in this capsicum, mum? ” “Well capsicum is a three meat, so there’sno carbs in it, so Charlie can eat as much as capsicum as he likes.” We did always have a health diet before diagnosis, so it hasn’t changed too much.We certainly make sure we have really balanced dinners. We always have carbohydrates, particularlynow that we’re carb-counting. Protein, dairy. “Ok Charlie we’re going to time a speedy fingerprick, alright copulate? ” “Sixteen point two, that’s a little bit high-pitched, we need to give you some additional insulin for that Charlie.” So what we’re going to do today is we’re goingto sort these nutrients into the five food radicals, and look at what health eating is for a smallchild with diabetes. We’re doing quite a number of studies on foodin the Institute at the moment, we’re looking at the relationship between overweight and proteinand insulin requirements. We’re learning that nutrients that have a lotof fat and protein in their own homes, like pizzas and lasagnas, might need a little bit extra insulin. There’s a phone line parents can resound andspeak to one of the nannies during the day, so there’s always someone here to help. “Frances needs to exercise and dine lots ofhealthy food…” Emily is Charlie’s older sister, she’s certainlybecome fully immersed in it and changed her diet, and she knows a great deal of information abouttype 1 diabetes now.”But restraining fit and healthy leans everyonein a good mood.” Teenagers with diabetes can live normal lives, they can eat ordinary healthful nutrient that all other children eat. Looking after small children with diabetes just takesthat little bit of additional planning and labor. I think you learn tricks of the trade, soI spend time on a Sunday getting things ready for the week.Freezing meals, things like that, that youcan pull out in the week. I thoughts an important thing with kind 1 diabetesis that you try very hard that it doesn’t define your child or your family, and it’ssomething that you learn to manage and live with. You don’t need to think of it as a restricteddiet, it’s just a healthful nutrition. Charlie is a happy little boy, he cherishes hissuperheroes, he’s full of life and ….. and he does love his menu as well, hedoes love to eat. And he experiences the menu that we furnish him, so that’s awesome ..

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