hi I’m dr. Scholl’s let’s talk about prostate cancer in this video we’re going to cover dietary practises for prostate cancer cases I’m not going to try and cover the specifics of what type of diet I’m going to talk about a general overriding principle a fairly simple concept and then there’s tons of information you can pursue to gain a better understanding of the details the invalidating principle for prostate cancer cases is vegetarianism vegan foods escape of animal products in the diet and I contend that it’s very hard to change your nutrition and you’re going to need to have a good strong basis for why you’re doing this to be able to carry through and be consistent there’s three wide-reaching words of evidence that all point towards vegan diets for prostate cancer cases the first is a my own personal experience with cases in my early rehearsal who would come to me with a excitement for going on a nutrition to treat their prostate cancer it’s not at all exceptional what’s unusual is that prostate cancer can be monitored with PSA testing and you can actually see whether or not there’s an impact men who have rising PSAs after surgery for example can have their PSA grades schemed out in sequential mode and you can see the growth rate of the tumor when it’s untreated I was rather surprised when servicemen would go on strong vegan nutritions or macrobiotic diets and their PSAs which had previously been rising in a steady consistent manner would stop rising instantly within a few months and level off and remain stable as long as they were faithful with their diets at the same time these diets were so stringent that the men would lose weight and I discovered that people who were claiming to be on vegetarian foods and weren’t losing force didn’t see much impact on their PSA elevations prior to patients approaching their prostate cancer this direction I was not a believer but consistent aftermaths like I precisely described to you change my thinking about how diet jolts prostate cancer the second thing that has reaffirmed this belief that vegetarianism has an inhibitory effect on prostate cancer growth has to do with the metabolic sort of prostate cancer which is rather different from other types of cancers almost everybody’s heard that you’re supposed to avoid sugar when you have cancer this is based on some results from what we call PET scans positron emission tomography checks where people would say lung cancer or pancreas cancer or lymphoma get onto radioactive sugar administered into their bloodstream and they’re scanned to where the radioactive carbohydrate centres well it concentrates avidly in the tumors within instants so that admonition to avoid sugar if you have one of those other cancer kinds is very reasonable interestingly with prostate cancer if you insert radioactive carbohydrate into the system the prostate cancer couldn’t care less it does not concentrate sugar the room other tumors do but relatively new technology applying radioactive fats c11 acetate and choline PET examines or protein excellent Baby checks is demonstrating that prostate cancer feeds on both fats and amino battery-acids direct derivatives of animal concoctions so when people go with a vegetarian nature nutrition they are avoiding the types of amino acids and proteins that are typical in animal material and that’s what prostate cancer cells are made out of this is a very good explanation for why these vegan foods are causing an inhibitory outcome on the growth of prostate cancer cadres as reflected in how fast the PSA is rising there’s a third wire of evidence that says the exact same thing and this has to do with a record written by dr.Colon Campbell called a China study substantial multi-million dollar research in China looking at dietary patterns and all cancers including prostate cancer dr. Campbell’s studies showed that the regions of China where people we’re eating very small amounts of animal protein had much lower cancer frequencies including prostate cancer these studies again were not designed to answer this question they were just looking generally speaking at dietary structures and this is what they discovered the lower the amount of animal protein uptake the lower the incidence of cancers including prostate cancer so three separate boundaries of proof all point towards scaping animal protein for patients who have prostate cancer so is this something that everyone with prostate cancer has to do we have to remember that there are many types of Inlet low-grade prostate cancers that don’t even react like cancers I think it’s a little bit overboard to say this someone has to be radically alter their lifestyle for the managers of these Gleason six tumors for men on active surveillance but the other more advanced the Royall stage of prostate cancer when people have metastatic disease I think it makes a lot of ability to take diet earnestly and do your best to avoid animal protein intake altogether[ Music][ Applause]

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