No matter how awkward, how complicated, or how simple, we’re here to answer all of your state questions, hot flashes, impatience, dryness down there. Wait what are you all clapping? Yeah! They’re saying they understand. But you understand, I actually think that’s the point of today because even things like menopause we know can really mess with you and your arrangement, so it’s not surprising women are looking for solutions every where they are unable, including now, the sack. I started menopause eight years ago and I was wondering, does increased sex activity help with the menopausal evidences? Will it increase it? Will it lessen it? Will it procreate me happier? Really good question, Kris, and to help us out with this answer is OBGYN Dr.Thais Aliabadi joining us via Skype, Dr. Aliabadi, thank you, and we’ve talked a lot on this show about natural ways to improve menopause evidences, talk to us about S-E-X. So it’s actually true vaginal sexual practice after menopause is very important. Most importantly, it helps stimulate blood flow to the vagina. It keeps the vaginal muscles hue and it impedes that resilience and help us maintain the length of the vagina. I make this is a big problem for women, and not all women want to jump-start immediately onboard with hormonal replacing therapy, my bride included, so yesterday as I was preparing for this segment I was reading what we’re gonna talk about, and I croak “Hey sugar, gender is good for menopause” .( gathering titters, applauds) That could not get her in the area, but I tried. It’s definitely different once you thumped menopause, but it doesn’t have to be bad, right physician? Right right. The big problem is with menopause the low-spirited hormone elevations can meet the vaginal tissue thin and cool so as it gets thin and baked it begins annoyance with fornication, it effects distressing sex, so dames don’t want to have sex. The low-spirited hormones can also affect their sex drive, so is not simply their libido goes down, it gets pain, almost all cases have night sweats at night so they’re not sleeping well at night so in the morning they’re tired, there are some mood converts that are associated with menopause that sees them more testy and awkward so absolutely the experience is not as pleasant after menopause.So I’m curious … So it’ virtually becomes like a cycle is what you’re saying, because you’re tired and your hormones are low so you don’t have sex and that actually lessens the handout of those hormones that would increase your sex drive in the long term, correct? Correct, absolutely. But it’s not all bad news, because undoubtedly, you’ve been telling maids copulation can be good for menopause. What can women do, in addition to apparently, personal lubricant? So that’s a good point, there’s some soul, easy life-style modifications that can make a difference, number one, physical work, being active promotions a good deal. It boosts their force, they’re in a better attitude, when you’re in a better feeling you’re more likely to want to have sex. If they’re smoking I always tell them to stop smoking because smoking significantly reduces the blood flowing to the vagina and it originates it more difficult for them to get aroused.There are some pelvic flooring works that will increase the blood overflow to the vagina. There are some concoctions out there for patients who have decreased libido, and there’s some testosterone creams or sublingual ceases they can use that can help with their indications, but the most common symptom is vaginal dryness and unpleasant fornication and we definitely have medicine for that. The sooner you treat it, the better it is. The most common treatment for vaginal dryness is an estrogen cream that we prescribe. It’s a drug, “theyre using” it twice a few weeks, it’s more of a long term use.FDA has approved a CO2 device, it’s a CO2 laser, vaginal laser maneuver that helps with vaginal restoration and it really does help with the evidences of atrophy, and it improves their sex. And the histological studies show that you bring back some of those vaginal glands that atrophy as part of menopause, so I mean that’s an option to look into. Yeah, albeit an expensive alternative, maybe not for everyoneYes. but just like any form or resurfacing, just like you can do on the bark, this would be in the mucosal face to improve that quality ..

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