hello and welcome to my weekly video blog and today on a vogel talks menopause i’m going to be talking about can the menopause motive strange tastes in your cavity if you like my gratuities and suggestion then delight subscribe and remember to hit the buzzer icon so you can be notified of all my brand-new videos countless women contact me saying that they are experiencing strange perceives in the mouth sometimes whilst eating and sometimes in in between meals and they are wondering if this is a common menopause evidence yes it certainly is um if it’s anything to do with a number of beings the hell is contacting me so what i thought i’d do today is to go through three common penchants that can occur so why does this happen there can be a number of reasons you know chiefly it can be precisely due to the fact that your estrogen is falling so it can be instantly hormonal because some dames find that this happens just before a season as well so it can be due immediately to falling estrogen affecting your taste buds but it can be due to dryness we know that falling estrogen can cause a cool opening it can cause less production of saliva and that in itself can cause savours to to be completely different also your sense of smell can change some brides find that their aroma becomes much more acute and that can affect your experience very because smelling and penchant are sometimes terribly very closely linked together so here’s the three different appetites number one is the metallic flavor in the mouth this is very often due to low zinc so sometimes simply taking a daily zinc augment can make a difference quite quickly you would be looking at approximately 15 milligrams a day and you would just take that ongoing it can be dehydration remember dehydration can affect mucous sheaths anywhere in the body and that includes the tongue and the mouth it can be sometimes due to the fact if you’re breathing through your mouth all the time rather than make nasal breathing it can also be linked to diabetes and it can be linked to low-toned blood sugar degrees so this is one here if you try all the videotapes light the zinc like the liquid and you find that the the metal smack is continuing then check that you’re eating regularly but maybe also just get a double check from medical doctors extremely to rule out diabetes number two is a bitter taste in the mouth this believe it or not can be due to acid reflux if you find that um you’re likewise going an acidic appreciation if you’re getting a lot of indigestion and awkwardnes when you’re eating then it can be sort of addrest from the stomach it can also be due to burning mouth syndrome which i clothed just a few weeks ago so maybe have a look back at that special video exactly to see if this may be a factor for you again it can be due to diabetes and so double check there with your doctor it can be smoking so that can affect your your taste buds it could be a sinus infection so again if you’re getting a good deal of bottleneck around here then that can affect your taste because this is affecting your fragrance and digit three is a salty taste in the mouth this again can be due to low-pitched zinc so try your zinc add-on it can be due to thrush so if you’re getting a salty savor but you also find that you’re you’re getting a kind of white veneer on the tongue on a regular basis then maybe you need to really get that double checked it can also be an overproduction of mucus and sometimes it can be due to post nasal drip too so if you find that you’re getting a great deal of qatar and mucus fat can be a factor and apparently that would need to be addressed so generally how to keep your mouth health regular scrutinies with your dentist regular dental cleanlines extremely sometimes going through the menopause your gums can become very sensitive so maybe look towards going for natural toothpaste and to have mouthwashes that don’t contain booze because again the booze can be very drying and that can affect your your taste buds maybe try to avoid really hot spicy high salt and high carbohydrate foods because they can all affect the the district of of your gums try the sea buckthorn oil if you find that dryness is is an issue or you’re not produce um fairly saliva sometimes if you find it really difficult to break your nutrient down if your opening is getting certainly dry it can sometimes indicate a blocked saliva passage and i know a lot of dentists now tend to check for this so perhaps speak to your dentist the next time you encounter them if you find that this is a particular problem don’t forget the water plenty of irrigate every day and also if you’re feeling very sluggish generally if you’re a little bit fatigued if you’re also getting digestive troubles like bloating and gale and a little of indigestion it may be that your liver is struggling there is also a connection between liver function and the mouth so extremely if your savour is being affected first thing in the morning then maybe think about make a soothing liver detox for maybe a month and that can sometimes be really helpful so i hope you found this one advantageous if you have any inquiries about the mouth if any of you have suffered any other issues with your cavity and are requiring some explanations then satisfy post your notes below and i will see you again next week for another edition of a vogel talks menopause

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