hey guys and welcome to the firstly episode of bistro fitness my figure is michael let me tell you a little bit about this channel this direct is a motivational canal hopefully this canal is going to motivate you to get into the gym or get back into the gym and to achieve your personal goals talking about personal goals just so you know my personal goal is to become a bodybuilder i’m going to want y’all to be there from the start now i’m gonna register you my techniques now my skills might not work for everybody out there so if it does work for you use them get bigger get stronger and if it doesn’t come up with your own do what works for your organization everybody’s torso is different not that enough talking let’s go hitting the gym hey chaps lastly fixed it to the gym i’m just starting off with some cardio on the stairmasters and well just don’t want to see me simply stepping on this so i’m going to do this and i’ll check back with you in a little with my next workout all right chaps i just finished the stairmaster it’s been about 10 minutes on there now i’m about to jump on this treadmill and i’ll probably spend another 10 15 hours on this one and then i’m gonna pop the forces all right check back if you’re in a little bit all right guys so i just finished the treadmill and i’m over here in the boob divisions to do arms so so so so so all right so you got kind of an idea of what i’m doing and i’ll catch you back here in a minute hey guys i just finished my warm-up specify with the boobs over there and i’m going to continue my workout with this directly forbid and simply be bending it and moving up in load i’ll give you a little pattern of how i get it on and uh we’ll go from there um hey chaps i just finished uh a warm-up set with the boobs i’m over here i’m going to do writhe some straight forbids and i’ll only give you an example of what i do or how i do it foreign everything then i going to see a closer control reached i know it’s not much heavines but i’m trying to contract my muscles so i can get a good pump out of it the next thing i do is a wider grip i think all right people i’m down with that arm workout over there i’m moving on to a bench and a terrace is pretty explanatory not much to it um perhaps if i have my girlfriend here i’ll show you more of how i get it on but i don’t get no good inclinations here so i’m just letting you know i’m moving on to bench all right all right guys i just finished bench press i’m sorry if you if you can’t really hear me uh the music is so loud in now uh but i’m going to do pull down hopefully that wasn’t too fast hopefully the camera got it and uh i’m gonna see if i can get a good angle for y’all and uh give you a little bit what i do all right now my all right people that’s just a little sample of what i do uh i’ll probably go up to 225 i don’t like to go extremely heavy on this night again been in the gym a little bit longer all right and i’ll catch y’all last-minute all right chaps this is gonna be my last workout and the completion of uh my first video actually um when the sides are broken but i’m just going to give you an example of uh how i’m going to finish this out all right i’m sorry if it’s a little iffy i’m exerting uh my gopro i don’t know if you can even hear me i think the audio suctions more and i’m just going to continue to go up and wait after that all right and i’ll catch you guys later hey chaps and “i m hoping you” experienced that first episode beast world fitness i did go back and i assessed my video and i was noted that i should not made the camera in the very best recognises where you could see my proficiencies or how i was lifting and i predict in the next video i’m gonna try to do that i’m gonna try to keep the camera in better distinguishes where you can see how i’m lifting it and witness the techniques i’m using um if you have any uh tips on how i can hoist my loads better or better camera slants i’d be happy to read them on the comments below um if you have any questions for me on what i was doing or how “ive ever done” it leave them in the comments if you liked the video don’t forget to give me a like or thumbs up and subscribe alright until next time

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