Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapists on the internet. – Hi kinfolks, I’m BobSchrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, occupational therapist. – And we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion, of course, Bob. – Humble opinion. Today we’re gonna talk about four common , no , no, – You’re wrong. – how to avoid hungrywater, question mark. It’s the number one key for weight loss, and a robust active man. All professionals acquiesce. – Absolutely, Bob. And hungry irrigate, if youhaven’t heard of that, don’t worry we’re gonnaexplain it in detail. It’s a particularly a fitting expression thatyou should be familiar with.- By the route if you’re brand-new to our channel, satisfy take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how tostay healthy, fit, pain-free, and we upload every day. Too go to, go to the giveaway section, and check it out, seewhat we’re giving away. We don’t even know ourselves. -[ Brad] This is a future video. – This is a future video. Go to Facebook, it’ll too be pinned to the top of the page, the contest. Go to Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok if you require a 60 secondversion of our platform. And some of you, welcome to you out there, if you’re listening to this on a podcast. – Yeah that’s right. And this video is not gonnabe a five minute video. This, if you really wantto know about water, and if you’re drinkingwhat you want for sea, there is a requirement to, it’s gonnabe more than 10 minutes. – A heap of things to keep in mind now. – Yeah, good message, so. – A pile of contentious information.- Actually, it is. We’ll clear some of itup, and some maybe not. So keep that in memory. Bob, are we ready to go on? – Let’s go, let’s flatten. – And we are in agreement on this. So , now this is onething that we feel all, everything we have read, andI think everyone will agree. Doctors, nutrition gurus, weight loss gurus. They all agree that people need to have ample amount of water – Yes. – to stay healthful. If you’re losing load, youreally need to get water in to keep the system moving.Helps, you are familiar with, manufactures you feelfull a little bit that way, but only the system to get things moving. – There are objections, you are familiar with, there are people who are trying to watch theirblood pressure or whatever, you know that if they’re- Yeah but, yeah. – on specific meds and nonsense. But yeah for the average person, the average person is probablynot drinking enough water. – Exactly. – Wouldn’t you saythat’s about right Brad? – Right, I know my brother’s a ER nurse, and everyone that comesin that’s you know, they ever are dehydrated. – Aw, Brad and I haveworked in nursing home, and that is such a common diagnosis, it’s almost like a daily existence. – Right. So I believe that we can, wekicked that horse fairly. So let’s go on. How much water should we drink? Let’s go to the extremes, Bob. We know that if you don’t alcohol any water for three to five days, makes in death.- You’re gonna, yeah.- On the other hand, you can drink too much. As a matter of fact, Ifound a speciman, a woman, she boozed 1.6 gallons, or six liters of sea within a three hour time period. Within a era, she passedaway from too much water. The person cannot take it. And you mentioned someone locally that it happened to.- Yeah, it happened to, it was a real unfortunate situation. – Oh well, of course, right. – Where a college student got sick, and they told them to booze lots of water, and “hes been gone” nuts over it.- Yeah. – And the sickness combinedwith the spray, he actually passed away from it.- Yeah sure, yeah.So, – I necessitate it was tragic. – we’re gonna come up withsome good rules of thumb from the information I found out. Again, this goes on your mas sizing, how much ocean you should drink a daytime. Like the climate, theweather, how active you are. – Yeah, it’s really hard togive a general rule of thumb. – Right, so we’re gonnagive you some doctrines here. For the average person, – Yeah, starting point anyway. – Yep. The average person, if you’re just living your median day-to-day life, I contemplate the eight times eight guideline. Eight glasses of eight ounces of liquid, 64 ounces a day, is apretty good rule of thumb. If you’re– You can try it, and see how you feel with it.How you’re doing with it. – If you’re more active, one ounce per one pound of figure weight. So I weigh about 175 pounds. That’s a lot of water,’ generate I keep track of it.- 175 ounces, but you are very active. You work out a lot. – In the summer that would be no problem. – That might not be a problem. – Now, in the winter , not so much better. This next one, malesaveraging 125 ounces a period. Females, it was kind of unusual, 91. – Yeah, you want to takeit down another one, 91. – Right. – You know, there is another way, Brad. You can actually go aheadand drink some liquid, and see how long beforeyou go to the bathroom.If you go to the bathroomalmost immediately, you were already, had enough water in you. – Sure. – And if you don’t, you know, you actuallydon’t go to the bathroom for a pair hours, you stillprobably need more liquid. – Sure, it’s that homeostasis. It might alternate if you havesome caffeine in your arrangement. – Sure, – That might, – a lot of things can play a role. – Exactly right. So Bob , now that we’vecleared all that intelligence, We’ve gotta get, – Clear as silt. – Yep, so drinking water. If it’s so important to drink water, we should know whatkind of water to drink. – Right.- Do you just go to the store and youdrink some, you are familiar with, water from the bottle out of the accumulation, at the convenience store? Do you go to the sound? – Right, plastic bottle.- Get it right out of the sound, or do you need to do something special? So we’re gonna talk about that. Now this, these four things Ikind of did this for myself.’ Cause I got a filter at home, and I’ve been looking into this stuff to – Sure. – figure out what’s bestfor myself and my family. And I grew up in a ruralarea, we had our own well. It was about 40 hoofs deep. Not a very deep well, but it was in the middle of the country. There “werent any” raises around, there was no nothing, everybody enjoyed our sea. People would come from the city. Oh, it savours immense. And it was well water, hada lot of minerals in it. – You didn’t have to worryabout fertilizer or chemicals. – No, we did not. And I blaspheme, we had the best water around. And that, in my memory is probably, I recollect most people agree. The sea that filters through the earth, collects minerals fromthe stone and the earth, and you get your calciumand magnesium and all these, – Iron? – Iron, exactly right.You get that, that yourbody needs to stay healthful. So that’s very good, wellwater, that’s the one thing. – Hard to get, though. – Now, right, because Ihave a well right now, but there’s like 140 acres of corn that’s been there for 40 times, and every year they put in nitrogen. – And sprayin’.- They introduced atrazine, and all these substances. And eventually, it probablywill get down into that well.- Right. – I came 130 hoofs well, I’m thinking, you know, it is likely to be down there. So I started reviewing, what do I need to do? I need a filter, but a filter, a carbon filter is gonnatake out some odor, little bit of iron, but it’snot gonna do iron either. You got to get an iron filter. We settled that in. We liked the iron, but it was so bad that it was turning red.- It was too much. – Yeah, you get red hair, you are familiar with, you gotta do something. – Yeah, that was Linda’s parent’s house. – So I departed with turn osmosis structure. Which is, takes out everything. And that’s where thehungry sea expression comes in. – So if you take out everything, the spray becomes hungry. – Right, if you have distilledwater, or make osmosis. You “ve got nothing” in the waterbut spray, which is good. But what they say now, thisis a contentious subject. You drink this hungry ocean, it’s got nothing in it. And it’s too pure, andit can actually perform a reverse osmosis from the electrolytes in your cells.- On your cells.And this is theory now. I’ve ascertain different argumentsthat no it doesn’t happen, your gut is so acidic, it has enough things that if your food is good and healthy, you’re gonna be fine. So I reckon I’m gonna secure my turn, I made my turn filter out actually, there’s five filters. I took that one out nearly two weeks ago. I believe I’m gonna situated it back in after doing more research. That’s up to you. I did situate a remineralizer in information systems, which is supposed to addin minerals to the water. I don’t know if it’s a marketing thing, or if it certainly directs. I had a duty to do some- I don’t know if this is a good time to mention this, but like, – Yeah.- I sweat a great deal, especially in the summer. – Oh, sure. – I truly, like I might get flooded like three times during theday, trimming lawn and substance. And I booze a great deal of spray of course, but then it does wash out my electrolytes. Like I start coming dizzy.- Particularly sodium. – Yeah, sodium, yep. And the other ones, soI do make Nuun tablets. N-U-U-N, yeah.- N-U-U-N, yep.- And they make all the difference. When I take those, Idon’t have any problems. – Sure. – But when I don’t, Ilike, I get dizzy, and, – Oh yeah, there is a requirement to those electrolytes. Now, one thing you can do ifyou’re boozing purified, or or RO water is, they build tablets you can put in specificallyfor that, mineral tablets. You are also welcome to, I’ve heardpeople say, use sugar, or, – Honey? – Yeah, yep. – Really? Interesting. – Yeah, sugar or some natural syrup. – Oh. – Pure maple syrup.’ Cause you know, that’s coming up from the earth.- Oh, sure. That it has some of the same stuff. – That doesn’t mean you can puta cup( titters) in the ocean. – Maple, pure maple syrup.- Only a spoon full of carbohydrate. – So exactly a little of those to get some minerals in your irrigate to alter that reverseosmosis illnes, if you will. Let’s go to the next one. Bottled or managed liquid, which we have right here.Got this at the convenience store. And a lot of parties are, this is pretty common now. The BPA, in other words, it’s bisphenol. – Okay. – And the A, I’m not surewhat that stands for. But there’s three bisphenol makes. There’s A, there’s F, and there’s S. – So they’re BPA, BPF, BPS. – Right, the BPA is prettyknown, popularly known , not universally known, butas a possible carcinogen.- So people is not miss the BPA. Obviously you hear that quite often. – So what do you do? Do you booze it, or you don’t booze it? So, probably not the right choice. And a great deal of beings willsay, absolutely not. But one thing, like thiscontainer that I drink, I have about three or four of these. This says it has no BPAin it, but it’s plastic. But I believe it does have BPF and BPS. But I replenish this up from myRO water in the morning, and it previous maybe three hours. Actually, I bring two to work. So, I drink’ em up withinan hour and a half.- Sure. – But four hours is the longestit’s ever gonna be in there. And you don’t have the time for the, – Oh, to assimilate. – The plastics to go into the water. – I accompany. – So that’s a big, – Although sun wouldenhance that, probably. – I don’t keep it coming out in the daylight, but. – I know, but I’m saying. – That’s a good point.- Right.- But “ve been thinking about” this. This could have been on a shelf in a storage room for months. And then, plus if youget it out in the sunlight, or it gets red-hot in thesummer and it warms up, that everything heightens the amount of BPA, or the other chemicalsto get into the water. And that’s why they order this, some people call it plastic tea. If that concludes you think.- And that’s not a good tea to have.- Yeah. So beings are justgonna be tottering after when they’re boozing this.- Yeah. – I still suck out ofthese, but not so much better. – I’m bad for it,’ start I, when I, – It’s convenient. – Yeah, it’s at our room and like, we’re not really supposedto drink the ocean there. The city water’s , not good. And so I get plastic ocean, and I left open in my golf container, and it heats up, and so – I gotta, – Then you’re really thirsty, so you, – I gotta stick with these. – Now what do we got here? – Well, this is, it’s, – Aluminum? – Aluminum, yeah.- Oh, is it aluminum? It’s not stainless steel? – Oh, I don’t know. – Well, I think theyrecommend stainless steel as a a step ahead of aluminum. – Is it? Let’s see here on the bottom. – He’s going to read that. So that is, you go to, – Stainless steel. – Have your spray in astainless steel or glass is what I’ve found tobe the most recommended. – Stainless steel. – Yep. Aluminum, I wouldn’t have aluminum because it oxidizes pretty easily. And then you’re gonna get( belittles ), that’s no good. So figure four, municipal or tap water right from your residence. It’s been treated by the bythe city or whoever, you know, – The fluoride.- They put the chlorine in there to kill the bacteria. They threw the fluoride, your teeth from spraying, or spraying, from coming holes. But then there’s debate on that. Some people say that fluoridemight be good for your teeth, but not so good for the system.’Cause if you do take too muchof it, that can kill you too. – Wow, interesting. – I don’t know what the capacity is, you don’t have to worry about that with your tap water by any means. But anyways, one other thing I found out, what’s in your tap water, you can go to website,, Environmental Working Group. – You sure it’s fleck com, it’s not speck org or anything like that? – It could be, I’mpretty sure it’s scatter com. I didn’t write it on my tones. – Environmental WorkingGroup, just nature that in and it’ll come up.- It’ll come up.’Cause I determined it without current problems. And then you put your zip code in there. And they have done testson all the zip codes. You know, if this is in the United Government, and I look back the waterfrom the hamlet where I live. I don’t get it, because I’velived outside the village. But it didn’t look real clean-living. But it’s acceptable to drink. The loudness of chemicals that are in there are not high enough toworry about, so they say. – Well what’s shocking, and this has become more and more of an issue is how many prescription drugs are detected. – That, I was going imparting that up.- Yeah, a high proportion. – Yeah, there is indeed studies donefrom California to New York, and up to 52 different, you are familiar with, pharmaceuticals.- Medications. – A vestige, you know, they’re talking about draw amounts.- Sure. – It’s not enough that itsprobably gonna affect you. But if you drink, you know, you got all these things. Do you feel comfortabledrinking your tap water? – Right. – Usually tap water to me, doesn’t taste that good for most.You know, I lived in Lacrosse versus, you know.- Right. But you grew up with the bestwater in the world, Brad. – Well, I don’t know what it comes from, but anyways, for me I’mgonna go with my RO water, I have the remineralizer on it. I may situate a little bitof maple syrup in there precisely because it might smack good. It it’s, you know, it’s gotall that from the earth. Do you think about the water in the grind that the tree makes up? – Can’t you, – And you simmer out all the water, and that’s all you have is that purity. – Can’t you threw some on your RO machine that makes it in automatically for you? – Well, I got to look into that.I might be able to makesomething like that, a dripping.( giggles) Anyways, we want to joke a little bit. – You’re a dribble. – Yeah, but this is, you are familiar with, this is something to considerwhen you’re drinking water, you’re imbibe a good deal of it.- Trying to be healthy. And I don’t know what to do, Brad. Now that you got me so confused. – Yeah, it is a can of worms, actually, when you start getting intohow important water is, the volume you need to drink. But then, what style do you booze? You want to be healthy, you want to keep your children healthy.- Right. – So, good luck with it.- Good luck out there. – Yeah, if we come up withsome more concrete report, proceed spot a good shaft. – And we want your commentaries below, get to share your opinion.- Yeah, absolutely,’ cause there’s gonna be a lot of people. It’s gonna be like a food or, you are familiar with, a nutritional thing. – Well I want to hear’ em, I “ve got to hear” both sides of it.- Yeah, utterly. – We’ll take a look, so thanks for watching.- Good luck.( computer chime ).

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