Welcome to Storyline Online, introduce into you by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. I am Chris O’Dowd and today I’m going to read Arnie the Doughnut, written and illustrated by Laurie Keller. Arnie turned out to be merely the kind of doughnut he’d hoped he’d be– Chocolate-covered with bright-colored candy disperses. “Look at all my sprinkles– there must be a million of them! ” “Actually, there were 135, but I’m not going to spoil it for him.” He was performed very early in the morning at the Downtown Bakery– “Home of the Best Doughnuts -A’Round ‘! ” “-Around? Get it? ” Arnie was proud to be one of the best.He knew that parties all over town established special outings to his bakery to buy doughnuts of their very own. As Arnie sat on the tray, which has only just been been placed in the doughnut case, he took a moment to reflect on the amazing things that had happened to him that morning. 1. Cut into pealing 2. Deep-fried “I’m soaking in simmering grease, but I adoration it! ” 3. Cooled –“Your drink, sir.”–“Thank you! ” 4. Iced –“Who’s that handsome doughnut? “–“That’s me.” 5. Sprinkled Caution: Sprinkle AreaMust wear safety googles 6. Named “Whatever I’m worded, I’m going to go by Cool Iced-D.” Arnie gaped around and met all sorts of doughnuts sitting nearby. A cinnamon quirk, doughnut depressions, chocolate zebra, square, pulverized, long john, bear claw, many muffins … –“Hey, I’m a muffin.”–“I’m a different kind of muffin.” He tried to strike up a dialogue with an apple fritter on the next tray over, but she didn’t seem to want to talk. “It is rather early. Maybe she’s not a morning doughnut, ” Arnie supposed.It was 6 A.M. and the baker had just hung the OPEN sign in the window. Arnie was mesmerized as he watched patrons stream into the bakery. One by one, doughnuts were chosen, placed in paper bags, and moved away with their brand-new proprietors. Some went by the dozen in giant boxes. “Goodbye! ” Arnie yelled to each doughnut.”Have a great outing! ” “This is so exciting! I wonder who will choose me? ” Just then, Arnie appeared up and investigated a man timing claim at him! “Moi? ” Before he could say another command, he was pulled from the tray and set up in a paper bag of his very own. “Thank you, Mr. Bing. Have a nice day! “Arnie heard the baker say to the man. “Mr. Bing … that’s a punishment name, ” Arnie decided. “I can hardly wait to meet him! ” “Good-bye Arnie! “”We’ll miss you! ” “I should have talked to him while I had the chance.” The go to Mr.Bing’s apartment was a little bumpy. Arnie was grateful for the soft napkin the baker had so thoughtfully placed underneath him in the bag. He had never ridden in a car and pleased he could look out the window to see all the batches. But more than anything, he wished he could meet Mr. Bing. “Why does he maintain me in this bag? ” Arnie wondered. Ultimately, the car came to a stop and they were home. Mr. Bing carefully removed Arnie from his paper bag and located him on a clean-living, lustrou plate. “What a handsome plate, ” Arnie told us to himself. “I’m not crazy about the design– I promote a more modern look. But it’s nothing a little paint can’t fix.” Mr. Bing gently face-lift Arnie from his new plate. “Isn’t that charming? ” remembered Arnie, as he closed his eyes and smiled.”He wants to hold me.” As Arnie unwound in Mr. Bing’s hand, he felt himself moving higher and higher away from his plate. When he opened his eyes to see where he was going, he discovered that he was headed straight for Mr. Bing’s open cavity! “What are you doing? ” screamed Arnie. Mr. Bing was dazed. He drooped Arnie back onto the plate. “I was going to … gobble you, ” he replied in shock. “Eat me? ” Arnie shouted, his scatters flying everywhere. “Why would you do a thing like that? Do you make a habit of snacking all your houseguests? ” “No … of course not.” “So, why then did it abruptly occur to you to eat me? ” Arnie demanded.”Well … because … you’re a doughnut. That’s what doughnuts are for– to eat.” “Do you mean to tell me you’ve done this before? ” “Yes … I chew a doughnut every day, ” Mr. Bing said sheepishly. Arnie froze. He felt sick and feared “I’d better get out of here before he tries to eat me again! ” and incensed! “My friends are more likely all been dined! ” He thought to himself for a moment.”I must put a stop to this right away! I’ll call the bakery and urge the others. Whoever’s left, that is! ” Arnie knew that there was no time to squander and that he needed to be very sneaky in order to keep his project from Mr. Bing. He turned to Mr. Bing and said in his sweetest voice, “Excuse me, sir, but I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced. My name is Arnie.” “Um … hello … Arnie, ” Mr. Bing hesitated. “I’m Mr. Bing.It’s nice to eat you– I entail meet you.” “Mr. Bing, would you be a dear and allow me to use your telephone? ” Arnie queried additional politely. “Oh … well, okay, ” said Mr. Bing, and he sided Arnie the phone. As soon as he could, Arnie phoned the number of the bakery. “Downtown Bakery, home of the best–” “Mr. Baker Man! ” Arnie frantically mumbled. “This is Arnie the doughnut. Do you recollect me? You obligated me at 5:15 this morning, and I was bought about twenty minutes ago by a humankind who goes by the appointed of Mr. Bing.” “Yes, Arnie, ” the baker rebutted. “What can I do for you? ” “Now, I don’t want to horrify you, but moments ago, that lover tried to eat me! And not only that– he claims to have eaten hundreds of us! I’m going to make a run for it, but I wanted to warn you so that if you identify him coming into the bakery again, you can stop him! ” “Oh my, Arnie– I thought you said you understood.That’s why I make doughnuts … for beings to eat.” “I can’t believe it! ” Arnie choked. “Are the other doughnuts aware of this arrangement? ” “Well, I think so, ” the baker said. “Let me ask them to make sure.” The baker yelled to the other doughnuts, “Do you doughnuts know that you’re going to be feed? ” “Yes, we know! ” the doughnuts wailed back.”We’re savory! I don’t condemned them.” “Did you heard it said that, Arnie? ” the baker asked.Arnie was vanquished. The phone plunged from his hand. He’d see all he needed to hear. Arnie forgot all about his plan to escape. He crumbled back onto the plate, gazed up at Mr. Bing, and mumbled, “All right then, let’s do this over with. Go onward and snack me.” Mr. Bing gazed down at Arnie. “I’m not going to eat you, Arnie, ” he said reassuringly. “I only wouldn’t feel right about it now.” “Really? ” Arnie said, with a huge sigh of succor. “Well, I’m glad to see that you’ve come to your senses! ” “But since I’m not going to eat you, ” Mr. Bing continued, “I’ll have to figure out something else to do with you. I paid good fund for you– I don’t want to be wasteful.” “Of course not! ” Arnie agreed.”What it is essential to do is each make a list of things I can do with you instead of gobbling you. Between the two of us, I know we’ll come up with something.” “Good plan, Mr. Bing! ” Arnie said. “This will be a breeze– I pot I’m good at a lot of substance! ” They both feverishly wrote down their meanings. When they were finished, Mr. Bing expected, “Would you like to read yours first? ” “Sure thing, Mr. Bing! ” Arnie answered. Things Mr. Bing can Do with Me Instead of Eating Me “Do you need a ballroom dance collaborator? ” “No, I don’t dance.” “You could use a personal fitness trainer.” “Hmm, I’d get too sweaty.” “How about a portrait painter? ” “Oh, heavens no! ” “Would you like me to entertain you at gatherings? ” “Doughnut draw my dark-brown noses bluuue…” “I don’t like throwing parties.” “I could be your chauffeur.” “But you can’t see over the steering wheel.” “I’d make a great bodyguard! ” “Who could you protect me from– a cookie? ” “All righty, Mr.Bing. Let’s listen what you came up with! ” “Okey-dokey, ” he replied. “I just know you’ll like some of these.” Things I Can Do with Arnie Instead of Eating Him “I could use you as a pincushion.” “Ooh, extremely painful! ” “How about an breeze freshener for my automobile? ” “How about not? ” “Would you like to be a word-painting enclose? ” “I can’t imagine so.” “I need a brand-new bowling ball.” “Well, don’t look at me! ” “You’d make a fine paperweight.” “Boring! ” “What about a doorstop? ” “Try again.” But there was nothing else on Mr.Bing’s list. They were both completely out of hypothesis. Arnie and Mr. Bing were wearied. They felt seriously saddened. After a few minutes of touchy silence, Mr. Bing ultimately spoke. “I’m sorry, Arnie– but it’s clear that we can’t agree on anything for “youre going to” do around here. This is difficult for me to say, but I think it would be best if you found another home.” “I know, ” said Arnie, contending back tears.”I’ll exactly be on my style then. Is it all right if I keep this nappy to pack up all my liberate sprinkles? ” “Of course, ” Mr. Bing replied sadly. “As soon as I get a job, I’ll pay you back the money you spent on me.” “That’s not necessary, Arnie.” Arnie shook Mr. Bing’s mitt and thanked him for his kindness. Mr. Bing opened the door, and as Arnie left he interrupted and said, “I guess doughnuts truly are simply good for eating, aren’t they? ” They both beckoned good-bye and Arnie was gone. Mr. Bing stood at the window and watched as Arnie walked away. He walked past the flower beds, the mailboxes, and the suite manager’s office. “Is there anything worse than a sad pastry? ” He progressed the tennis court, the swimming bath, and the clubhouse. –“Oh my gosh, is that a doughnut? ” But when Arnie reached the “No Dogs Allowed” sign at the end of the driveway, Mr. Bing suddenly came up with a new idea. “Arnie! Wait up! Arnie! ” hollered Mr.Bing as he operated after him. Arnie turned back and stopped. When Mr. Bing caught up with him, he was out of breath. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier! ” Mr. Bing throbbed. “Arnie, I’ve always required a dog– “Keep talkin ‘, big guy.” “–and could never have one because they’re not allowed here. But there’s no sign that says “No Doughnuts Allowed.” Arnie perked up when he recognized what Mr. Bing was thinking. “Would you like to make feet and play fetch? ” Mr. Bing queried excitedly. “You gambled I would! ” “Can you do stunts, like rolling over? ” “Rolling over? Look at me– I was obliged for rolled over! ” “Well, then, there’s only one thing left to ask. Arnie, will you be my doughnut-dog? ” “Oh, Mr. Bing– I would love to be your doughnut-dog! ” From that moment on, Arnie and Mr.Bing were inseparable. Arnie liked being a doughnut-dog even better than he liked being a doughnut! “Arf! Arf! Arf! ” He went through a short chapter of chewing on furniture and barking at the mailmain, but after a crash course in observance academy, he graduated firstly in his class. Everywhere the two of them exited, beings would stop to pet Arnie. No one had ever seen a doughnut-dog before. –“Oh, what a favorite man.”–“What a darling dog! ” Arnie and Mr. Bing had so much fun together. Arnie was the best pet Mr. Bing could ever have hoped for– and Mr. Bing was Arnie’s best friend. The dissolve. I opted this volume because it is demonstrated that two people who come from very different backgrounds, the eater and the eat-ee– — can come together and compromise.And decide that together, feeing doesn’t need to take place at all, they can merely be friends. Sometimes, you’re the eater. Sometimes, you’re the feed. Thank you for watching Storyline Online. Hope you experienced it. Please feel free to check out some of our other awful stories. Keep reading, keep watching, retain feeing ..

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