Hi Folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist and together we are the most famous physical therapist on the internet well in our opinion of course Bob We’re talking into an apple basically all right Yeah, that’s gonna be part of my lunch after this, so oh did you “ve learned that”? We’ve got a guest here Yep, hi Craig again from the other day I’m here today to talk about calorie density. So we’re gonna talk about how to This is a good way to diet basically and lose weight is what we’re going to and this is a great I think we’re gonna have some enormous visual rallies now of How to eat and why to eat the specific meat and doing it a healthy route So I think this is a great thing but Bob I do visualize a couple people out there We have not seen before. If you are new to our path, please take a second to subscribe to us we furnish videos on how to stay healthy fit aching free And we upload every day the subscription buttons over there or down there, and if you haven’t yet Please like us on Facebook We have lots of free talents there quite often, struggles that you can join to get some free stuff.All privilege Let’s talk about Craig, Craig why don’t you impart us your prologue. Let us know who you are, okay yeah, my specify is Craig Martin I’m currently a graduate student at UW La crosse mastering in community health education with a emphasis on diet nutrition and disease reversion through a whole foods plant-based diet And Craig can you tell us really a little about your personal tale about because you said you’ve had some weight loss and The asthma fib is interesting too So it’s interesting I live in Wisconsin I was lactose Intolerant I labor at a cheese factory and It’s specific requirements when you live in Wisconsin. Yeah, and actually that’s what got me interested in diet Well, I was already interested in diet when I became lactose-intolerant But what I witnessed more interesting is when I started working in the cheese manufacture We would shut down For cheese production for lunch and then we would start up again and then we’d shut down at the end of the day and what I located was this proceeds along with heart disease more, the inside of the hoses of The cheese when we were manufacturing cheese inside the hoses were coated with cheese And when we would make those tubes apart at the end of the day we would have to scrape out hard cheese sometimes these cheese hoses would be so occluded you were able to just get any through there and That realize me was aware that I was eating had an impact not only on my heavines But including information on my health, I stopped ingesting cheese after I started working at a cheese plant Because I precisely fantasized oh my gosh what is it doing? Not only that but cheese is very calorically thick-witted A 1 ounce cube of cheese Which is about the size of two dice has 100 calories in it and when you think about that That’s a small amount of cheese.That’s about the size of that one apple there Probably has 100 calories, but if that was cheese that would probably be about 600 calories so when you look at food that channel And you start to realize where your calories are coming from it actually can assist you imagine How much menu you can eat and still lose weight. Craig how much value have you lost? Well, I started following a whole nutrients plant-based nutrition after I met the devastating effects of cheese And I lost about 40 pounds so at my heaviest I was about 166 now I’m about 128 130. And I look at you You look like a naturally thin person. I means that you do, you don’t look like someone that was ever overweight. Yeah Interestingly enough, I intend yeah, I thought you were one of those lucky parties that Eat anything you want never gain weight.Yeah, well now I gobble anything I miss and I never gain weight, but before I used to eat anything I wanted and I gained weight so and tell them your age very because I think you gaze younger than you, are yeah I’m 36 year olds I is a lot of parties trying to tell me I look like I’m in my early 20 s, right and you do yeah Exactly, so you’re a saunter testament to Plant-based diet, remedy yeah, yeah, and didn’t you say your asthma had a change with this diet Yeah, when I trim the dairy out of my nutrition. I had asthma for 30 times and As soon as I cut the dairy out it was funny. I’d scamper a half-marathon in Green Bay. I always wanted to run a half-marathon I’d done that and my parents were like Craig where’s your inhaler? Where are your asthma manifestations like “whats goin on” and I ran oh yeah I don’t have asthma anymore, it had been a gradual modulation, the longer I extended without the animal produces in my food the greater the benefits were and From that item on I passed the half marathon, and I said I can run a marathon And then I did and I approximately I was like 14 hours balk of qualifying for Boston Cool great, so my first marathon ever and I had never operate before because I couldn’t so we got some visualization So what’s all this about? So what I have here This is very interesting This right here is five pounds of lettuce This is also 500 calories So I intend if you feel this this is pretty heavy, I don’t want to you know Knock out of your chair, don’t drop it 500 calories, And then what I have here this is what 500 calories of cauliflower broccoli and carrots look like Still relatively large, quite large , not as large-scale Now we ingest about 2,000 calories a era So you were able to munch four bowls of this a day and you’d come 2,000 calories So there you go, you would probably fill up before you would ever finish this and if you had to eat That all day you’d lose weight because you wouldn’t be able to eat enough calories in a held era So I mean that’s just there in and of itself is a testament to What 500 calories looks a lot like how that will fill your stomach because frankly this right Here is about the size of our stomaches What do “were having” there? Well and this these are there’s a assortment of little w’s on these.Peanut M& Ms. Yeah, and this is 500 calories of peanut M& Ms. Wow And when you compare that to this 500, you want to lift that up? This is my weakness right here peanut M& Ms This is amazing. Which one do you think would replenish your tummy, which one would replenish you up? That’s why we snack on these all day, and we never get full Now if we gobble that, we’d get full , now awarded I would never precisely eat this alone, I would probably use a balsamic vinegar on that something to supersede the olive oil because this olive oil if that were used to coat this That would offset that 1000 Calories, so that’s 500 calories on its own Yeah, this is 500 calories compared to this little You know when you look at it 500 calories That’s what 500 calories looks like next to each other and I’m thinking well It’s okay cuz olive oil’s healthy, and that’s all like good calories Right well, I necessitate, it’s all added calories. You can use a balsamic vinegar You could use other types of vinegars the government has some very good Flavored vinegars, you could go online to the olivetap.com And you can look at some of the flavored vinegars that they have and you can use that in place You know that’s a very low calorie option that still goes your loot moist And that’s what you’re looking for and it has really good flavors, right Or you could use this and dump 500 calories on your salad, sure 500 calories out of a 2,000 Calorie diet which is a lot To just get flavor on your salad accurately yeah, so then other examples now This is 500 calories of sweetened potato.I had to cut to the sweet potato So there’s some breeze in here, but If you boil sugared potatoes, or stew any potato Studies have shown that potatoes are one of the most filling foods that people can eat It’s what we put on that potato that becomes questionable. So if you’re place butter on your potato You’re increasing the calorie density of the menu Just kind of like olive oil because butter is 100% fatten just like olive oil’s 100% solid So what would you recommend to put on potatoes? So for potatoes I either given salsa or some stew or something else because when you devour a cooked potato It’s baked Really all you’re trying to do is you’re trying to moisten it up To get wise to a flavor that you are eligible to like otherwise you can mash the potato pour in some Vegetable broth some low sodium vegetable broth, well that’s usually high in sodium Yes, so you’d want low sodium vegetable broth , no salt computed, is there such a thing, there are Yep, or you are eligible to establish your own if you’re feeling adventurous What do we have in front of us? We have some oatmeal , now this is baked oatmeal So actually dehydrated oatmeal is actually calorically dense However when you lend spray to it and you rehydrate it This would swell in your gut so I signify it would probably Fill I should have done that before but it would probably still approximately half of this bowl sure But the delightful thing about calorie density whether this be oatmeal or Rice when you mingle these meat with it You’re going to fill up your belly more So I would always each morning when I have my oatmeal I lend berries to it Because berries are not as calorie Calorie density is based on a few things, the amount of water in a produce the amount of fiber the amount of fat in that product and the amount of sugar and Or you know carbohydrates or however we want to use the term sugar or carbohydrates or starch Ccalorically thick-witted pieces contain generally more fat or they are lacking water Or fiber.That’s why this is pure fat it’s 1 gram of Fat is 9 calories per gram, 1 gram of carbohydrate is 4 calories per gram so it’s double the density previously Located on how we contemplate fats and sugars So with fruit and stuff you’re saying there’s more liquid plainly in return? So I get into trouble with dehydration sometimes And I’ve been eating less carbs. Is that possible because I’m eating less carbs I’m getting less liquid from nutrient, and I need to imbibe more? I imply is that? It could be Yeah if you were to have a Steamed sweet potato there would be a lot of liquid in there, if you were to have steamed potatoes You would have a lot more water Where if you’re having something like this, these are pretty dry, right You know and I ever saw like when I dine peanuts which I chew cooked peanuts now Before I clearly I’d get dehydrated because of the salt But now it seems like I still nearly get dehydrated because I’m not taking any water in through the food itself Accurately yeah, it’s one interesting thing When you’re eating more entire fruits and vegetables.You’re actually getting more water Which means you don’t have to cup as much water because you’re getting it through another source So if I was told you right we can eat Peanut M& Ms if we drink water with it Well, that’s one way of understanding it. I like you. This is fun now. No, yeah So I would say drink a lot of spray so these float on top. Because otherwise that irrigate will filter through and you’ll simply be left with this left in your stomach And that’s not going to fill you. What’s the one on the end, did we talk about it? No, this is a matter of 500 calories of nuts, I want I would never tell anyone not to eat them But the thing is when you’re eating food you have to realize that this is still 500 calories So whether or not you think it’s well it’s fine.Well it is fine It is healthy, but not a great deal extends a very far way, so I don’t know if we mentioned But this is approximately the size of an average human stomach yeah tummies do stretch And my stomach unfolds a lot. I ingested a great deal of meat because I devour more of these nutrients So my stomach has to be adaptable because otherwise I would starve. I represent not starve. I imply I time eat a lot more So what about the saturation influence? I make I ingest nuts and I seem to fill up on them quicker Do you know what I necessitate? Yeah, like a good deal of times I can eat some of the other foods and apparently, I could have ate a lot more obviously I didn’t realize but you know I was still hungry after, where I devour the Almonds, and it seems like I’m carry over longer Something to remember there is fiber in this so the fiber is what fills you up There’s no fiber in here.So you could drink this, I wouldn’t recommends the following right but There’s no fiber in there to keep you feeling fuller longer, fiber is the secret gun On saturation quite often I necessitate yeah yeah Actually, it’s fiber the amount of fiber and the amount of water in a product of food actually deters You feeling fuller longer, so you’re most satisfied And that’s the one thing they found with potatoes is when you boil potatoes There’s so much water in there that they are only hinder you full so much longer And then not to mention all the fiber that’s in there as well, so Yeah, what about, I know we’re over aging, but one more thing I want to time, what about spaghetti itself, what are your thoughts on spaghetti? I dine spaghetti almost daily.You do? I do What do you feed with it? I generally then will some toast with it. What do you put on it? Do you threw anything on it? On my spaghetti? I have spaghetti sauce. I have a fat-free spaghetti sauce that I bought I Sprinkle on parsley Italian salt I like nutritional yeast I don’t know if you’ve ever had nutritional yeast it kind of has a cheesy flavor I didn’t like it at first, but I kind of accommodated my taste buds And then really a little cracked spice on it That’s what I use some, sounds good, I miss spaghetti.Yeah And then I was going to say one more thing this is 500 calories of fruit the only thing is this is blackberries and raspberries I couldn’t get the blueberries in now So this is about 2.5 pounds of food, so these should be in here too so that’s 500 calories of meat Oh these should be in there with it. So they’re pretty good, too.Oh, yeah Yeah, they’re very good and remember all these foods now contain carbohydrates now these foods contain this has no carbohydrate, but it’s 500 calories This is 5 pounds of carbohydrate essentially so carbohydrates Aren’t necessarily the scoundrel it’s the medium or the menu that accompanieds in the carbohydrates That contain overweight and everything else because this is carbohydrate as well, but there’s also a lot of overweight in here, right? And that’s what drives up the caloric density of this meat, so I’m assuming there’s carbohydrate There is sugar in there as well. Yeah, but when you’re looking at everyone says carbohydrates are the villain well It’s really these high-fat meat that we munch that are more villainous than a carbohydrate because these all contain carbohydrates more So seem how much you can eat and look at how little you can eat here, and then there’s dyes in there And we have all of those other things we want to avoid And stay away from Well one way or another yeah, we want to very much Thank Craig for taking the time very interesting kind of screwed up my entire food, but that’s alright I’ll procreate some modifications, but we’ll inspection and visualize we’re going to do here.I’m going to be drinking water with my M& Ms now That’s right At least you’re booze some irrigate. Thanks again Craig, oh yeah, you’re welcome. Thank you guys. Thanks for affiliating us ..

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