Therefore welcomed healthyho I am Dr. Rahul Verma -A child specialist Today we will talk about what can be fed to small children who turns 6months old-time except mother’s milk There are two basic regulations to feed a baby First whatever you are feeding should be completed mashed and mingled So, a babe can swallow it readily Second, nutrient should be overcooked Some added whistlings to lentils will melt it Baby can swallow that readily The basic ruler is whatever you cook and feed to the baby is completely mashed and can swallow it readily It doesn’t get stuck in the throat You can feed nutrient cooked in your kitchen if it doesn’t get stuck in the throat I always belief and tell all the mothers who see me that Don’t throw in any extra exertion Try to feed what is being cooked in the kitchen It will be best for a child’s emergence Culturally admitted residence cooked nutrient For more healthy modernizes Like, Share and Subscribe Healthyho

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