hello and welcome to my weekly video blog and today on a vogel talks menopause i’m going to be talking about four puzzling menopause questions and rebuttals if you like my tips and opinion then satisfy subscribe and remember to punch the bell icon so you can be notified of all my brand-new videos i get so many gals emailing in writing in about manifestations that they’re experiencing during the menopause and very often they’re the same questions so a lot of women are thinking the same thing so i thought today that i would go through four common questions that i’m asked on a regular basis so number one is can the menopause last into my 60 s there’s been gigantic studies demonstrating that menopause symptoms such as hot reddens night sweats and suspicion can continue for women into their 60 s 70 s and even 80 s but the problem here is that it can often be other health matters some of these state concerns can appear towards the end of the menopause and they be brought to an end perpetuating the same symptoms right through the its first year the health publishes mainly involved would be things like low vitamin d low-spirited vitamin b1 2 low iron low thyroid purpose diabetes and too congestive heart failure although a very small number of women will continue with hormone fluctuations for a number of years for the majority of women over 60 who’ve maybe not had intervals for 10 years or more if they are still getting these indications then it’s really important to check these state problems really to rule them out what you can then do if everything is okay if none of these health issues are a problem then you can still treat them as you would have done during the menopause number two how do you tell the difference between the menopause and under active thyroid manifestations problem is they are practically indistinguishable both the menopause and low-spirited thyroid office will give you symptoms such as fatigue and good whisker or your whisker falling out poor tacks joint aches and pains inadequate sleep and feeling and low-grade depression and very frequently they appear at the same time one of the things we’ve noticed over the years that countless dames reaching the menopause that triggers inadequate thyroid perform so both these issues start round about the same time and it can be very difficult to distinguish which is what most important thing here is if you’re getting this parcel of symptoms is to go and ask your doctor for a thyroid exam it’s so easily put right if you get this diagnosed that it’s worth getting the indications you know so many wives be brought to an end with poor thyroid part throughout the menopause and as i mentioned in question one these state questions can last for 20 30 even 40 times after the menopause so it’s well worth getting a examination time to rule it out quantity three is can the menopause lawsuit morning sickness when i first started doing this a number of years ago one of the surprising menopause indications was nausea it seems to be you know one of the ones that’s in our top 10 menopause tips and it’s perplexing in a way although again like pregnancy there’s a lot of hormonal fluctuations going on and this can lead to nausea but there are other things that can trigger the nausea more we’ve pointed out that low blood sugar tiers can do it so if you are going long periods without food that can move you disgusting dehydration can cause nausea as well so extremely if you’re getting nausea at the same time every day then commonly there will be some kind of trigger that you’re either doing or not doing that’s then leading to the nausea we know too that falling hormones can keep huge influence on your liver and if the liver is over charged then it can cause nausea extremely so you would be looking at herbs like perhap peppermint dandelion ginger’s a great one for nausea very but time remember to eat little and often and imbibe spate of irrigate and very often that can make a huge amount of difference and number four is how can you tell if you’re through the menopause if you’ve had a hysterectomy there are two separate issues now one is if you have had a hysterectomy where your ovaries remain then ordinarily you will get the menopause at approximately the same time you would have done had you not had the operation so if you have a hysterectomy like this maybe in your late 30 s or early 40 s and you’re going to have a natural menopause when you’re 48 then you wouldn’t usually start to get menopause indications until approximately that age it can be difficult to know exactly when strictly because you don’t have missing periods as a template but say if commonly if you’re between 45 and 55 you’ve previously had a hysterectomy your ovaries remain and you start to get menopause symptoms in that age group that’s normally an indication that that is you approaching the menopause if you’ve had a total hysterectomy where the ovaries have been removed as well then often you will go straight into a full menopause extremely very quickly your ovaries help to still regulate a cycle even if you’re not going spans because the womb has been removed but if your ovaries have been removed as well then you will have a terminated menopause very quickly if you then start to get menopause evidences well after you’ve had this particular type of operation then it could be due to influences that i mentioned in question number one where other health editions have come in and are causing same evidences hope you perceived this one useful as i said at the start these are really common questions that i’m invited on a regular basis if you have any puzzling menopause questions then provide comments below and i will try and help and until then i will see you next week for another edition of avogal talks menopause

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