hello and welcome to my weekly video blog and today on a vogel talks menopause i’m going to be talking about three immediate ways to ease your menopause suspicion if you like my tips and advice then delight subscribe and remember to affect the buzzer icon so you can be notified of all my brand-new videos i’ve been doing these weekly videos for a number of years and one of the things we we have noticed is that anxiety is definitely number two in the top 10 directory of menopause manifestations and the majority of women will know it at some time during their own menopause the problem with nervousnes more are not only the suspicion itself which can be bad enough but suspicion can also trigger other evidences performing everything worse and we know that a lot of women will knowledge things like palpitation nervousness fermentation even panic attacks and too anger so it’s not just a event of having one evidence but sometimes these other manifestations can come and determine everything a lot worse one of the things you can do is to try and pinpoint the provokes because there can be a number of things on a regular basis that can trigger the tension and these other manifestations and you know i’m a great one for writing things down so if you’re affliction suspicion then maybe have a little diary for a couple of weeks to see where the suspicion or these other manifestations are coming in it can be something really simple it could be dehydration it could be days where you’re getting that little bit of additional stress it can also be things like low blood sugar tiers missing banquets it could also be that extra goblet of coffee or sugary menu so all of these can affect your nervous system and that will then lead to anxiety and these other indications very and very often peculiarly if you get these manifestations at the same time every day that they are able very frequently indicate that there is something else going on that’s triggering them so what else can assist you here with the feeling liquid honestly this is one of the simplest things to do for anxiety and it can make a huge difference dehydration can have a huge detrimental impact on your nervous system making all of these evidences worse so remember plateau water in addition to being your other alcohols and this is one that can literally work within a couple of periods to ease a lot of these indications number two is look at herbs herbs can be great they’re a lot of them are very gentle but can work extremely well for the indications of feeling you were able to look at our paciflora composite tablets these contain herbs including paciflora valerian and lemon solace and these herbs are all known to help with anxiety the tablets likewise contain magnesium which is great for all sorts of menopause manifestations and zinc which is known to help with cognitive function if you’re really busy if you’re on the go and if you just sometimes think i need something on the spot then “weve had” the paciflora complex in a handy spray that you can keep in your pocket along with you every day you can look at other herbs extremely we have our licensed avina soothe “weve had” the herb passiflora on its own and you can look at things like a single magnesium add-on or even a vitamin b complex number three is the deep breathing again i had so many maids come back and “ve been told” that even after practising the deep breathing for a few days their distres has lessened so this is one that’s going to take precisely a few minutes of your time on a daily basis you can look at the four by four that there are a number of breathing activity that can work really well if you’re not sure then go on to youtube and and you’ll find plenty but a really good one is the four by four really simple just breathe in gradually for a tally of four hold your wheeze for a weigh of four exhale for a weigh of four hold your gulp for a weigh of four and so on and you only need to do that for a few rounds rehearse that two or three times a day until you can jump into it really quickly and the instant you find that you’re being overtaken with feeling or you can feel the palpitations or the nervousness “re coming in” you go straight into the deep breathing and this can work extremely well so i hope you perceived these gratuities really helpful they’re quick easy helpful ones for everybody who’s really got a busy lifestyle at the moment if any of you have got other tips-off that have helped you with your suspicion or stress then delight discuss the matter because we would love to know and until then i’ll see you next week for another edition of a vogel talks menopause

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