( soothing music) – Hey Health Nuts, welcomeback to my canal. I’m Nicole,( popping) andtoday we are talking snacks. I am constituting three , no, fivethree-ingredient snacks. These ought to have snacks that I’ve been tending towards and making a ton. They’re so good and simple. And whether you’re pregnant ornot, this isn’t a food belly, I personally contemplate snacks are essential for living a health lifestyle. They continue you from imploring, maybe, the not-so-good stuff. And time having somereally good go-tos on hand are really gonna helpyou just like make sure that you are satisfiedand satiated all day long, and you have some good alternatives to eat in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So we are gonna hop rightin and I’m gonna share with you guys fivethree-ingredient snack recipes.Let’s hop-skip right in.( whooshing) First up,( popping) we are actually making a super simple three-ingredientchia seed dessert. We’re gonna do this onefirst’ induce I want it to sit in the fridge whilewe’re making the other ones, and then we’ll come back to it, but you guys won’t even know that with the strength of the magical of YouTube. So I simply, I adoration chia pudding. It’s a great snack andbreakfast option too. It’s also a great dessert because you can flavor it nonetheless you like. And this one I’ve reallysimplified it to three parts. Although you should definitely check out my chia grain pudding recipes on the blog. I have three really good ones with mango, raspberry,( sounding) and I thinkthe third one is blueberry. They’re really good if you wanna make it a little bit fancier. But if you require somethingreally quick and simple, like I do, this is a great option.So we’re gonna need some chia grains, which are obviously the whiz of the demonstrate. They look like little dinosaur eggs, and they’re just likea really cool superfood because they just soak up a ton of liquid. They get jelly and they have so much fiber and like a cluster of nutrients in them. Next gradation for sweetener, I’m apply maple syrup now because it has that vanilla, caramelly spice to it. So we don’t even have to add vanilla. And then I’m employ fullfat canned coconut milk. This is gonna reallymake it delightful, and rich, and creamy, and puddinglike. And then over here, we are only have some berriesthat are optional. You can top it afterwards. You can keep like cinnamon, nuts or grains on top, but the cornerstone of it is three ingredients. And it’s really simple. So I’m gonna present you guys how to do it.First thing we’re going to do is just pour in our coconut milk. So make sure you get the full fatty nonsense if you want it to be extra creamy, right? Next step, we have our maple syrup. You can candy it however much you want. I do approximately half to a full tablespoon. I’m gonna have the fulldirections on my blog, join will be down below. And then we got the chia grains, which are just gonna thicken everything up and actually make this looklike a nice luxurious dessert. So just hold it a speedy move. So once it’s all mixed up, I’mjust gonna actually cover it with one of these beeswax wrappers.These are really handy. We actually sell them on the shop( popping) and it justeliminates plastic wrap. So it exactly various kinds of like mildews with the heat out of your hand. And I’m just gonna popthis into the fridge to thicken up and defined. You can, if you’re gonna make these to go, merely transfer them right away into some Mason containers with a lid, but I’m just gonna keep it in now and precisely sounds it into the fridge .( whooshing) All claim, our chia pudding has determined. Let’s open her up and identify. Look at that! See, it’s really thick. I like my chia pudding reallythick, more dessert-like, but if you like it a little bit thinner, you are able to lent more milk, but this is the perfectconsistency for me. So I have my little flask here. And my ice cream scoop. Now, I’m just occupy itto the top for photos, but honestly, a little becomes a long way. It’s very filling so don’t go too crazy. And then I have just someberries I’m gonna pile on top. Now it’s time for the taste test. Look at how yummy that is. I make, it’s a snack, but it’salso kind of like a dessert. The texture is perfect. Mm, mm, mm, mm. Like I said, a littleof this moves a long way. This is a big portionsize, but it’s delicious. It’s satiating, thefiber, the healthful overweights. It’s like the excellent snack, or breakfast, or dessert, whatever you wanna call it. Try out this chia pudding, it’s so good .( whooshing) All freedom, nextup we have what I’m calling my little cucumber bagel chews. These are something Ikind of merely whipped up. I may have shown them in likea “What I dine in a day” video. I can’t remember at this object. They’re just like areally simple, refreshing, hitherto slaking analyse. So all you’re gonna need is some cucumber. This is gonna be the basi. It’s kind of gonna replacethe bagel or the cracker. And then you also need some paste cheese, simply regular cream cheese will work. And then I’m apply this pre-made blend that I get from Trader Joe’s.It’s just like an Everythingbut the Bagel seasoning blend. You can make this yourself. I’ll give the what’s in hereon the blog berths below. But this has like, it’s mostly, I’m calling this a one-ingredientbecause it’s a blend, but it has a bunch of stuff in it. Like ocean salt, poppy grains, garlic. It’s the Everything Bagelspice, there is a requirement to this. Also, yes. Canadians, “theyre saying”( popping) bagel , not all Canadians, but a good deal of Canadians. You say bagel with a container, with a B-A. I too say like, beg, I don’t know. It’s, I dunno if it’s a Canadian thing, but I know I’m not alone. Okay, so we’re gonna slice our cucumber. I’ve already cleansed it.We’re just gonna sliceit into pretty much like, I don’t know, like littlequarter inch medallions. This is a great party appetizer. Even if it’s just the two parties for four or two, I don’t know how many peopleyou’re allowed nowadays, but it’s just a reallygreat snack to have on hand. But yeah, immense for parties as well. Okay, I think that’s enough. I’m gonna precisely compost this end here. All you have to do forassembling, it’s really easy, you’re just gonna lay outyour little cucumber slivers. How refreshing( scenting) does cucumber flavor? It’s so good.( crunching) It’s delicious, so good, buteven better with the toppings. And then we’re gonna make our cream cheese and time spread that right on top. And merely repeat thatuntil you cover them all.( gentle music) All liberty, next we’re gonna go our Everything Bagel seasoning, and you’re just gonna sprinkle them and it’ll simply adhere rightto that cream cheese.( upbeat music) And there you have it, little cucumber bagel bites .( crunching) Mm, mm, the seasoning, the garlic, the sea salt. So good, look at that mantle.( upbeat music) Mm, so good, so good.( whooshing) All freedom,( popping) next up, we have something that I’ve been eating mostly throughout my entire maternity. And it is these like oat, peanutbutter and sugar crackers. So good, and you can reallyplay around with them. You could undoubtedly swap it up and included whatever nut orseed butter that wishes to. But peanut butter is merely a good go-to, but it’s really goodwith almond butter very. I did try that one time. So for this recipe, these are, I just wanted to show the firebrand of oat crackers I’ve been affection. This Nairn’s companionship is really good, but any crackers that you like will do. I just really like the oat ones,’ cause they certainly pair wellwith the sweetened combining. It’s like a little oatcookie on a cracker. I have some natural peanut butter. So you wanna look for the ones without computed sugar or strange lubricants. A little bit of sea salt is fine.This one’s just roastedpeanuts and nothing else. For sweetness I have some nice raw sugar. And then technically, okay, this is a fourth part, but this is optional. I sometimes add it, I sometimes don’t, a little sprinkle of chia grains. I like it because it’s obviously computing a little bit more fiber and healthy paunches, but it also holds it areally nice texture crunch. I like it, so totally optional. But if you want it to belike extra good, chia grains. Okay, so to make, solike all these recipes guys, they’re not even recipes, they’re just assembling truly. So you’re gonna just takeyour little oat crackers.We’ll make a couple. And make your peanut butter. Each time I determine these, Cashew comes guiding. She’s actually passed outon the couch right now, but she wants to eat themjust as much as I do. And then of course, you canlick the knife or the spoon. So good. So we’re gonna give our sugar. I actually only use thiscool implement when I’m filming. So I like to enjoy this time with it.( tittering) And we’re just going todrizzle it right over top, all liking like.This of course, wouldbe really good with jam-pack, but I exactly, I’m reallyinto sugar right now. And then as I mentioned, thoroughly optional, but most recommend alittle sprinkling of chia. It’s like Salt Bae, but Chia Bae. I just made a mess, don’t do that. And now we test. Mm, it’s sticky, it’s sweet, it’s so good.( whooshing) Next up we have cereal because I am a cereal monster. Fun fact, I used to eat likegiant salad bowl-size cereals, like throughout my totality infancy, and obviously incollege, living on my own. Wasn’t my very best health wont, but I’ve come a long way. Now when I see cereal, Idon’t it gobble for breakfast. I will eat it more oflike an afternoon snack. And I try to make it muchhealthier, highway lower in sugar. And I’m gonna share withyou one of my go-tos that, “its like” a brand-new cravingthat I’ve been having, but I conclude anyone will benefit from it.So we’re order this likemy DIY oat bran cereal. What’s the mention, Cinnamon Raisin Oat Bran? I don’t know, whatever that brand name is, this is like a take on it. I saw someone munching it onInstagram and I speculated, “Oh my God, I gotta, I gotta realise “a healthier edition of it.” So I of course just hammer something up. And to me it tastes like it, I don’t know. I haven’t, I never reallyliked that cereal as a kid. But now,( popping) youknow you’re young adults when you want raisinsand bran in your cereal, that’s all I’m saying. So this is really simple. We have our cereal base now. Now, “its like” a healthierflaked cereal that I buy.I’ll settle the exact brand in the blog upright, but it’s like a mixture of millet, barley, spelt and quinoa Ithink, it’s really good. It has a really good crunchand it’s super low-spirited in sugar. It’s just like sweetened precisely a touch. And then I got some unsweetened oat milk. You can use whatever milk, non-dairy, dairy, that you like. I have some raisins.These are, I was just about to hateraisins, you know what? I don’t mind them now, they’reokay, we can be friends. So those are raisins. Oh, and I have to show you, look at this little box of raisins. I am so excited to give thesein Baby Acorn’s lunchbox when she is a little kid, like it’s a miniature casket of raisins, but there’s jumbo raisins in them. Like, I dunno, I really, like people, although when I was little, if this was in my lunchbox, I’d be like, “Mom, I don’t want raisins inmy lunchbox, ” I’m like, “Ew! “( laughable) Now I’m like, oh my god, really cute, little raisins. Like, do you see how big this is? These raisins are bigger than the box. Anyways, I simply must be given to, really cute,( sighing) miniature things, adorbs.Okay, then we have some cinnamon. Technically this is a fourth part, but is cinnamon an ingredient? It’s optional, but I’m gonna situated it in’ start I think it reallyties it all together. So to make,’ stimulate like I said , none of these are really like recipes, they’re assemblies, you know? So I’m gonna attain two bowls here. One for me and one for me. One for me and one for child, that’s, that’s what I’m going with. We have our cereal, sowe’re gonna pour that in. You guys well known to realise cereal. It’s like the easiest thing, right?( clinking) Okay, and then we’re gonna do our raisins. We’ll merely sprinkle those on.And anytime you’rebuying dehydrated return, guys, look for ones without contributed carbohydrate. Fruit is sweet fairly, a little cinnamon. Like I said, optional, buthighly recommend, so good. All claim, you ready for the money shot? Ooh, aah. Why does cereal form me so happy? Is it like a maudlin thing’cause I grew up gobbling it? Like how cute is that? You get a spoon.( clinking) Oh, look at that racket.( popping) This reminds me of mymom because she would always feed this type of cereal growing up. There’s something aboutthe interference of it too that raises back recollections, is that weird? I used to watch my momeat cereal all the time.She must have been a cereal being extremely. Okay, let’s take a bite.( crunching) Mm, on the cinnamon, add the cinnamon.( crunching) Mm, mm, mm! Likewise, leave me a comment down below. Do you drink your milkor just leave it behind? I like drinking the milk at the end.( popping) It has all the cereal flavor. It’s like cereal milk, that’s the best. Leave me a comment. I’m gonna go enjoy thisfor a little cereal break.So BRB, I’ll see you in a few cases.( whooshing) Next up ,( popping) we are doing kind of like a merriment take on avocado sushi. I have been requiring avocado sushi rollings like nonstop from my neighbourhood sushi shop. Sure this is right the maid thatkeeps asking the phone studies I’m crazy’ causethere has been a week that I swear I called like three times. It’s just really simple and quenching, but I’m gonna go an extrastep to simplifying it because avocado sushiis just like seaweed, sushi rice, avocado, rolled up. Really easy, but if you wannahave it in a snack version, this is a really quick way to originate some, it’s like avocado, cucumber, sushi, entrust rolls.I predict I’m gonna think of better refers for the blog announce. So what we have here issome toasted seaweed. This is just like the snackssize that you can get. I usually get mine at Costco. This is another brand I gotjust at a food market, but the Costco ones are reallygood, they’re even organic. And these ones simply havea little bit of sea salt, which is nice’ cause it’s gonnahelp salt the rest of this. We have cucumber. I’m exerting the other half of the cucumber from our other snack. I’m gonna julienne this orlike cut it into matchsticks. And then “were having” some creamy avocado, which it’s like the salty, the crunch, the milky. I’m all about the texturesand flavor combinations.And this is really, really gone. So I’m just gonna do, let’s see, probably need about that big. Just weigh it comparedto your seaweed covers. And then we’re just going to … Oops, it’s a little slick. I’m gonna trimmed these intolike little matchsticks. I don’t know how the sushi chefs get it on. Like you need to have some patience to cut all of the veggies so accurate and thin, this isalready testing my persistence. Taking the avocado half, just gonna slice it, okay? And then you can justpeel the scalp off, okay? So you got nice little slices. This just came off the light-footed, and scared the crap out of me and Chloe. Okay, we’re good, let’sjust place that back on. So I got my toasted seaweed snack squares. I don’t know the technical name. I’m just gonna applied anavocado slice on each one. And then some cucumber. Absolutely optional, but fun. Look, little sesame grains right on top. And there you have it, yourlittle sushi paw go.( crunching) Mm, sushi in hours, so good. You could include a sprinklemore of sea salt if you demand, but the seaweed does have salt in it.It’s good as is, butif you miss it saltier, you were able to do that or a littletamari, that’d be really good. So I also just want to show youguys this really fun product that we actually sellon the HealthNut Shop. It’s these avocado huggers. So anytime you’re snip, you’re only working half ofan avocado, there is a requirement to this. Basically this little guy, it just hugs your avocado. Do you see this? You simply flow your fingeraround, look at that. And then it has the pit. But if it doesn’t have the pit, you exactly, whether it’san innie or an outie, it’s got you enveloped, pun proposed. And then it comes in two widths. But anyways, I merely desire this chap. I wanted to give a little shout out, association down below, checkout, healthnutshop.com. There’s some eco-friendly kitchen parts. I’m gonna pop this in the fridge. It’s gonna be fresh for like three days.( whooshing) There you have it. Three-ingredient snacks, someof them a little bit more, but you get the drift.These are super easy, super luscious. If you guys like thesetype of recipe videos, I have another three-ingredient snack recipe video I did last year. I will connect that down below as well as in the top right-hand corner. There’s a whole blog affix for it. So these are just really quick. I would affection it if you guysleft a comment down below letting me know one of yourfavorite super simple snacks. It could be mixing twoingredients, three, five, just like super simple. I would love to know and get some ideas. If you guys affection these videos, being given it a thumbs up. It actually helps subsistence my channel. Don’t forget( sounding) tosubscribe if you aren’t once. I’m posting now every single week. We got child videos right now. We’ve got recipes, vlogs, What I eat in a Days, grocery drags, all the things.So we are so excited. Merely filming lots of content for you guys. But let me know if you guystry out any of these snacks and if you enjoy themas much as I have been. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you guys in my next video. And I am about to havea little snack buffet. I’m not mad about it, that’s all I’m saying. Okay, bye chaps.( upbeat music ).

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