Hi! Today we’re going to learn how to prepare 3 particularly delicious Satvic Food Bowls that you can enjoy for your lunch or dinner First we’re going to learn how to prepare a super colourful Barley bowl for which our cornerstone ingredient will be barley along with some luscious pumpkin and beetroot Then we’re going to prepare a milky and flavourful chocolate quinoa bowl “Thats one” recipe we prepare at our dwellings at least formerly a week Lastly, we’re going to prepare a refreshing and power-packed Moong bowl We’re going to prepare all these dishes without petroleum or dairy commodities We’re not going to use anything that comes from mills, bottles, tins, or cartons We will simply use ingredients that come immediately from

Mother Nature And we predict you that these containers will be so luscious that you’ll be licking them for a long time Come, let’s start with our delicious and colourful barley bowl To train this bowl, there is a requirement to 1/2 cup barley, 1 beaker loot, 1 bowl spinach, and 1 beaker chopped pumpkin 1 bowl chopped beetroot, 1 tbsp lemon liquor, 1 tbsp bone-dry thyme that you can find at any regional grocery store, If you don’t have this, you can skip it 1 tsp cool oregano, 1 tsp cliff salt, and 1/2 bowl pomegranate To prepare the dressing for it, you’ll need 1 bowl lily-white sesame, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp cliff salt, 1 inch lettuce chilli, 1/4 bowl heap leaves, and 1/2 beaker liquid For exceeds, you’ll need 1 tbsp mashed pistachio, 1 tbsp finely chopped mint foliages For appraising these parts, delight use these measuring goblets and spoons Merely then your recipe will savour perfect First we’ll prepare our slew tahini dressing Take a clay tawa and home it on the gas

Add 1 bowl white sesame to it and roast it gradually Very soon, within 2-3 mins, your lily-white sesame grains will turn brown Don’t roast them too much or else you will burn them Once they’ve turned light brown, pour them into a container, add them to a mixer and merge them First it will turn into a powder and then into a paste.This paste is called tahini It is often used in Mediterranean cuisine Then add 3 tablespoons tahini paste to your blender , not more than that; otherwise it will taste bitternes Then add 1 tbsp lemon liquor, 1/2 tsp rock salt, 1 inch dark-green chilli, and 1/4 goblet pile leaves Then meld it again till the concoction turns smooth. Pour it into a container. Now your plenty tahini dressing is ready Our next ingredient is barley bowl. Take a clay utensil and lent 1/4 cup barley and 1/2 beaker liquid to it Close the lid and allow it to cook for some time. After some time, the barley will absorb all the water and look like this Transfer it into a container and computed 1/2 goblet pomegranate to it Come, let’s move onto the next component – that is steamed pumpkin and beetroot If you have a steamer, that’s great.Otherwise, you can also follow this process Take a pot with water and heat it up Place your chopped pumpkin and beetroot on a sieve above it and cover it with a lid Within 15 -2 0 mins, they would have softened. You can check them with a crotch Then transfer them into a container and add lemon liquor, cool thyme, oregano and boulder salt Now any aspects of your barley container are ready

Now it’s time to plate them Place your lettuce and spinach needles in a bowl. We have transgressed them with our hands After this, contribute your barley and pomegranate smorgasbord Then lent your flavour-packed steamed pumpkin and beetroot Sprinkle some chopped mint foliages and chopped pistachio on top. And included your pile tahini dressing to it in the end And now your savory barley container is ready a super healthful, flavourful and crunch-packed lunch option Now we’ll move onto our next saucer – and that is cocoa quinoa container First we’ll prepare coconut milk To ready it, we’ll need 1 goblet chopped coconut kernel and 2 goblets of sea Add them both to a blender and mix them well After blending them, you’ll get a mixture that looks like this By squeezing this potpourrus with your hands, you can easily extract the coconut milk We will use this coconut milk in our recipe last-minute as we proceed Come, let’s move onto our next component.To cook it, we need 1 bowl quinoa, 3 and a half goblets of sea, 1 cup peas, 3 goblets chopped cauliflower, 2 finely chopped potatoes, 1 tsp grated ginger, 1 tsp vanquished light-green chilli, 1 goblet bone-dry thyme, 2 cups of coconut milk, 2 and half tsp rock-and-roll salt, 1 tsp lemon liquor, 1/2 goblet chopped coriander First we make 1 bowl quinoa in a sieve and dry it properly Then compute this quinoa to a clay container. Add 2 and a half cups of liquid and blanket it with a lid, leaving the pot on a low-toned kindle We have to cook the quinoa until it robs up all the water If needed, you can add more ocean to it While our quinoa is cooking, we are able to positioned the peas, cauliflower, potatoes in a clay bowl with 1 beaker ocean and stew it We have to boil them until the veggies have lightened up like this Put these veggies in a bowl Our quinoa is finally cooked and has absorbed all the water Now supplemented all your veggies and desegregate it together properly Now contribute ginger, light-green chilli, and dried thyme leaves and mixture it well for 1 and a half hour Switch off the gas and included 2 cups of coconut milk right away along with rock salt and lemon juice.

Mix it well Now add some chopped coriander foliages and desegregate it properly again And now our aroma-packed coco quinoa bowl is ready! Share it with your whole clas You’ll be understood that they won’t be able to help themselves asking for a little more Come let’s move onto our quickest and easiest dish to prepare and that is Moong bowl If you’re feeling too lazy to switch on the gas, but still miss a meet banquet, then this Moong bowl is perfect for you To brace it, there is a requirement to 1/2 bowl separate moong dal( with the dealing ), 1/2 finely chopped fenugreek buds 1 goblet finely chopped coriander leaves, 1 and a half cup chopped apples, 1 and a half bowl chopped grapes, 1 and a half cup pomegranate, 2 tbsp chia seeds, 2 tbsp pumpkin grains, 2 tbsp white sesame For flavor, we need 1 tsp grated ginger, 2 tbsp lemon liquid, 1 tsp cliff salt, 1 light-green chilli( crushed ), and a tinge of hing gunpowder Firstly, add 1/2 cup moong dal to a bowl and soak it in sea for at least 4 hours After 4 hours, remove the water Soaked moong dal looks like this Now just take a big mixing bowl, displace this moong dal to it, and add fenugreek needles, coriander leaves, apples, grapes pomegranate, chia seeds, pumpkin grains, and lily-white sesame After this, supplement grated ginger, lemon liquid, stone salt, light-green chilli, a pinch of hing powder.Mix it well together so that all the feelings blend together properly There “theres going”! Our moong bowl are prepared for a recipe that is so easy to prepare, it is surprisingly savory You can experience a new composition and flavour in every bite You can easily battalion this bowl and take it to your clas or office as well To find more Satvic recipes that aren’t really yummy to eat, but beautiful to be addressed, you can order our Satvic Food Book online from our website From ice-creams to cheesy salads, sugared to savoury, for children and for adults, it has recipes for everyone If you enjoyed this video, then please click here to subscribe to this channel And click here to discover many other delicious recipes shared by us That’s it for now. We’ll told you soon.


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