– good evening ladies and gentlemen um my mention is brendan rodgers in my own language i’d like to give you a kid mila folger which is a hundred thousand welcomes um on my own behalf and also on behalf of ambassador bill garverlink from the united states we’re delighted that you could come along here this evening for this information session um we’re also delighted to have david nabarro now um here i am thinking david nabarro everyone knows david navarro dr david nabarro um i’ve personally known david for quite a long time um initially we worked together enhancing heighten health interventions in emergency situations when he was with who i think was health action in crisis is that what it was called and and david i must say influenced the irish government’s response peculiarly emergency response after the asian tsunami and also our work in sudan so thank you very much for that but as most of you know david is currently the un secretary general’s special representative on nutrient and nutrition and i think last year thanks to the enormous work that he be carried forward in that area was also appointed to chair to chair the scale up nutrition transition crew the sunshine modulation unit and since then david and his task force i think have worked indefatigably truly in the interests of hunger food security and nutrition and we’d like to thank you for all of that work david thank you um so invoice and i ireland united states collectively invited you here today in a sense as part of our thousand epoches of support to scaling up nutrition and this is a cause to which we are certainly absolutely committed um last september the united states and ireland met with leaders of the united nations other governments the authorities concerned partners civil society private sector and some of the partners represented here and together we committed to a program of a thousand epoches of action to support scaling up nutrition it’s an amazing episode actually and was heartwarming happening there and it started a huge amount of energy and that vitality is still being reflected i think today and we hope that those initiatives represent the start you know of a global advance to focus attention and align and increase resources and build partnerships genuine partnerships to alleviate the suffering caused by under nutrition and especially to prioritize the needs of pregnant women and children under two years of age so we want all of us to work better we need to work smarter to make better use of even our existing resources and i think it’s just important to remind ourselves of the scale of the problem of hunger it’s endemic we live in a macrocosm that where one billion people go to bed hungry every day what does this mean in terms of under nutrition the facts are appalling it means that one in three children in the developing world are stunted and their ability to fulfill the promise that they’re born with under highest potential has been enormously endangered as a result if bree today informs us there’s about 195 million children are affected by stunting 195 million it also means that national productivity is reduced some say between 3 percent and nine percent of gnp is affected by under nutrition those are incredible anatomies genuinely essentially so stunting is certainly a expansion plan of failure to address physical rise is affecting our economic increment now look when we look more closely at the incidence of under nutrition we see that childhood and nutrition is acquired not ascertained actually evenly all over the world 80 percent of “- its” 24 countries that you know so-called high-burden high-burden countries so i think this dimension of the geography of under nutrition is important for us to consider when we’re when we’re addressing that issue um we all know that we can make a real difference to support countries those high-pitched inconvenience countries where their own problems predominantly exists with proven evidence-based interventions we can do that and we can do that very very quickly but it’s also probably another feature which i ask you to consider and that’s the dimension of time evidence shows us we all know that a child who is well nourished for the crucial first thousand daytimes of life will have a much healthier and more prosperous future we are also aware that the physical and academic damages caused by under nutrition in those first thousand epoches is perfectly irreparable so the thousand eras of support to scaling up nutrition sunbathe announces on all development partners including national governments international organizations civil society and the private sector to answer these needs now the high-pitched loading countries at 80 percentage in 24 countries are central to this process so the leaders of the high-pitched responsibility countries is absolutely critical if we’re to build the partnerships and scale up so by the end of these thousand eras if we’re successful we will provide a perceptible testify i think i hope that nutrition curricula have had a significant impact on the lives of undernourished children so we’re taking up this thousand era challenge because we recognize that is an essential pillar of an even greater objective of having emptines and poverty that’s the mdg mdg prevailed by 2015. Now look we in ireland have become involved because hunger has an incredible resonance with us given our long autobiography of hunger and the experience of large numbers of people in ireland who have been killed or fled the country in 1845 1848 and 45 our population was 8 million a population today is just a little over 5 million by 1900 its own population was 4 million we lost 50 percentage of our population in 50 years that folk cache i can assure you lives with us every day um but examine this initiative does not belong to ireland or the united states that’s absolutely clear it’s a people’s initiative it’s a child and mother focused initiative and we stand here to support this movement to change the future and we as we said to change lives so scaling up what does it mean we have to reach the hungry and under nourished and good in massive quantities we’ve got to make love in really really huge figures and i think in moving forward and scaling up we must remind ourselves that the work at the world and coordination rank which is very very important but we must move on beyond that now the discussion the dialogue is important but we must move beyond that into action and delivering betterments on the ground and it’s a word i’ve been leave time and time again at the various satisfies i’ve attended you know process and dialogue should not be a substitute for actions and discernible outcomes and that’s how we should judge ourselves not on those discussions but on the actions on the dirt that’s how we need to measure ourselves that’s how we need to justice ourselves a thousand eras well we’re already 200 into the day we’ve got 800 daylights left ladies and gentlemen 800 eras we don’t have a thousand epoches so we must continue to respond urgently to this task and ask ourselves how we can together drive this initiative forward to make a real difference in the living conditions of so so many millions of women and children without further ado i’m going to handwriting you over to my good friend ambassador bill graveling uh well yes okay thank well thank you very much um what i would like to do is just reinforce a few cases of the points that brendan became i means that we are we share the same view and uh have the same perspective on on what he has said and i won’t go through the numbers again of what what uh the numbers of malnourished teenagers and and all of that it’s just that uh talk about i would like to talk about this for a marry minutes exactly uh from the united states government perspective and we are very supportive of the thousand period crusade and of daylight and we participate thousand daylights as the first step in implementing and ramping up the sunshine strategy so we want to be very supportive of that and as brendan said in september uh minister martin and secretary clinton launched this initiative and it was supported very well then and patronage continues to grow now but i think we have to keep in mind that the thousand epoches is not an initial single happen it’s a process which should focus resources and beings on the specific problem nutritional difficulty we’re talking here about here and focus ourselves on building partnerships to combat malnutrition as brendan said thousands and thousands of periods cites specifically to the critical time for for children the first from maternity to two years then it’s a hard-wired system if it does if “their childrens” are malnourished that will affect them and you can’t fixture that so thousands and thousands of daytimes is imperative but a thousand periods is also a call to action it’s a time frame we have to do things and as brendan said that the time is the the clock is clicking we’re 200 epoches into this and as secretary clinton said during last september there’s a number of things that we as an international community have committed ourselves to do and we have to get on with it we have to build stakeholder partnerships and align sponsor planneds with country platforms that are focused on nutrition and we have to work on that swiftly we also have to scale up our efforts based on that and contact more women and children than we ever have before and we have to build a knowledge database so we can explain that this initiative is very effective in dealing with with famine and will have a significant impact worldwide on starvation so i think if we all work together on these issues this is doable we know what to do we have to get on with it and do these things and then we can have a significant impact on malnutrition and and we can sit and as brenda said and talk a lot but there are parties out there children out there who are are increasingly malnourished and are losing the battle here so it’s time to move channel past talk and and get down to business and so that was just to add my observes to what brendan said then i also provided an opportunity to to make a couple of notes about david nabarro i signify i’ve known david for 20 some odd years and this is the first time i actually looked at his biography and it’s it’s kind of impressive and i’ll only summarize a couple of things that you know as you know he’s a medical doctor and he’s worked for just about every kind of organization that’s represented here uh he worked for the uk national health service then then to iraq south asia and east africa all over the place and i premise was that with ngos predominantly primarily ngos then he went back to london to teach for a knot of years and then differed grabbed him and then who where he got involved in malaria programs and then uh he also in the emergency activities and then i think are you still doing the avian influenza as well as all people forget about that he was appointed the head of that and so he’s got a couple of extra responsibilities going on here avian influenza sun thousand eras there’s there’s a lot that he’s he’s doing here so um but but the one thing i wanted to make a point about is if you look through this there’s one i think terribly constant theme which impels him very important to what we’re doing here and it’s his indignation for nutrition so without further ado let me turn this over to david thank you for asking undoubtedly that’s great

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