everyone is Zy and I’m two months on Tnow so um rejection I’m on a half quantity we are gonna switch that within like amonth and probably gonna switching it to a regular quantity I’m assuming depends on mydoctor decides regardles so let’s discuss the changes or scarcity of changes and all of myfrustration the second month of me making tea has done significantly lesschanges in the first month it’s like it the first month there was a few littlechanges in the second month “its like” cancel your cancelled bitch I’ll go downthe list and none of these changes are like large-hearted but they are slight modifications soI’ll begins with physical alterations physically my scalp got a little lessoily the first month it was pretty oily and I was coming acne and substance anotherchange is facial whisker and I don’t ascribe that to the testosterone singlehandedlybecause I am doing four different things to grow my facial fuzz minoxidil andthen I frisk emu petroleum on after and now I’m derma reeling my face and then puttingcastor oil on it and I’m also making biotin and I’m not sure if this ishelping or not but I employed my biotin shampoo on my face we are currently most and allof the growth of the hair on my face is from those things and I already had thismost of it what I have is already had before it sort of T so T maybe ishelping a little if you’re wondering what derma reeling is it is literallythis little rolling thing you flatten it on your face it has a bunch of little tinyneedles basically and it pokes a knot of openings in your face not not seeablenoticeable depressions but when you do roll it over a good few periods like my face gotred when I went it over like a bunch of eras but like you do it I anticipate onceor twice a week it depends I’ve been doing it formerly a few weeks and then puttingcastor oil on it like on the holes that you can’t see but what it does is itcreates little traumas to your face another sense that it creates like damnand then what happens is your body sends a bunch of carrot into your face becauseit’s like oh shit your face is damaged and that helps to grow hair and I thinkit’s actually directing because I am insuring more growth as for my facial likestructure I don’t think it’s changing I know my face chassis reviews differentbecause my “hairs-breadth” is like down but I don’t think it’s particularly deepening myvoice is certainly different most people are not telling a difference inperson I’m telling a different ability I can like feel better it feels different hereit feels like it resonates more so I’ll do a immediate little comparison here is myvoice this is my voice moderately and this is my voice two months on T so movingdown the line so here we are shoulder area I feel a lot more muscle densityand my shoulders here and here I haven’t been working out for the last two weeksbut I was working out before that but I just stoppedI’ll get back into it but it exactly feels denser and harder like particular muscleareas continuing to go down the area where I have that belly hair which I hadbefore I started T but it seems to be spawning more like smaller ones that arelike thriving newly that’s even how I fucking say ityeah it’s spawning brand-new smaller ones I’m not putting anything on it I’m not likeputting my slams on it or anything like that if you’re wondering it’s just howmy belly hair is is how it just developed before T in it now it’s growing with Tcontinuing to go lower bottom proliferation it kind of really isn’t really growinganymore and it’s very disappointing have a lot of disappointing things about thesecond one honestly guys I’m gonna be honest with you it is not all fuckingrainbows in sunshine because it’s like my second month a lot of the changesjust stopped progressing it seems like like yeah my voice okay whatever butlike physical things just like at a standstill yeah bottom growth it doesn’tit hasn’t really changed much at all if it’s even flourishing Ireally can’t even tell if it’s grown from the first month candidly let meshow you my underside increment real quick anyways I’m not gonna do that you’llhave to go to my pornhub if you just wanted to ever picture my freighter growth I don’t haveone more so you’re gonna have to wait other than that my legs like my leg hairmy legs seems the same my forearms and my limb hair seems the same and everythingelse seems the same regrettably I know you know take the time and you gotta bepatient right emotionally I feel the same I don’t feel like cold or lessemotional I was already like that in the person yeah that’s very unfortunate Idon’t mean to be like that it’s just sex drive is actually less than the firstmonth it seems to be my normal back to my normal which is actually veryunfortunate because I just have a sex drive like scarcely naturally anymoreso yeah sad let’s worded all the sad things going on nothing extra I waslower now um my bottom raise pretty much isn’t growing hasn’t grown thesecond month but yeah overall I want to say month two has been verydisappointing to say the least very disappointing and you don’t hear alot of beings doing update videos like this and saying these things I feel likesome people it’s hard for them to be honest it’d be like poop there wasn’tmuch of a change I don’t want to say that in front of the camera I don’t wantto represent beings was all right but the truth is it is like that with some people and itunfortunately is being like that with me and I I’m not saying it’s never gonnachange or whatever I’m just saying as of now certain things are not reallychanging much or have various kinds of stopped changing for this month I wouldn’timagine it being a problem after my dose comes hired but as of now that’s theupdate I’m just a little disillusioned and I knowthat disappointment will pass and all but for now I’m going to be honest and Iam gonna say that I’m disappointed anyways I hope you guys find this videohelpful for those of you who are just trying to keep up with me and for thoseof you who are looking for modernize videos because you’re starting to you’re goingto in the future or going through start a low-dose or etc you are familiar with I hope thisvideo was helpful and I hope you realize my fidelity because I know alot of people kind of beat around the bush with it but truth is the truth andthen needs to be said so thank y’all for watching they’ll truly appreciate itand touched the thumbs up if you recognize my videos and I need a fucking siestum seeyou guys later

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