( soothing music) – Hello, your best friend. Welcome back to my canal. If you’re new here, my honour is Alyssa. Today I’ve got anotherrecipe video for you. Surprise, surprise. But today we are focusingon a single part, and it’s one of my favorite fresh fruits and it is right now in season and I am super provoked about these recipes because they are so good and they are perfectfor this time of year. We are using fresh figs, and I am going to show how to start two savory fresh fig recipes. One is a dessert, one is a breakfast. And I’m too gonna give you some gratuities for using them along the way that don’t include these specific recipes. Figs are amazing. They are super health, they are full of fiber, full of vitamins, and they savour really delicious. I think that a lot of timeswe have this implication with Fig Newtons which some people love, some people don’t love. Fresh figs are like a worldabove Fig Newtons in my opinion.They are sweet, they arejuicy, they are just luscious. And they go with tons of different spices and I’m really excited toshow you these recipes. So before we dive in, I would love to encourage you to subscribe if you are new here and you are not part of our community now on YouTube. I would love to have you affiliate us. There is a red buttonright below this video that says subscribe. Really sounds that button andyou’ll be subscribed. Otherwise, let’s get into today’s recipes, and don’t forget that you canfollow along on the blog berths which are connected down below. So we’re gonna start with the oat dinner because it’s the easiest one. So we’re gonna start bymaking merely a simple base of regular oat meal, so rolled oats along with almond milk. You can also use water.Bring that to a cook. Then you will add in a littlebit of cinnamon, hemp grains, and you can stir that together. And we’re mostly just going to stir it and give it simmer until it coagulates.( amiable music) Once it has thickened, we will supplemented our figs aswell as our almond butter. And if you do like sweetness, you can add in some maple syrup as well. But basically exactly stir it all together until the oat meal and thefigs and the almond butter are all combined, smooth and milky. And that’s pretty much it, you’re ready to pour it into your bowl. And for this one you could also use steel-cut oats if you required, oh yummy, it would just take alittle longer to cook. Or you could do instant oats or you could make thisan overnight oat bowl.And for the surpassing, more fresh figs, because it’s all aboutfigs in this recipe. So I did one that was halved and then I had a fewthat were just chopped up and I dispersed those on top, and they I flooded themwith some hemp grains and a little drizzle of almond butter. Finished everything offwith some almond milk and some maple syrup. I time cherish the creaminessthat almond milk has and of course addedsweetness it’s just like, I’m here for it.And you can dig in and experience. Only like other oat snacks, this is totally meal prep friendly and be made ahead and reheated.( amiable music) Next us to be able to realise our fig patty. This is actually the numberone most requested recipe, so I am really excited to have hammered it. And the first step is to half your figs. So as I am halving these, I’m going to likewise share a few other modes that you can use fresh figs as you are watching me chop. So one of my favoriteways to use fresh figs is actually to do only this, and then I kept them on a piece of toast with some almond butter and I transcend that with figs, and then I shower it with either sugar or a little of balsamic coating. You also can set figs on top of pizza.You can impel fig jam, which I have not researched more but I will formerly I get another container of figs. And then also you can only eat figs plain. They are so yummy. You can only dip them in alittle bit of almond butter or you can just eat themright with the root. I various kinds of only bite themlike I do an apple, I approximate. In like two bites I finish them. And “its also” savory. And like I said, figs are high in fiber, they’re naturally sugared, they have vitamins and minerals, and they are just sodecadent and savory. So, back to our patty. When he had our figsall delightful and chopped up, we are going to set them aside and move on to the base of the batter. So we’re gonna startby break three eggs into our container and whisk those togetheruntil they are smooth.( amiable music) To that you will add olive oil and honey, and whisk that againtogether until smooth. Then we’ll find with our dry ingredients which is almond flour, quinoa flour, cooking powder, cinnamon, and a pinch of ocean salt.And we will fold this all together until we have a nice, smooth patty batter.( amiable music) And you’re pretty much ready to bake, so we’ll transfer this into a parchment-lined baking tin. I recommend actually notdoing what I did here. I recommend plastering thewhole tin in parchment because it did affix the first time, so it was a little hard to get out. But if you clothe thewhole tin in parchment, you’ll have a much better job. Pour the smash in, smoothit over with your spatula, and then merely decorate the top.You can put your figs in anysort of decoration you want. You can exactly hurl them on randomly. You likewise could actuallybake this in a square wash. I looked somebody do that in an Instagram and they said it made, so that was great. But merely order themon top and broil it up. So pop it in the oven, roast it up until it’s goldenbrown and the figs are cooked. The patty various kinds of bakes up around the figs so you have this like pocket in the cake and it’s so good with the figs inside.Oh my God, it’s delicious. Once I’ve make it cool andremoved it from the wash, I like to finish offwith a drizzle of sugar, and then I genuinely only sliceit up and act it as is. I don’t really think thatit needs anything else. But you were able to do a drizzleof like coconut butter or some sort of icing if you wanted, but again, I don’t think it needs it. And I think this is theperfect fall dessert. It too frankly makesa savory breakfast. So if you are feeling like you want a pieceof cake for breakfast, this is the one to have, because it is delicious witha little bit of yogurt on top. I had pretty much thewhole cake for breakfast like five days in a row and I was happy as can be.So I hope you guys commit it atry because it is so tasty.( soothing music) And there you have it, my friends. I hope you experienced today’sdelicious fresh fig recipes. That’s kind of a tongue twister. But these recipes, like you can see, are gluten-free, super easyto offset, and savory. So I hope you give them a try. As I mentioned in thebeginning of the video, there are blog announces that go along with each of the individual recipes, so if you want to get the measurements and instructions, et cetera, all written down and in aprinter-friendly format, you can head over to thoselinks and publish the recipes and attain them at home.If you have any questionsabout the recipes, let me know in the comments. I “re just saying” I have nottested the patty vegan. I don’t know if it will work because of the flour compounding held with what the eggs do to the cake, I.e. like help with bind and structure. So you might be able to test it vegan. If you do, I think thatit will probably to be good with aquafaba.Maybe lash it a little so that you get the illuminated airiness and then folding it into the batter. Again, I haven’t experimented it, but that’s where my memory starts if I was to do a vegan measure. So if you do try it at home and it use, let me know what you triedand how you nipped it. And I likewise have ideas in the blog post for flour exchanges, et cetera. So yeah, if you have anyquestions, like I said, drop-off them down below. I’ve said that a million times.And if you do wanna followalong with the recipes, you can find those linksdown in the description box. Otherwise I so appreciate you two are here. Thank you again for takingtime out of your daytime to watch this video andto hang out with me. If you are new here andyou like what the hell are you recognize, you like this kind of content, there is plenty more coming your lane. We share videos twice a few weeks, every Tuesday and Friday, and have hundreds ofvideos in our archive, so you can browse the archive, you can binge watch, and I urge you to subscribe.So if you do wannasubscribe, it’s super easy, exactly tap the crimson buttonright below this video that says subscribe, and that will subscribe you. Otherwise have a fabulousrest of your day, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.( soothing music ).

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