We lazy parties … Yes, we beings! Although, we go to the gym .. .. but precisely to pay the fee! We would have also canted every day … .. if our house had been near the sea 🙂 Yoga .. Can we do it? It would have been great if we could actually do these activities, but even if we can’t, there are many other easy ways to lose weight! Ingredients Take a Mixer Grinder/ Chopper and introduced cut apples, cucumber, pile leaves and ginger in it. Grind the combination Now lend a glass of irrigate to this mixture Mix it again Pour it into a glass Add half a lemon to it You can ornament the drink with pile buds Your drink is ready! Ingredients Heat one glass of spray in a wash When ocean starts boiling, add 1 spoon of cumin seeds. Boil it for 2-3 minutes, and slow down the gas. Turn off the gas in 5 minutes and let it cool down Once the irrigate is tepid, pour it into a glass through the sieve.Add 1 spoonful of honey and provoke well Add half a lemon and 5 curry foliages Stir it well Your drink is ready! Heat a glass of irrigate in a pan Take 2 cleaves of garlic Add half a lemon to the lukewarm water Stir it well Chew these 2 cleaves of raw garlic on an evacuate belly After chewing the garlic, have this glass of halfhearted lemon irrigate Parts Take 50 grams of coriander leaves One lemon and four glasses of ocean Heat this water till it becomes tepid Take a mixer/ grinder Grind these coriander leaves Now the coriander adhesive is ready Add this coriander glue to lukewarm ocean Stir it well Pour it into a glass Add half a lemon to the drink Your drink is ready! Parts Heat a goblet of sea and give it steam Once the water starts stewing Add 1 spoon of ginger to it Let it cook for 3-5 minutes Add 1 spoon of light-green tea to it Stir it well, and keep it aside for 5-7 minutes Sieve it into the cup Add half a lemon to it Your drink is ready!

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