Today will see 10 unique breakfast recipes Rolled oats -1/ 2 bowl Dry roast for 4 mins Peanuts-1 tsp Add oil and season with cumin grains Add onion and saute it Add green chili& tomato Add turmeric& Chili powder Add oats, peanuts, mint& coriander leaves Water Add more ocean& cook for 5 min in full flame After 5 min mush all well Off the kindle with necessary firmnes garnish with batch& coriander leaves Masala oats is ready to serve if you like this recipe please like this video and consider subscribing to my channel Heat the tawa and grease some butter Roast wheat food slices Flip and computed banana pieces Add cheese slice Cook both sides Banana Cheese Sandwich is ready to serve Banana Wheat Dosa Add jaggery to a vessel Add some water Cook for 5 mins in low-spirited ignite Let jaggery mix with water Now will prepare the dosa batter Add Wheat flour&( coconut+ Cardamom) Mash the banana Add Mashed Banana Add some salt Mix and then compute Jaggery water strained Add some water and make a dosa batter consistency Add Rice Flour -2 tbsp Mix all well Hot up the tawa and spread the batter cook with Gingelly oil Flip other side and cook in low-grade flame Banana Wheat Dosa is ready to serve Cut some left over idli into long pieces Add oil Add Mustard grains Cumin grains Curry leaves some Asafoetida& Add idlis saute for 2 mins Turmeric powder Chili powder, sambar pulverize salt as per delicacy combination all well and add some more oil Cook each patches well for 5 to 7 mins garnish with Some Idli Powder Mix and help sizzling Masala idli upma ready Urad Dal Sweet Dosa Soak Urad Dal for 1 hour Add to mixer and grind it with little ocean Add salt Sugar -3 tbsp Melt jaggery in liquid And mix with urad dal Add egg -1 Beat for 5 mins Spread dosa batter cook with gingelly lubricant Flip other side and cook in low-grade flare if you crave it more crispy lend rice flour urad dal sugared dosa ready to serve Vegetable macaroni Pasta Boil some liquid Get ready with expected veggies Add in some salt& oil Once Boiled compute macaroni Meanwhile in kadai contribute some oil saute onions Add Garam Masala -1/ 2 tsp Add Green Peas Turmeric& chili powder Coriander Powder& Mix all well Add Tomatoes and saute for 3 mins Starin Macaroni Add some sea tell the masalas cook Now add it all veggeis.Capsicum, carrot beans Add Coriander Leaves Salt Let this cook for 5 mins Add macaroni and desegregate well Add Tomato saus, Chili Sous, Dark Soy Saus Garnish with coeainder buds Adolescents fav macaroni pasta ready to serve If you like this recipe please affected the like button Khara Pongal Recipe Soak Pongal Rice-1 cup Moong Dal -3/ 4 goblet Soak this for 15 mins In pressure cooker add some ghee Seasoned with mustard seeds, Cumin seeds& Black Pepper Some chopped ginger& lettuce chili Curry leaves some Add water 5 cups Salt as per perceive Now add in robbed Pongal rice, moong dal Close the lid and cook for 4 vissils Khara Pongal ready to serve Serve this khara pongal with Sambar Add oil& seasoned with Cloves& Cinnamon saute Onion Add light-green chili Add Cabbage, Carrot, Beans Turmeric& chili Powder, Salt as per flavour sea Add water& salt Add corainder leaves Add In Vermicilli Cook for 5 mins Mix gently Add oil-2 tbsp Veg Vermicilli Upma ready to serve In bread slice spread some tomato saus Green chili saus Onion Tomato& Cucumber.

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