Now are 5 yummy smoothies that will help you lose weight, chipped body fatty and will too ply nutrition to your figure. A smoothie is like a shake prepared with fruits and vegetables and they can be blended with milk and/ or irrigate. There are certain fruits like bananas that can be cut into big sections and frozen in advance. When you supplement this frozen banana to your smoothie, you won’t have to add ice separately.Bananas are used in most smoothies as they throw it a nice creamy texture. 1 glass smoothie can oust your one complete meal – be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. For our first smoothie, the authorities concerned will take 1 Banana, 1 bowl of grapes, 1 kiwi, 1 spoonful immersed chia grains and half goblet milk. We are mixing all the ingredients in a smoothie producer. You may use a mixer or blender. The smoothie is ready! This smoothie is laded with Vitamin C that they are able to start your immune plan stronger. The Banana in this smoothie will give you fullness for long. Similarly, Chia Seeds has Omega 3 fatty acids essential for the body. Chia seeds likewise continue you fuller for long and saves you from overeating. In all, this is a very healthy and a nutritious smoothie. For our second smoothie, we will make 1 Banana, half a bowl of Yogurt, 1 large tablespoon of Oats and half a cup Milk. Blend all the ingredients. The smoothie is ready. This is also a yummy smoothie. Oats supply the much needed fiber to the body as well as protein.Similarly, Bananas render you energy and restrain you fuller for long. In all, it prepares for a great weight loss drink. For this, we will make 1 container of Strawberries, 1 Banana, half a container of Yogurt, half a spoon of Chia grains and half a cup of Milk. Blend all the ingredients. The smoothie is ready. Strawberries not only doubleds the savour of this smoothie but is also bundled with crucial nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It has Yogurt that has good bacteria which is essential for our daily diet. For this, the authorities concerned will make 1 Apple, 1 spoon Honey, tinge of Cinnamon or Cardamom powder, 3 to 5 almonds and walnut, half cup Yogurt and half bowl Milk. Blend all the ingredients. The smoothie is ready! This smoothie has Apples that our essential for our daily diet.Apples reduce the risk of Cancer and too frustrates Diabetes. Cinnamon or Cardamom make this smoothie flavourful and fragrant. Honey is parcelled with nutrition and also demonstrates sweetness to this drink. In all, this also utters for an ideal weight loss drink. For this, we need 1 container of Papaya, 1 big-hearted tablespoon of Oats, half a beaker of milk and tinge of Cinnamon powder. Blend all the ingredients. The smoothie is ready.Papaya is an excellent fruit for our digestive arrangement. It also saves you from heart diseases and cancer. It too deters your skin smooth. Similarly, Oats have a lot of fiber material concluding it essential for our daily diet. All these smoothies are packed with Vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. They flush out the virus from your body and help you in weight loss.In this video, we have prepared smoothies working fruits only. In our upcoming videos, we will share smoothies prepared with veggies. If you liked these smoothies, do try them and share your feedback with us ..

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